Festool Miter Saw vs Dewalt

Any accomplished woodworker knows the difference a miter saw makes while cutting miter cuts. While a miter framing ruler and a handsaw or circular saw can be used to make a miter cut, a miter saw delivers a perfect flush in every instance. Let’s find out who win the Festool Miter Saw vs Dewalt battle.

Festool and Dewalt are the brands that come to the minds of many woodworkers when miter saws are mentioned. These two brands have placed themselves a cut above the rest by producing top-of-the-range miter saws.

We want to compare the two brands and finally call a truce. We compare the features of the miter saws from the two brands, and how suitable they are for different applications.

Festool Miter Saw

Festool Miter SawFestool has only one model of a miter saw, the Festool Kapex. They have put their best foot forward in the development of this saw though. First, it is one of the powerful miter saws on the market. This 10.25’’ sliding compound saw does not leave anything to chance. The saw is very compact and incredibly lightweight.You will most likely not find another 10’’ miter saw that weighs 47 pounds.

The saw has a well-balanced handle that’s positioned a good distance away from the blade. The safety switch and the trigger are in close proximity with the handle. It is an essential safety feature, although it makes it a little bit difficult for beginners to use the saw.

The Festool Kapex has a 1600 watts motor delivers an incredible performance. Many 10” miter saw from other brands do not come close. The Kapex delivers a performance similar to that of a 12’’ miter saw. The saw has variable speed that makes it suitable for many different applications.

The Festool Kapex is a master when it comes to precision. It has a large bevel gauge and a counter spring-balanced bevel control system. These features allow you to make micro adjustments quite easily. The saw is also fitted with a dual-line laser positioning system that makes it easy to make very precise cuts.

DeWalt Miter Saw

DeWalt is arguably America’s pride and joy when it comes to power tools. It never disappoints. In the miter saws realm, it has a no-nonsense saw named DeWalt DWS780. The DeWalt DWS780 is a 12’’ sliding miter saw.

The DeWalt DWS780 is the top-selling miter saw as it is quite affordable. This incredible miter saw has a 15A motor that delivers an idle rpm of 3800. The saw has a tall back fence and maximum miter angles of up to 50 degrees left and 60 degrees right. These are the best miter angles in the industry.

To ensure optimal precision, the saw has the DeWalt XPS cross-cut positioning system. It uses shadow guidance to help you make precise cuts. The saw weighs 56 pounds, despite being a fairly large saw. The saw can run on 60V batteries if there is no mains electricity

The DeWalt DWS780 costs almost haft of what the Festool Kapex goes for. It is the best miter saw from DeWalt That being said, it should be quite easy to make a verdict now.

The Verdict

Clearly, the Festool Kapex miter saw takes the day with a country mile. Make no mistake though. The DeWalt DWS780 is not to be brushed off by any means. The Festool Miter Saw vs Dewalt comparison is an easy one though. The Festool miter saw has better features, performance, and ease of handling. The DeWalt miter saw would be a perfect choice if you did not want to spend too much and still wanted a great saw.

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