Best Track Saw in 2023 – Experts Opinion

Are you planning to go for a circular saw? Well, we would suggest you think again! You could go for a track saw. This will help you to get better accuracy and ease of use. Just think of those time while you worked too hard to get a straight cut but slipped for a while and had to waste material. You will not have to worry about those issues anymore. We are here today with a list of the best track saw.

Moreover, to help you choose a better product we are sharing an advanced buying guide for a track saw. There are some critical factors that you should always keep in mind while purchasing a track saw.

A good track saw will not only help you in the workshop but also will make you a better woodworker.

Yes, they cost a bit higher but spending a few more dollars will give you a lot more.

So, are you ready?

Comparison for 10 Best Track Saw

ImageNameMaximum RPMPower DeliveryBevel AnglePower SourceEditor’s Rating
WEN 360555,5009-amps0⁰ – 45⁰Corded4/5
Festool 5753875,20010-amps-1⁰ – 47⁰Corded5/5
Festool 5753893,55013-amps0⁰ – 45⁰Corded5/5
SHOP FOX W18355,5009-amps0⁰ – 45⁰Corded4/5
Festool TS 55 REQ5,20010-amps-1⁰ – 47⁰Corded4/5
Grizzly T106875,5009-amps0⁰ – 45⁰Corded3/5
Festool 201399 TSC 55 REB5,200 (36V) , 3,800 (18V)5.22-amps-1⁰ – 47⁰Cordless4/5
Triton TTS14005,30012-amps0⁰ – 48⁰Corded4/5
Makita SP6000J15,20012-amps-1⁰ – 48⁰Corded4/5
DeWalt DWS520K4,00012-amps0⁰ – 47⁰Corded4/5

10 Best Track Saws Review –

1. WEN 36055 9-Amp Plunge Cut Circular Track Saw

The first one on the list is for the DIY-enthusiasts out there. This track saw has everything a handyman would look for in one.

The motor is quite decent as the saw comes with a 9-amps motor. Let’s create a baseline here. Your desirable track saw should have at least 9-amps motor if it is corded.

One of the best things about WEN 36055 is the idle RPM. The mean machine could create 5,500 revolutions in a minute which is even rare for a 12-amp motored track saws.

The handling is simple and easy, and that’s why it can be a great option for beginners. The saw comes with track stabilizers which make it even easier to make straight cuts. It also features a self-retracting riving knife. The dust port makes it easier to work with this track saw.

The saw quite light and can bevel up to 45⁰. The beveling lock knobs are great features too.

There is only one thing that we didn’t like about it – the length of the tracks. We think the track is too short for some users.


  • Splinter-less cutting
  • Better RPM output
  • Versatility
  • Easy to handle


  • The track is too short
  • Some users have reported alignment issues with the track

2. Festool 575387 Plunge Cut Track Saw

Festool track saws are quite popular among the users mainly due to the splinter-guard. The splinter guards ensure the best quality cuts. You will not have to worry about the tear-out cuts as it increases rework and wastes material.

This tracks saw is designed for every kind of work. There are 9 different types of blades available for this model with two different sizes. This is the true definition of being versatile.

It comes with FastFIx technology that makes the track saw to perform different types of operation easily. The anti-static function prevents static charge accumulation while working with it.

So, you will not feel the sudden and annoying shocks now and then.

The wider beveling range from -1⁰ – 47⁰ gives it a superiority over the average track saws. Also, you will have the plunge cutting ability.

Overall, you will love using Festool 575387 TS 55 REQ-F without a doubt. The 10-amps motor will make your work smooth as it can deliver 5,200 RPM.

There is another feature that makes the saw stand apart from the common ones – the Multi Material Control electronics (MMC). You will have complete control over cutting depth and have a better precision control.

The only downside is higher pricing. Well, if you want a better product, you will have to spend more.


  • Suited for professional users
  • Great for making rip cuts
  • Superior quality
  • Wider bevel angle
  • Has a splinter guard
  • FastFix, CLEANTEC, Anti-Static, and MMC technology embedded


  • Imperial measurement system only
  • More expensive

3. Festool 575389 Plunge Cut Track Saw

This mean-machine (!) from Festool is even better than the previously discussed model. Festool 575389 TS 75 EQ-F-Plus is all about precision.

For those of you who would sacrifice anything for better precision, this track saw is designed just for you.

Festool 575389 TS 75 EQ-F-Plus has the most powerful motor in our top-10 list. The 13-amps motor can handle even the hardest kind of wood stock like a cake!

There is be no swirl, burn marks, or whatsoever.

As you already know, Festool saws come with splinter guards always. This model even has a slip clutch for minimizing the kickback effect.

There is a quick-acting braking system to prevent dangerous accidents. You consider this feature very seriously as very models have such great safety features.

Just like the TS 55 REQ-F model, Festool 575389 TS 75 EQ-F-Plus comes with FastFix, CLEANTEC, Anti-Static, and MMC technology.

