Best Circular Saw Worm DriveGetting the right tool for your job can be a daunting task, and the same applies when looking for the best circular saw worm drive as a professional or novice woodworker.

Luckily in this article we will highlight some of the best in the market. Yes, you can carry out almost all the tasks that a worm drive saw can perform with a circular.

But there’s something about the worm drive that set them apart. They are heavier, come with burlier motors, and the motor is placed behind the blade rather than beside it.

In fact, their heaviness adds to their balance and ease of cutting. So, which saw worm drive should you invest your dime on? Let’s find out.

Comparison Table Of Best Circular Saw Worm Drive

Top 10 Best Circular Saw Worm Drive Reviews



Top on the list is the SKILSAW SPT77WML-01. A lightweight and easy to use saw worm drive. A definite favorite for most novice woodworkers and professionals.

It features a lightweight – 11.6 pounds – yet compact magnesium construction that reduces fatigue as you work on your workpiece. As such, you will have less downtime.

The power-packed worm drive saw features a 15 Amp dual-motor that produces the much-needed power to cut through any material you throw at it.

Worried that your tool might heat up during use? Worry not! The motor is designed in such a way that it stays cool even during torturous use.

Another stellar feature is the Cut-Ready depth feature that gives a seamless, quick and accurate depth measurement.

This 7-1/4” saw comes with a maximum cutting capacity of 2-3/8” at 90-degrees.

Wondering where you can use it? It is ideal for siding, ceilings, framing, and decking. Again, it can work on both soft and hardwood.


  • Lightweight.
  • Precise and accurate depth measurements
  • Ideal for long and torturous cutting tasks.
  • Pocket-friendly price.


  • Limited warranty – one year only.
  • The magnesium construction gets stressed over time.

Makita 5477NB 7-1/4″ Hypoid Saw

Makita 5477NB 7-1/4" Hypoid Saw

If you are looking for an easy-to-use worm drive saw, the Makita 5477NB is the right tool for you. It comes with a 15 Amp motor for improved productivity.

Not to mention the hypoid gears that make greater surface contact resulting in greater and constant cutting power.

Besides, it features oil bath technology and the gears are housed reducing the need for constant maintenance.

If cutting capacity is anything to go by, then this hypoid saw makes the cut, it has a max cut capacity of 1-3/4” at 45-degrees, 2-3/8” at 90-degrees and 1-9/16” at 50 degrees. And the maximum bevel capacity of 0-51.5-degrees.

The 7-1/4” saw was engineered with comfort in mind. It features an over-sized handle with a rubberized handle to reduce stress on your hand.

This cutting beast is applicable in numerous applications such as floors, roofs, framing walls and siding. In fact, it is a favorite among carpenters, framers, and builders.

Besides, you don’t have to worry about the hypoid gears getting hot. Why? They are heat treated to enable them to serve you for a long time.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with hypoid gears for improved performance
  • Cut-rate price


  • No dust collection port



Here comes another workhorse saw from SKILSAW. The SPT77W-01 is a power-packed worm drive saw that provides professional woodworkers with the much-needed features for prime productivity.

The 7-1/4” worm drive saw features a 15 Amp dual-field motor that powers the saw as it tackles rugged applications.

And speaking of rugged applications, the aluminum body, guard and steel footplate allow the saw to tackle such applications without a fuss.

It features a maximum cutting capacity of 2-3/8” at 90-degrees and a maximum bevel capacity of 51-degrees with a positive stop at 0 and 45-degrees.

Equally, the worm drive saw has a Cut-Ready depth adjustment feature that lets you make precise and accurate measurements.  As an added comfort feature, it comes with ergonomic handles that let you work without much fatigue.

The sturdy SPT77W-01 will work on soft, engineered and hardwood. It is applicable in applications such as framing, concrete framing and forming; and siding.

Not to mention the anti-snag lower guard that lets you make small cuts through thinner materials.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight since it weighs just about 11 pounds
  • Ideal for overhead work


  • Ideal for occasional tasks
  • No dust collection port

Makita 5377MG

Makita 5377MG

Although a saw worm drive, Makita markets its saws as hypoid saws due to their hypoid steel gears. Normally, you will find bronze-alloy gears in most worm drive saw.

These high quality and heat treated gears significantly improve the performance of the worm drive. Coupled with the oil bath technology and a sealed gear housing, this becomes one of the most efficient and maintenance-free saw in the market.

