Best Gas Chainsaw Under 300

Chainsaw market is an ever growing market because more and more people are interested in DIY these days. Even if you are not just an enthusiast and a professional you need to research a bit before buying a chainsaw. When it comes to gas chainsaws there are a number of options available as numerous companies have produced powerful machines in recent years. Having a spending limit or a budget greatly reduces your research needs because you have to select from a pre-selected list of items and that is what we are going to provide you. We will be talking about the best gas chainsaw under 300$ and giving you top 5 options available in the market right now so that you can save your research time and can move on towards buying the right machine for yourself.

Comparison Table

We have tried to break down the specifications of the top 5 best gas chainsaws under 300$ so that you can see exactly which one of them meets your needs. We have looked into hundreds of machines to get these results so this table would definitely be useful for you. We have selected these machines on the basis of their weight, power, weight, and the price so let’s take a look at the top 5 choices in gas chainsaws under 300$.

Top 5 Best Gas Chainsaw Under 300

We’ve already told you about a few salient features of the top 5 gas chainsaws available in the market under 300$ but we would like to bring in more details so that you could make a choice instantly. The product reviews are the best way to know about the performance of a machine and we have tried to gather information from different experts as well as different sources to create a detailed product review of the above-mentioned machines. Let’s start talking about all of these, one by one.

Echo CS-400

  • Echno CS-400 is a 40.2 cc professional grade chainsaw with a 2 stroke engine.
  • It has an i-30 starting system which helps you for reduced effort starting.
  • There is an 18” bar and a chain included in the package.
  • You also get engine oil with the product and it comes fully assembled when you buy it.

Kemanner 20-inch 52 cc

Kemanner 20-inch 52 cc

  • Kemanner comes with 52 cc 2 cycle engine and a 20-inch bar.
  • It has 2 stroke motors with 2.0 KW power.
  • It is extremely safe to use and the ergonomic design makes it easy to balance.
  • You will get a petrol chainsaw, 20” saw blade, B1ade Guard, Chain, Toolkit, and 260 ml engine oil in the package.

Ryobi ZRRY3714 37 cc

Ryobi ZRRY3714 37 cc

  • Ryobi ZRRY3714 comes with a 2 stroke 37 cc powerful engine.
  • The handle has anti-vibration capability making the machine easier to use.
  • There is an adjustable automatic oiler helpful to increase the life of chain bar and the chain itself.
  • You get a tool-less filter making the service extremely convenient.
  • There is a side access chain tensioner available which makes adjustment easier.
  • It is easier to carry because of less weight and extremely economical when it comes to gas use.
  • The price is pretty fair compared to the services the machine offers.

Tanaka TCS40EA18

  • Tanaka TCS40EA18 has a 2.4 horsepower 40 cc commercial grade engine which makes it capable of doing the heavy cutting work quite comfortably.
  • The package contains an 18” Oregon bar and a chain.
  • You can save 50% unit with the help of S-Start feature which reduces the pull force required to start the machine initially.
  • Easily adjust the chain no matter you are a professional or not with the help of a side access chain tensioner.
  • It is CARB compliant and quite economical when you look at the functionalities it provides and the price in which you can get it.

Xtremepower US 52cc

  • There is a special chain mechanism in place in this machine which reduces the chances of over-tightening no matter how many times you use the machine.
  • It has a low kickback and safety chain stop making it safe to use even for the new users.
  • It has an aluminum solid crankcase which makes it possible to withstand extreme weather conditions and high rotating speed without any lag in its performance.
  • The length of the guide bar is 22” which comes along with the package.
  • It is EPA approved.
  • The price is pretty economical because the functionality it provides is quite impressive as compared to other machines in the same price range.


We have tried to give you a complete picture of the best gas chainsaw under 300$ so that you can easily get the best machines in your range. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or a new enthusiast in the world of the woodwork because all of these chainsaws can be used conveniently without much effort. Some of these machines provide easy start functionality which requires less power to start as well as give you less kick start. The comparison is regarding the functionalities a chainsaw provides as compared to the price in which you can get it. The Value Over Investment (VOI) is one of the best ways to compare different products and that is what we have done for you providing you with all the details of these machines along with their price. You should always choose a machine which can work in different weather conditions and has the endurance to be used for a number of years as 300$ is not a small investment. We hope that our effort wouldn’t go in vain and you can make a better decision regarding the purchase of a new gas chain after reading this piece.

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