Circular Saw vs Chop Saw

Circular saw vs chop saw- which is best for your everyday use can be determined by the kind of work you want to do with the saw. There are so many types of saw to choose from, you might even get confused trying to choose the kind of saw to get for a particular work. Most professionals prefer to have more than one kind of saw to get desired results why? Because one saw can’t posses all the facilities you need.

Little differences exist in the chop saw and circular saw which we will look into. You might not be able to differentiate the usage of the saw and this might lead to confusion about choosing the right saw for your work. Not knowing the kind of tools for your workstation could lead to increase in workloads and difficulties to work.

So it is important to know the similarities and differences between the circular saw and the chop saw to point out your exact needs.

How is Circular Saw Different from the Chop Saw?

A chop saw is mostly used to crosscut which might not be possible with the circular saw. What a circular saw does is to cut any material using a rotary or spin kind of motion that spins around an arbor or it can cut any material in any shape but the basic difference between the circular saw and the chop saw is that, for accuracy and precision, chop saw is a step ahead.

Uses of a Chop Saw

  • Helps in any kind of crafts (chairs, table frame etc.)
  • Construction projects
  • Cut budgets

Uses of a Circular Saw

  • Cuts small boards
  • User friendly
  • Cuts plywood too
  • Versatility
  • Relatively cheaper than the Chop saw

In summary, you can see that the Circular saw has so much advantage to the chop saw. Although, we advise that before going for any saw as a professional, you should consider your budget and material before hitting the market.

Which is more Versatile?

Without any doubt, when it comes to versatility, the circular saw is a step ahead of the chop saw. The circular saw does a lot of things that the chop saw doesn’t ranging from cutting of wood, masonry, tiles and even plastic.

Review of Chop Saw

A chop saw is a powerful tool that is mostly used by professionals to make a straight cut in woods; it possesses a feature that allows it to make cut angles which can also make it a miter saw.

A chop saw is so much similar in appearance to the circular saw, most cabinetmakers or woodworkers prefer the chop saw to make precise square cuts as they work.

Review of Circular Saw

A circular saw is indeed a very powerful saw using an abrasive disc or toothed blade to cut materials in a rotary motion, in woodworking, circular saw can be referred to the hand-held type. The “skil saw” became a global trademark for conventional hand held saw and is specially designed for different materials it is intended to cut.

In addition, different hand-held circular saws (see below) that makes use of circular saw blades include:

  • Abrasive saw
  • Biscuit joiner
  • Concrete saw etc.

Chop saw or Circular saw: Which one is preferred for a beginner?

You’ve come across plans for building a top notch table for your new couch; you take a look at the required lists of tools and the first one you see is a chop saw or a circular saw to get that project running. But the big question is, what saw is preferred for you as a beginner; so much that you know the investment will be worth it.

No worries we’ll get you through this phase to acquiring a saw that do not only help with your budget but also get you through a successful job for that big project of yours. Let’s dive in.

  • So which one do you begin with?
  • Which is better than the other?

Some circular saw comes in sizes of an average of 7 inches; the most amazing thing about the circular saw is that it comes in left or right hand. Whatsoever you choose, be sure to pay so much attention so you don’t have issues.

Meanwhile a Chop saw is actually for metal and created with a different kind of material to avoid getting over-heated and catching fire while splicing through a metal with sparks flying around. This saw comes in varying sizes as well, sizes as little a 7-13 inches tall.

Price tags

Chop saws range from $350 – $700 at mega stores close to you. You could find chop saws in gently used conditions at craigslist or ebay too.

While the Circular saw is less in cost than the chop saw in a way. The prices range from $50 – $150 for a nicer one.

Direct Tools sells top end saws; we recommend their store because we buy tons of tools there.

Which is easier to operate?

Despite the pricing I mentioned earlier, the circular saw tends to win; although we are much bigger fan of the chop saw. Why, because with the chop saw you are able to keep your hands at a much safer distance than the circular saw.

Most times to cut a perfect angle with a circular saw we had to set up a jig edge and measure the angle  before it’s right. The chop saw can be packed up easily into a car but the circular saw fits in most duffle bags or average sized purses whichever you choose it’s so small.

Our verdict

There is lot more projects for beginners that needs dimensional lumber, it’s quite easy with the chop saw than those one’s that needs plywood instead, which the circular saw would be great for. It’s all about which saw suits your budget because either way the Circular saw or the chop saw can get you what you want.

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