It features a robust 15 Amp that delivers RPM of 4,500 which is just the thing for any professional-grade task.

Well, its magnesium makes gives it a 13.2-pound weight making it a fatigue-free worm drive saw to use at your job site.

And let not the lightweight make fool you. The saw is job site tough giving you a large cutting capacity of 2-3/8” at 90-degrees with a 51.5-degree maximum bevel capacity.

Furthermore, it features positive stops at 22.5, 45 and 51.5-degrees.

The 7-1/4” 5377MG was engineered to handle a wide array of applications such as metal cutting, masonry, plunge and bevel cutting among others.

For peace of mind, it comes with a 30 days trial period and one year warranty.


  • It is lightweight
  • The hypoid heat treated gears make it one of the most productive saw
  • Can handle different tasks


  • No dust collection port available

Bosch 7-1/4-Inch Worm Drive Circular Saw CSW41

Bosch 7-1/4-Inch Worm Drive Circular Saw CSW41

The Bosch CSW41 worm drive saw features a compact yet lightweight design that provides you with the much need comfort when you are working with it.

This powerful and versatile saw features a 15 Amp motor that produces a no-load RPM of 5,300 enabling it to cut through any material at hand.

Equally the robust magnesium housing and footplate significantly bolster its durability and strength. In fact, thanks to the design, the saw weighs just about 13.2 pounds.

Not to mention the top-notch accuracy fueled by the left side blade design that gives you an unparalleled view of the cut line.

Moreover, it has a maximum bevel capacity of 51-degrees with positive stop at 45-degrees. As such, you can make a wide array of cuts.

Well, the bevel and metal depth adjustment levers are easy to access allowing you to make quick and precise modifications to meet your needs.

The built-in saw hook sets this saw apart from the rest since you can conveniently store it in between cutting.

Equally important, it features an on-board multi-functional wrench that allows you to change oil, blades, and brushes. And as an added feature, it comes with a soft grip for comfort.


  • Lightweight
  • One can conveniently store it thanks to the saw hook
  • Pocket-friendly


  • Not convenient for constant tasks
  • No dust collection port available

SKILSAW SPT77W-RT 7-1/4 in

SKILSAW SPT77W-RT 7-1/4 in

This is a renewed product that is much powerful than its predecessor the SKILSAW SPT77W-01. It is lighter by one pound and offers more cutting power.

The 7-1/4” saw features a powerful 15 Amp dual-field motor that gives you a pro performance and durability. Coupled with the worm drive gears, you get a professional grade saw at a reduced price.

It also comes with a multi-function feature that lets you perform tasks such as changing the oil, brushes, and blades. Also, you are in a position to adjust levers and remove blade diamond knockout.

The cut-ready depth system allows you to make precise and accurate adjustments. The saw features a maximum bevel capacity of 51-degrees and features a contoured handle for increased comfort.

It is also engineered to handle a wide array of applications hence becoming a favorite for carpenters and builders. Not to mention the built-in saw hook for easier rafter placement.


  • Lightweight than most SKILSAW worm drive saws
  • Durable
  • Can handle numerous overhead tasks


  • No dust-collection port available



Well, this saw was engineered with one major purpose in mind- cutting 4X material in one pass. Something normal worm drive saws cannot achieve.

This portable, maneuverable and handheld worm drive saw features a 15 Amp Dual-field motor giving it more power to cut just about any material.

In fact, it has been dubbed Sawsquatch by numerous woodworkers.

The 10-1/4” blade will reward you with a maximum cut capacity of 3-11/16” at 90-degrees and 2-3/4” at 45-degrees.  The magnesium construction not only does it mean the saw is lightweight but also legendary durable.

It features a maximum 51-degree bevel cut which allows you to make varied cuts. Not to mention the worm drive gearing that significantly bolsters its durability.

Given its size and weight, it required a hook and definitely, it comes with a rafter hook that is sturdy enough to hang the saw on any material, just ensure it can withstand the 16.5-pound machine.

Equally, the saw is made up of aluminum and magnesium. The magnesium fits the gear housing and foot plate while the motor housing is made of aluminum.


  • Comes with longer cords hence you can seamlessly move around
  • A powerful motor
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Does not come with a dust collection port



This refurbished saw comes with better design that is wear-free while offering better services than its predecessor.

Like most worm drive saws, the Skil SPT77WM-RT comes with a Dual-Field motor that significantly increases the saw lifespan while remaining cool even when performing torturous cuts.

