delta vs dewalt scroll sawDelta and Dewalt are some of the most popular brands of scroll saws, making the Delta vs. Dewalt scroll saw battle a vicious one. Both brands have high-quality scroll saws and can help you get the best out of your woodcraft.

These two brands have scroll saws that are very similar, that it becomes quite difficult to call them apart at times.  You might be at a crossroad with regard to which scroll saw you should opt for. You do not have to worry though. In order to be able to call a truce, let’s compare two specific models, one from each brand. We’ll compare the Dewalt DW788, and the Delta 40-694.

We will compare the two scroll saw based on the following parameters.

  • Build quality
  • Power
  • User convenience

Let’s begin by listing the features of the scroll saws, and their pros and cons.

Dewalt DW788

The Dewalt DW788 is a variable speed scroll saw with a double parallel-link arm. The saw is built for accuracy and precision. It has a robust built that ensure little to no vibration, hence high accuracy. Its controls are easily accessible, and the variable speed makes it easy to configure.

Here are its features that stand out;

  • Arm-like pivots
  • An electronic speed control system
  • Tool-free blade clamps
  • Large cast-iron work table
  • It has a powerful 1.4 amp motor


  • The scroll saw is not noisy
  • The saw’s arm is conveniently placed and easy to lift
  • It’s easy to change the blade
  • Easy to control, even for a beginner


  • The scroll has scroll saw has attracted a couple of complaints about it build quality.

Delta 40-694

Delta 40-694

The Delta 40-694 is a strong scroll saw that is built for convenience. The saw has variable speed, which ranges between 400 -1750 SPM. That makes it a very versatile scroll saw. The saw also features dual parallel-link arm and has an impressive ergonomic design.

Some of its impressive features include;

  • An adjustable dust hose
  • An electronic speed control system
  • Tilt table
  • Onboard tool-storage compartment
  • Tool free-blade clamp
  • It has a 1.3 amp motor


  • Easy and convenient control
  • Easy to change the blade
  • Minimal to no under and overcutting
  • Versatile


  • The scroll saw vibrates a little bit too much

The Verdict

In terms of power, the Dewalt DW788 is slightly more powerful than the Delta 40-694. The difference is insignificant though. It cannot affect the final product of your craft with the two saws. The build quality is almost similar as well. The two scroll saws are almost the same size. The DW788 suffers some complaints about its durability, while the Delta 40-694 strong but has vibration issues.

Both scroll saws are very convenient to use, but the Delta 40-694 is a lot more user-friendly. The tool-storage feature, the tilt table (which is large), and the adjustable dust hose make it stand out. In this case, the Delta 40-694 carried the day by a small margin.

It is important to understand that the best scroll saw for you depends on your craft. For instance, the Dewalt DW788 would be a better option if you are looking for a highly precise scroll saw. Both Dewalt and Delta scroll saws are always high quality and a comparison of different models would possibly have Dewalt as a better option. Understanding you woodcraft is the best way to solve the Dewalt vs. Delta scroll saw headache.

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