Best Band SawCraftsman and DIY specialists often need a good power tool to make curved cuts. Definitely, they cannot make any compromise with precision as these wooden crafts are precious and often need an extreme amount of skills. If you often dream yourself busy with such intricate hobby or profession, you might need to get a band saw. However, choosing the best band saw is not as easy as it sounds like.

The thing is that a band saw is not a cheap tool. So, you have to make sure you are getting the perfect one that would serve you for the years to come.

Today, we will give you an idea of the top band saws that you can get for yourself and how should you pick the right one with a buying guide.

Comparison Table Of Best Band Saw

10 Best Band Saw Reviews

WEN 3959

WEN 3959

Our list will start with a smaller and lighter option that can help out every newcomer who is just entering the woodworking scenario. As it comes from a trusted name from the WEN, you can rely on it to be durable and efficient.

Let’s get down to the specs now.

Well, the 2.5-amp motor doesn’t sound like a great option, but it can help you getting things done if you are mostly working with a softer material like plywood or boards.

However, the motor can ensure 2,500 feet per minute (FPM). So, that’s not that bad if you ask us. WEN has made this design to be both compact yet powerful.

This is a benchtop variation if you are wondering about the type of the band saw. As for dimension, it is a 9” saw so you can cut off materials that are up to 9” in width.

The 3 ½” depth cutting is also a great option to go for. So, you see, this can be a really good saw for the DIY projects. The 45° bevel option gives it versatility as well.

Okay, now let’s talk about the table top. The table has a dimension of 12-¼” into 11-7/8”. We think it is quite spacious and will help you in your day-to-day cutting pretty well.

There are some great attachment options loaded with the saw – you will get a dust collection port, a rip fence, a blade guard, and a miter gauge.

As it weighs only 40 pounds, you can move it around quietly easily. Overall it is a great jobsite band saw that we think would be a perfect option for DIY tasks.


  • Great pricing
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Spacious table
  • Beveling capability
  • Has all the important attachment options available
  • A perfect option for the beginners


  • Not as powerful as other options

WEN 3962

WEN 3962

If you are a bit dissatisfied with the specs of the WEN 3959 thinking it to be too weak, then you should consider looking at WEN 3962.

We think this WEN has purposely created this model for the users who are looking for a bit more power yet still want to enjoy the comfort of the previous model.

The specialty of this model is the two-speed option, delivering 1520 FPM and 2620 FPM. This one has a slightly better power rating as it comes with a 3.5-amp electric motor.

It even surpasses different other parameters the previous one had. For example, you can make 6” depth cuts and 9-3/4” wide cuts.

Even the table is much larger in this case. The table dimension is 14-1/8″ by 12-½,” and it can even bevel at 45°.

So, in terms of dimension and other specs, it clearly outranks the WEN 3959. As you have guessed it has a higher price tag compared to that model.

WEN is especially proud of the work light, the 3-in-1 dust collection, and the durable 25” stand with the WEN 3962.

Being a larger band saw, it was bound to be heavier. The item weight is 73 pounds.

We think you would love this saw as most of the users who have already made the purchase are extremely happy with it (as per the Amazon ratings and reviews)


  • Has the unique two-speed options of 1520 FPM and 2620 FPM
  • Standard motor
  • Deeper cutting option
  • Wider table top
  • Ball bearing base option
  • Has a work light and dust collection port
  • Has a sturdy stand


  • The process of the blade setup is difficult
  • Spare blades are hard to find

SKIL 3386-01

SKIL 3386-01

Well, admit it, even you anticipated seeing a SKIL band saw sooner o later in the top 10 list. When it comes to power tools, SKIL has a reputation for designing great tools having affordable pricing.

There is a universal truth in the power tool scenario – not all the expensive tools are great and not all the cheap tools are bad. Every brand has a different approach to pricing and delivering a quality product.

All the specifications would seem quite average in SKIL 3386-01. By definition, it is a 9″ band saw that means it can handle workpieces that have a maximum width of 9″.

You will get a standard 2.5-amp motor with this saw. Just like the WEN 3959, we think it could be a little bit disappointing. However, you might get the fact this quite normal for the budget band saws to have an amp rating of 2.5 in most cases.

The best thing about the saw we think is the ribbed aluminum table construction. The aluminum gives it a sophisticated look. You can even tilt the table at 45°.

Another thing we loved about the saw is the adjustable depth cutting option. They have used the rack and pinion table adjustment technology to offer you the luxury of height adjustment.

A lot of users might frown upon the power rating of the saw, but we think it quite capable of cutting off softwood or light metals.