The saw features magnesium make making it durable as well as lightweight. As such, you’ll work on your workpiece without fatigue.

In fact, the die-cast magnesium footplate has easy to read depth-of-cut and bevel scales. It has a maximum bevel capacity of 53-degrees which allows you to make a wide array of cuts.

The 7-1/4” saw features a multi-function wrench that lets you perform tasks such as oil, brush and blade change. Additionally, it stores in the footplate conveniently.

This workhorse also comes with a 90-day warranty. As such, you can test it as far as you can within those days. However, when purchasing this saw, you might find that the accessories are generic rather than from the manufacturer.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Ideal for torturous tasks


  • Does not feature a dust collection port



This SKILSAW worm drive saw is engineered to perform on another level. It features a powerful 15Amp Dual-Field motor that keeps motor cool during use. The motor has a no-load RPM of 4,700.

Equally important is a cut-ready depth adjustment feature that lets you make adjustments easily without a fuss. Not to mention the anti-slag blade guard that lets you work on small cuts.

The 8-1/4” saw comes with extended maximum bevel capacity of 60-degrees with positive stops at 0 and 45-degrees which allows you to make a wide array of cuts.

Additionally, the SPT78W has a 2-7/8” maximum cutting capacity at 90-degrees and 1-1/2” at 60-degrees.

The saw is ideal for beam cutting, framing, siding, concrete forming, and others. It can seamlessly work on soft, engineered and hardwood.

Weighing just about 18.5 pounds, the saw features ergonomic handles for increased comfort. Not to mention the multi-function wrench for varied applications.


  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for a wide array of applications
  • Cut-rate price
  • Durable and highly productive


  • Does not have a dust collection port
  • The magnesium body wears out with increased use



As the name suggests, this is the saw for the brave, for those ready to break the rules. It comes with obnoxious power and torque that cuts through metal like a piece of cake.

In fact, this is the only left-handed metal saw that comes with blade windows that let you see the blade as it cuts through metal.

As a matter of fact, the saw is spark-free with weld-ready cuts, therefore, mitigating the need for deburring. It comes with a 15 Amp dual-field motor with a 3,900 no-load RPM.

The SKILSAW OUTLAW has a maximum depth cut of 2-3/4 inches which enables it to cut through 1/2” non-ferrous metals with ease.

Another stellar feature is its ability to hold 33% more chips than other metal saws. And the chip tray is easy to remove.

Where can you use the saw? You can use it in metal fabrication, metal work, pipe fitting, plumbing, and others.


  • Powerful and extremely durable
  • Features a chip tray that holds 33% more chips
  • Comes with blade windows hence you can see the blade


  • Slightly heavier than other worm drive saws

Buyer’s Guide: What Should You Consider?

So, why should you invest in a worm drive saw? Because it gives you more compared to a circular saw. It is also more powerful.

Equally, the motor is placed at the back of the blade which means faster cutting speeds and larger blades. Additionally, worm drive saws are heavier making them more balanced than circular saws.

Let’s look at some of the vital aspects you should consider.

  • Safety measures

Working with a powerful material translates to increased risk of fatal accidents. As such, you should practice caution.

Before turning on the saw ensure all parts are in place. The lower guard is moving freely, the blade is tightly fixed on the arbor and there are no defects whatsoever. Again, consult the manual.

  • Weight

Basically, worm drive saws are heavier compared to circular saws which can cause fatigue. However, their weight makes them become more stable when cutting through the material. As such, take regular breaks between cuttings.

  • Size

Numerous handle held worm drive saws come within the same size. However, if you desire to purchase table worm drive saw that will require extra space, please consider the size.

  • Beveling

An ideal worm drive saw should have a wide range of beveling. Equally, the saw should have positive stops at common angles. As such, you’ll be in a position to make varied cuts.

  • The saw’s housing make

We’d recommend magnesium housing since it is tough and lightweight. As such, the components are well protected. Avoid worm drive saws housing made of plastics.

  • Depth of cut

Settle for a worm drive saw that makes deep cuts. An 8-1/2” and 10-inch blade saw are most ideal if you’ll be working on thick material. However, for thinner materials, a 7-1/4” is enough.

  • Dust Blower

While not mandatory, it helps keep the workpiece clean while giving you a clear view of the cutting line.

Final Cut

Choosing the best circular saw worm drive will require you to consider what you want to cut and the aforementioned aspects. As such, you are bound to make an informed decision. So, which is your pick?

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