miter saw vs table saw vs circular saw

Miter saw

miter sawThis is a saw kind which is specifically designed to help you in making cross cuts and, may not work well for long rip cuts. The common usage of miter saw include producing framing together with cutting moldings.

The major primary cuts made by the miter saw include straight cuts across the grain of the material being worked on. This is making miter saws preferred in across cuts other than along cuts.

A miter cut can also be set at an angle across the board being designed of finished. You will also find it effective in making beveled cuts part-way into the board thickness.

The miter saw also supports you to make compound cuts and these combine both miter and beveled cuts to give you desired results. It may however not give you the best when it comes to ripping the material you are working on.

Table saw

table sawWe regard this as one of the most versatile options to go for while considering saws for woodworking operations. The saw is capable of supporting lengthwise cuts as well as cross rip cuts and some miter cuts with moderate adjustments of the blades.

Handling of the table saw may also require a lot work in order to make miter cuts with utmost accuracy. It may have a shortcoming of being immobile as it comes in form of a table.

Being fixed on a table, one may not move the saw but the wood can be pushed to get to the saw blade in order for you to make the fine cuts. Coupled with electric motor, the same makes speedy cuts in the wood as you push the wood along.

With table saw, it is important that you have a completely flat table which is preferably made from metal in order to support gliding of the wood while making the cut.

Circular saw

Circular sawThis is the saw which is most portable of the three and can be modified to support the works which can be accomplished by both miter and table saws. It is however not likely to outperform either on their specific roles.

The saw is consisting of a circular blade which is made to spin around an arbor hence allowing it to make fine cuts. It can make fine cuts on a range of materials including metals and wooden materials.

The saw is made in two versions including the right handed circular saw and the left handed circular saws. Depending on the material which you are cutting it is easy and possible to change blades accordingly in order to get the finest cuts.

It is therefore evident that miter saw vs table saw vs circular saw differ primarily in their structure, how they operate and therefore you may need to assess your needs before considering a single saw.

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