  • Cast iron base for less vibration
  • The blade feels quite stable even working with larger workpieces
  • Larger than average table
  • The shell is made of metal alloys
  • Fine beveling experience
  • Stacks up a lot of accessories


  • The motor is not that much robust

Rikon 10-305

Rikon 10-305

You might not have heard the name of Rikon that much, but the company has earned a lot of fame and popularity over the years. But the Chinese manufacturer has earned the ISO9001 certification for creating great products that are quite durable and powerful.

So, we think you don’t have any more doubt about the brand. Now, let’s take your attention to the band saw Rikon 10-305.

The first thing you would notice about the saw is the construction material. The solid steel made construction gives it a true premium look and feel.

It has a heavy cast iron table. So, in terms of construction and build quality, it even outplays some of the good options from more renowned brands.

Even the table is quite large as it has a dimension of 13-3/4″ by 12-1/2″. Such a large table top is quite rare among the band saws.

The maximum width it can handle is 10,” and the 2″ tall rip fence is quite helpful while you are cutting thicker materials.

As for the safety feature, it comes with an emergency paddle switch. You will certainly get a comfortable working experience; the manufacturers have made that sure.

The only downside we can think of is with the motor. It has a 1/3 horsepower motor which may not seem like a great option if you are constantly working on hardwood or metals.


  • Great build, solid steel made construction
  • Powerful 4.5-amp motor
  • Superior table construction with a large dimension
  • 2780 FPM blade speed
  • Loaded with attachments and features


  • Bulky and heavy compared to others

Grizzly Industrial G0803

Grizzly Industrial G0803

Next on the list is another great band saw made in China. We have said it a couple on times in our reviews and saying it again – you shouldn’t consider a product having less quality just because it is made in China.

In fact, some of the best products in any industry is now being manufactured in China due to superior labor skills and higher production rates. China is experiencing the golden age of industrialization these days.

This band saw from Grizzly Industrial is a benchtop saw that has 9” width allowance. Among the band saws coming from Grizzly Industrial, the 14” variant is the bestselling one in the market right now.

However, that has a more industrial selling perspective rather than targeting hobbyists and DIY specialists. As we are mainly helping those of you are just entering the woodworking world, we have decided to go for this option.

Okay, enough jibber-jabber. Let’s talk about the saw now.

This is a light and compact option weighing only 42 pounds. As for the blade speed, it can offer you 2460 FPM.

The steel frame is quite appealing to a lot of users. The table is made of aluminum and can be tilted at 45° too. The 12” by 12” table dimension is quite large enough for most of the operations you could be doing at home.

The ball bearing blade guide system can make a huge difference when it comes down final decision-making point. There are some great additional features you would love about it – LED light, 2″ dust collection port, metal doors, extruded aluminum rip fence, etc.


  • Comes with metal doors
  • Steel frame gives it a sturdy construction
  • Smoother operational experience
  • Compact and light in weight
  • Runs quiet, almost noiseless


  • Some plastic parts give it a flimsy feel
  • The finishing of the saw might not seem elegant to a lot

Gryphon C-40

Gryphon C-40

Okay, let’s talk about something out of the box now. This band saw, Gryphon C-40 is one of the saws on the pricier side in our list.

The saw looks different from the other ones as it is more suitable for lapidary works aka engraving jewelry or cutting gems. As per the instructions, the saw is more suitable for the glass cutting operation.

However, we have decided to add this one to the list as we know that a lot of our readers have a knack for wood crafting and creating wood sculptures.

Compared to other lapidary band saws, this one is very simple and compact in terms of design and construction. The operation procedure is also very simple.

As the blade on the saw is diamond coated, you can easily cut off even the toughest of the materials. We are not just talking about hardwoods here, stones, tiles, and ceramics can be cut like butter with the saw.

It may not sound too much, but 1/3 horsepower motor is quite enough to cut off the workpieces. Special credit goes to the blade, of course.

Another positive thing about the Gryphon C-40 would be the weight. With only 16.35 pounds weight, this band saw is the lightest option on our list today.

As you would be working on harder material, there is a big chance that the blade would heat up quickly. So, there is a water reservoir so that it doesn’t heat up too much.


  • Better Accuracy and precision
  • Simpler cleaning system
  • Quick blade changing mechanism
  • Small and compact design
  • Extremely lightweight


  • Mainly designed to cut glass and stones, not wood
  • Water coming out of the reservoir could be a problem
  • Too noisy

Rikon 10-306

Rikon 10-306

This is another variation of the popular Rikon band saw that we have already mentioned. As you know, one of the biggest downfalls of the previous option was being a lesser powerful saw.

Rikon 10-306, on the other hand, is a much powerful band saw that can tend to your needs properly.

How powerful is it actually?

Well, this one has a ½ horsepower motor while the previous option was a 1/3 horsepower option. Though it is still a band saw suited for smaller projects.

Another difference is that it is a 2-speed variation so that you can on different types of project with much ease.

