Scroll Saw vs Band Saw vs Jigsaw

Scroll Saw

Scroll sawScroll saw has been regarded as a blend of both jig saw and band saw. This will be your preferred saw when it comes to making intricate cuts on materials which are thinner in thickness and small in size.

We recommend that you can use it to make finishing touches on some work pieces. This is following the make of the scroll saw which allows it to give you perfect curves and straight cuts after working on a piece of material.

Considering tight curves in materials such as artwork, puzzles and clock, it is the scroll saw which takes the lead in giving finest output. This is allowing you to make fine cuts in materials without noticing the cuts as is the case in jigsaw puzzles.

With the merits come the downside which dictates that scroll saws normally occupy large spaces and are specialty for making crafts and may not find regular usage in the house of DIY.

Band Saw

This is one saw which is cutting smooth and faster. You will notice that it is having different kinds of blades which are capable of giving varied curvatures while making the cut.

You will consider this saw preferable when you want to make cuts on your materials with different curves in it. This is supported by the blades which are available for band saw.

While using this saw, you will realize that compared to smaller blades which are conducive for curving cuts, the larger blades in band saw are making better straight cuts. Therefore the choice of this saw and a corresponding blade should be guided by the kind of cut you intend to make.

A notable drawback of this saw is its unsuitability for immobile as well as larger work pieces. Some of the work pieces not suited for this saw include large plywood or kitchen counter works.


It is most appropriate while making straight cuts on the material being worked on especially when you use the guide or straight edge.

It is equally applicable and can also help you in making curved cuts. This is enabling you to bring the tool to the work.

We recommend that you use jig saw blade on such materials as metal, wood, plastic, sheeting or even straps and stones. The blade you choose will influence the kind of materials which you can work on.

Jig saw is however not the best when it comes to making curves in metals, however, you will find them most appropriate when called upon once in a while.

To this end, there are a number of similarities among scroll saw vs band saw vs jig saw. It is notable that the major differences arise on the blades used and therefore what you can do with an individual saw.

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