How to Port A Chainsaw Cylinder

  • Use of the chainsaw

It is important to consider the use of the chainsaw which one needs to port; this should come even before having the porting steps in mind. You will need to port work saw differently from racing saw.

  • Reason for porting

Porting chain saw allows for longer usage time. A well ported chainsaw will increase the speed by between 25 and 40% without interfering with the engine life.

Porting is also enhancing the air and fuel passing through the engine. This is helping engine to run cooler and last longer in operation.

  • Procedure of porting
    • One notable step and appropriate method of porting chainsaw involves use of file. Compared to dramel rotary tool, files are easier to use and fit in the narrow chambers of the chainsaw.
    • Gently expand port holes to allow for improved fuel and air flow in the engine of the chainsaw.
    • Change the oval shaped ports to square by expanding them and increasing the number of corners.
    • Ensure the edges of the squares are symmetrical in shape so as to slope and match.
    • We then recommend that you push the profile outside the muffler can. You should then follow this by opening up the muffler so as to match better.
  • Considerations
    • In the process of altering the shape as well as size of ports, intake, transfer and exhaust you should bear in mind the size of the cylinder. We suggest that you go for buy a piston kit and cylinder with provision for improving the CC.
    • You can equally use the cylinder and piston from a secondary saw which is having different capacity.
    • You are also advised not to take too much metal from the cylinder so as to avoid exposing to the crankcase, the exhaust port. This is helping to avoid mixture of fuel and air getting into the exhaust before combustion chamber.
  • Benefits of porting chainsaw
    • Of the noted benefits of porting chainsaw, the most outstanding which we will inform you of is the reduced rolling friction in the engine. This is allowing your engine to have longer operation time and serve you better for longer period of time.
    • The efficiency of the chainsaw in terms of cutting or operational speed also gets increased in the porting process hence better to your operations.
    • Ported chainsaw is also featuring benefits of reduced heat generation. This is not only allowing the life of the chainsaw to be heightened but is also giving the user better returns.
    • Porting is also importantly making the chainsaw to be of lightweight last longer. Therefore, you will be able to carry the machine for longer while handling your work and better cost-effectiveness.

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