There are some other features that might make you interested in the product. For example, it has quick-release blade tension lever, larger blade tension knobs, side windows so that you can view the blade while working (blade tracker).

Other than these features, this is almost identical to Rikon 10-305. Both of them even look the same. As there are some extra features, this band saw has a higher price tag.

Although, we must warn you about something. Rikon 10-306 can release harmful chemical substances that can cause severe damage to you. According to the State of California, these chemicals can cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive system failures.


  • Great saw with fine construction
  • More powerful, has ½ HP motor
  • 2-speed blades
  • Cast iron table
  • Has great additional features


  • Can release seriously harmful substances

Ryobi BS904G

Ryobi BS904G

These days, Ryobi is becoming more and more popular among the users mainly due to ergonomic design and superior build quality. Ryobi has also gained fame for manufacturing quality products at an affordable price point.

For those of you who are having a hard time finding a great saw at the cheapest rate, Ryobi BS904G (Refurbished) can be the winning option.

Some might think that a refurbished saw is a terrible choice. Yes, going for the brand new one is always a better option. However, you are getting this saw at a jaw-dropping price, and this is refurbished the company themselves and promising you the quality you can expect from a brand new one.

There are some features that should make you go for the saw. First of all, it has a 2.5-amp motor that is great for most of the small projects. There is also a blade tracker so that you can get better accuracy and precision.

Ryobi has added its special Rapid Set™ blade tension system that offers a better operational experience. For a better blade guiding, they have incorporated the very popular rack and pinion system.

A lot of great band saws fail to deliver the quality it promises mainly due to excessive vibration. To cancel out the vibration, Ryobi has added a micro adjustment blade tension knob. Also, the weight of 37.3 pounds has made us quite intrigued by this one.

You will find all the other great features with this saw too. Some might think that the saw cannot deliver power. As the saw has a blade speed of 2,460 FPM, we don’t think it would be a problem.


  • A bang for bucks!
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Has great features
  • Quite modern in terms of looks and feel
  • Ergonomic design


  • Being an entry-level tool, performance is not up to the mark

Central Machinery Custom Design

Central Machinery Custom Design

This band saw from the Central Machinery is a custom-made design. It has some interesting features that you would rarely find other saws in the market.

The first thing you would notice is the four-speed option. Yes, you can choose among the blade speeds of 568 FPM, 1080 FPM, 1582 FPM, and 2529 FPM.

Central Machinery has specially designed this saw for woodworking. It has two ball bearing blade guide both in the upper and lower direction. Definitely, all ball bearing design will give this saw a clear superiority.

Then, you will have a cast iron table that has a dimension of 14” by 14”. The saw is specially designed to handle curved cuts.

So, far you have only seen saws mostly having 2.5-amp or 3.5-amp motor rating. We must say that this saw has a 7.1-amp rating.

There is no doubt that this is a much superior band saw compared to every model we have already discussed.

There are two downsides to this model. First, the saw doesn’t come from a big brand. So, the trust issue will always be there. Second, it is quite pricey compared to all the band saw that we had discussed so far.


  • Powerful motor
  • Has four blade options
  • Cast iron build
  • Upper and lower ball bearing design
  • Comes with a heavy-duty stand


  • Very heavy (167.2 pounds)
  • Pricey compared to others
  • Doesn’t have a good brand value

Grizzly Industrial G0555LA35

Grizzly Industrial G0555LA35

In the last position, we have chosen an industrial grade band saw. This is a premium option so you shouldn’t compare it others as there is a huge gap in terms of pricing.

This is a 14″ band saw so you can get to work much larger workpiece. For smoother cutting, you will get a 1HP motor that has an amp rating of 11-amp.

The saw has a cast iron frame and table. The table has a dimension of 14″ by 14″. You can get a better accuracy as it has computer-balanced cast iron wheels coming with rubber tires.

You will surely fall in love with the premium extruded aluminum fence. Just like the previous version, it has a twin ball bearing design both in the upper and lower direction.

The beveling capacity also greater in this saw, 45° on the right side and 10° on the left side. It has whooping blade speed on 3100 FPM which the maximum in our list today.

It has maintained all the design standards applied by UL and CSA.

Some may think that the weight of 247 pounds is a negative side of the saw, but we think it is quite okay as it is an industrial grade band saw.


  • Premium build with all the great features
  • Powerful motor
  • Superior accuracy and precision
  • All cast iron build
  • All ball bearing design
  • Greater beveling opportunity
  • Broader table dimension
  • Blade speed of 3100 FPM


  • Bulky and heavy
  • Expensive

Buying Guide: Your Guide to Choose the Best Band Saw

So, you might have already gotten a clear idea of what should you expect from the popular band saw choices in the market right now. However, things could be confusing at times as there are so many options to choose from.

