Band Saw vs Jigsaw

Sewing machines have always been of multiple uses for people in its business and even in household works. Band saw, and the jigsaw is common names of they are kind. Where the band saw is good for its versatility, the jigsaw is best for its shape and stability. The market has always been about band saw vs jigsaw.

The business of saws have always been so confusing between its different types. Not everyone is aware of the specifications and uses of different saws and end up buying the kind which might not suit them perfectly.

We do not promote any saw, but we need you to be aware of all the facts about this machine before you go out to buy it. We always try our best to guide you to choose the best option available in market.

Band saw – definition and construction

Band saw as the name suggests a machine with a rotating band attached to a motor which runs on a couple of wheels. Band saw is a comparatively large machine for cutting, molding and carving designs on the wooden slave. Band saw congress with a band works with the help of s couple of wheels, or maybe their wheels which rotate the blades fast enough for craft works too, it comes with a table to support the slabs. Band saw might not be seen very often in workshops, but it is one of the most versatile machines of its kind. It comes with a kit of different sized blades which are used for different types of cutting.

Jigsaw – definition and construction

Jigsaw is a small and handy machine which comes with a rotating motor and a reciprocating blade which goes up and down while cutting the wooden slab. Jigsaw is more common than it's other types for its shape and size. The is blade is perfect for making straight cuts and 45°cuts too. Band saw, and jigsaw are the two most popular types of saws available and used in the market. Both have their own merits and demerits which shall be taken into account before purchasing any one of them. Let us discuss both types in details. Here we compare some essential features and uses of both types of saws.


Band saw has always been preferred in many but needed by few. Band saw comes with significant size and requires much more space when compared with the jigsaw. Band saw has multiple uses which range from simple cutting to ripping lumber into the thinner slabs. Jigsaw is very handy when compared with the band saw where it is handy in different ways. Jigsaw comes with a motor with reciprocating blades, everything wrapped in a handy little plastic case.


Band saw can be used in many more ways than any other saw; hence it is preferred by many people. With proper machinery available a band saw can even be used to cut metals and make moldings in wood. Band saw works on two or three wheels which are given a long table for support and different blades which are used as needed. You should be sure about your needs before choosing the saw for your business.

Jigsaw is handy and can be used to cut wooden slabs straight. If bevel function is available in the jigsaw, then you can even cut the slab at 45°. Jigsaw is a tool for artists, it can cut the wood in curves and shapes. The blades of the jigsaw are thin and quick which makes it suitable for cutting curves and shapes.


With big body comes difficult, band saw comes with a big body which in turn is expensive and difficult maintenance practice. If you are planning to buy a band saw then you must be ready to serve you machinery once in a while. Jigsaw, however, comes with a handy body which is easy to keep up and repair if needed. The synthetic the plastic body of a jigsaw is fitted with screws which makes it easy to open and fix when needed.


The band saw is big and needs a table to support for cutting; hence it vibrates more in comparison with other saws. You will need a steady hand when you cut curves in the wooden slabs. Otherwise, the band saw is handy and versatile.

Jigsaw because of its small and fewer components, is very stable and easy to use. The blade goes up and down; hence it does not make any vibration to disturb your work. The machine needs a firm hand to be operated.

There are many similarities between a band saw and jigsaw, here are follows.

In both the machines the blade move in up and down motion which gives a good grip over the slab and makes it easy to control the machine too. Both the machines are excellent at making straight cuts. When it comes to carving corners, there can be no competition to both of the machines.

There are far more differences between both machines than there are similarities.

The blade of the jigsaw is only attached from the top which helps it in reciprocating while the blade of the jigsaw is entirely connected to the wheels which give it continuous motion.

Band saw is excellent for precise work, large scale cutting, for large slabs of lumbers whereas jigsaw is good for general work with rough finishing.

The band saw can cut thick slabs of wood precisely whereas jigsaw can only cut standard size wooden slabs.

The band saw can also be used for re-sawing whereas jigsaw cannot be used for the same. This does jigsaw a weak competition for the band saw.

A good jigsaw with the right type of blade can be used to make any fancy cut. Jigsaw is better while making rights cuts into thin slabs. A band saw is more expensive, dangerous and large. Band saw is suitable for experienced professional.

If you are going to cut an inch slab, then a band saw will do the work but you must be used to the machine for precise work. A jigsaw is better for plywood cutting.

A band saw is very much dependent on the table attached to it. You can cut more significant pieces of wood at once according to the size of the table attached to it. The band saw is best used when the work is to re-saw the big slabs into the thinner ones. Even the little things are to be taken care of while you use a band saw, the tension of the band, the table and much more.

A band saw has its pros and cons, and anyways the advantages overshadow the cons. A band saw is perfect for an experienced person who uses slabs of all sizes, from small to large but the band saw is an expensive machine and needs proper care and service. The table of the band saw can be changed or adjust according to the size of the slab that is to cut but sometimes a band saw also allows disturbance while cutting large slabs.

A jigsaw is a convenient machine with general uses. It’s easy to use but only good for public work. It is comparatively more stable but cannot give fine cutting. Jigsaw is best for household works or small scale workshops but not for considerable scale work.

Lets close the complete discussion

If you want a sawing machine just for household things or little professional work and not for any professional work then a jigsaw will be the best choice for you but if you are a professional carpenter or work in this field than and have to cut thick slabs of wood everyday then a band saw will do the work for you.

Jigsaw is budget friendly and occupies very little space for work. It does not need any expensive care, but a band saw is very expensive and advanced. A band saw needs much larger space than a jigsaw hence you must think about the availability of space and your budget.

Every person who cut woods very often must own a jigsaw for its availability and affordability. Jigsaw is quick and sleek in its work and comes with a slim handle which helps in better handling. Once in while you might need a jigsaw for small household works for which you wouldn’t wish to visit a workshop hence you should have a jigsaw at your home already.

A band saw is a professional version of a jigsaw which comes into the picture fir large scale chores. Someone who molds wood, cut them at different angles, carves a design on them can buy a band saw. It a large hence needs space which should be made available. The stability of the band saw is un-matchable accordingly preferred for professional work. The cuts and designs are beautiful and precise which makes it the best choice.

Whichever suits your needs will win the war of band saw vs jigsaw.

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