We think, a buying guide is a must to let you give an idea on how should you pick your own. There are a number of factors that you have to think before you make up your mind.

For example, as a band is a power tool, the power ratings would be one of the critical factors. There are other things besides that like the throat size, the dimension of the table, weight, ripping capacity, the availability of the dust collection port, and so on.

So, here are the things you need to check before you choose the best band saw if you truly want to get the right saw for yourself.

Getting the Right Type!

Choosing the right type for your work is the first thing you should confirm your choice. You might get a lesser powered tool, might choose a model that doesn’t have all the great features. But if you end owning the wrong type, you will regret for the rest of your life.

Basically, there are two types of saws – one for heavier works and another for the lighter “do-it-yourself” type.

Are you wondering about the names?

  1. Floor Standing Cabinet Type
  2. Benchtop Type

The first one, the floor standing option is for those who are looking for a heavier and larger saw. These are mainly designed for the woodworking professionals who have a dedicated workshop and always have constant works and looking for some option that would pump up the production speed.

Besides, the woodworkers, the contractors can get heavily benefited from this option. You could think of it as an industrial saw.

On the other hand, the benchtop type is specifically designed for those who are looking for a lighter option as they have to move around and can enjoy the freedom and flexibility.

Some even refer the benchtop band saws as the DIY band saws.

It doesn’t take much space and don’t even weigh much so can easily pick it up, move around and place where you would work.

So, we think, you get the gist and know the difference between the two options. If you don’t run a serious business and don’t have too many clients, the benchtop option should be your go-to option.

The Frame Construction

You can consider the frame to be the basic skeleton of the band saw. The construction material even deters the weight of the saw. So, it is a crucial decision and an important decision-making factor.

The popular options available in the market are steel, cast iron, aluminum, or plastic. We recommend you to go for the heavier option here.

So, the obvious choice would be to choose the steel or the cast iron here.

The reason is quite simple. First, you would get a sturdier construction and secondly, you will feel less vibration while working.

The less you would feel the vibration the more you will feel overall control over your projects.

In any case, you should avoid the plastic option in this case. Metal construction should always be your preference. This is even truer if you are working with larger workpieces most of the time.

The Power Matters

Well, this is not a big secret, is it?

Definitely, more power will help you get a smoother cutting experience; you can cut tougher materials easily, and get a longer life out of the saw. This is true for all kinds of power tools apparently.

So, what is the idea benchmark here?

Of course, the standard amp rating should 3.5-amp for your band saw. However, the smaller designs would have a lower amp rating, and we shouldn’t complain about it.

If you are considering horsepower, then you should look for saws that have at least 1 HP power rating. Otherwise, you cannot expect enough power out of your band saw.

Is the Table Functional Enough?

Yes, we are not talking about the table saws, but tables are as much as important for a band saw as it is for a table saw.

The table should be tough, smooth, and large enough so that you can easily work on it. There are a lot of models that have the feature of an extended table.

In any case, the table should have metal construction. The popular options available are the cast iron, steel, the aluminum.

Then, you should check whether the table tilts or not. If the table can be tilted, you can make bevel cuts that gives so much versatility.

Another thing you should consider is the direction of the tilting. Typically, it tilts either in left or in the right direction.

Throats: An Important Parameter for a Band Saw

The distance between the vertical frame and the blade is known as the throat. The size of the throat is quite important as it determines the maximum width of the workpiece.

If the throat is too narrow, you will not be able to work on larger pieces. Also, make sure that the blade doesn’t wobble as you are working with the band saw.

Everything Depends on Your project Type

This is a crucial factor, but most of the newbies ignore this fact. Which band saw you need completely depends on your regular project type.

For example, if you are someone who typically works with soft wood, a moderately powerful saw would be good enough. You don’t need to spend extra money to get a super powerful one.

So, power is not always the best option to go for. In fact, your precious small projects can get completely ruined if you use an over-powerful saw to work on softer materials.

Rather than getting a smoother surface finish, your workpiece might get damaged or broken, and you might even lose the control over your actions.

The thing is a little resistance is good maintaining control; if your saw is cutting the workpiece like butter with a hot knife, you will definitely lose control and make a dimensional error.

Then, if you are a serious professional who typically works with tougher, larger pieces of woods, a less powerful option will not only make your process slow but also can cause dangerous accidents.

So, always ask yourself which type of work you would do with your band saw. If you are someone who would work on both types of materials, you should consider buying two different variations.

Otherwise, you will never feel completely satisfied.

Final Words

So, that was our view on the best band saws available on the market right now. You probably know by this time that there are two different categories. You are the sole decision maker who can tell which variation is the better one for you. Just remember, don’t go for a saw that has bad construction or doesn’t run smoothly while working.

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