To prevent the cutting material pinching the blade while making plunge cuts, there is a spring-loaded riving knife or in simple words a splitter.

So, what’s the downside of this track saw?

The revolution per minute is ridiculously low for such a high-powered motor. In fact, it is the lowest on the list. You can get a maximum of 3550 RPM from this saw. Also, the price could be too high for casual users.


  • Tons of safety features
  • Highest precision (in our list)
  • Most powerful motor (in our list)
  • Splinter-free cuts
  • FastFix, CLEANTEC, Anti-Static, quick-acting brake, and MMC technology


  • Higher price
  • Low RPM

4. SHOP FOX W1835 Track Saw

Who says a good track saw doesn’t come at an affordable price? If you are really low on budget but still need a good track saw, wait no more and go for SHOP FOX W1835.

The saw has all the great features you are looking in a track saw. It has a powerful 9-amps motor that can deliver 5,500 RPM and has a 50“ rail.

This track is a great tool for casual DIYer. It weighs only 12.8 pounds, and that’s why it is easily portable. Apart from making straight rip cuts and cross cuts, it can also make plunge cuts.

It can easily take care of your trimming, plunging, and sheet cutting needs.

What special features does it have, you ask?

It is surprising that they have added the riving knife and anti-kickback protect as safety features. It even comes with a dust port.

SHOP FOX surely know how to satisfy a customer with a low budget!

We think this is the “budget-king” on our list. No other track saw so much to offer under $200 price point.

Our thought?

Just go for it if you are worried about having a low budget for a new track saw.

Keep in mind; you shouldn’t expect Festool quality cuts from this device.


  • The “budget-king.”
  • Lightweight and handy
  • Has a powerful motor of 9-amps
  • Can deliver 5,500 RPM
  • Comes with anti-kickback and riving knife
  • Blade rim speed of 9,000


  • Cuts have splinters
  • Durability issues
  • Some users think it is underpowered!

5. Festool TS 55 REQ Track Saw

Okay, we have another Festool track saw on our list, again! You might think we are being biased about them.

But we think they are that good!

This model is actually too similar to Festool 575387 TS 55 REQ-F that we have mentioned in the second place.

You can see that even the model names are quite similar. But don’t even think that they are the same. There are a lot of differences between these two models.

This one is the “International Version.” On the other hand, Festool 575387 TS 55 REQ-F is the “American Version.”

That’s why the measurement system on these two models differ. The regular Festool TS 55 REQ has the metric measurement system and Festool 575387 TS 55 REQ-F has the imperial measurement system.

They have different sizes too. Festool TS 55 REQ has a dimension of 12.25 x 11.5 x 15.5 inches while Festool 575387 TS 55 REQ-F has a dimension of 39.5 x 29.5 x 32.5 inches.

Even the weight varies, it weighs 19.56 pounds and the American version weighs 9.92 pounds.

We think the different build quality makes this difference.

It has all the same features, but this one comes with T-Loc Systainer 4 which is missing in the American version.

They have a different price tags. Also, it will cost a bit more than the TS 55 REQ-F variant.


  • Superior cut quality
  • Wider bevel angle
  • Has a dual splinter guard
  • FastFix, CLEANTEC, Anti-Static, and MMC technology embedded
  • Has T-Loc Systainer 4
  • Has the metric measurement system


  • Even more pricy than TS 55 REQ-F variant

6. Grizzly Industrial T10687-6-1/4″ Track Saw

Grizzly is another budget-friendly pick in our list. Grizzly T10687 is just like the SHOP FOX W1835 track saw, but it is even better due to its sturdy feature.

Even both the saws have a similar price – some $200ish pricing.

Although, Grizzly T10687 has some of the features that you can expect from a high-end track saw in the market. It comes with a 9-amps motor that can deliver a maximum RPM of 5,500.

This is a fine tool for working with most kinds of lumbers, doors, trimming operation, and sheet materials. The variable depth cutting feature of cutting up to 2 5/32” at 90 degrees makes it a versatile device.

It is a bummer that the rail or the track doesn’t come with the package.

Just like most other models in our list, it also has an anti-kickback protection. The dust port gives it a premium feel for the users.

The standard beveling angle from 0⁰ – 45⁰ is also a great thing about it.

We think it is everything fine except, you cannot use a 6 ½ blade as it would hit the riving knife. Another drawback of this model is you cannot use spare parts from other popular brands like Festool.

Some people also complained about the riving knife hitting the workpiece while working.


  • Standard features
  • The powerful 9-amp motor that can give an output of 5,500 RPM
  • Variable depth cutting feature
  • Robust design
  • Budget-friendly


  • You have to buy the rail separately
  • Cannot use a 6 ½ blade
  • An issue with the riving knife

7. Festool 201399 REB Plus Cordless Track Saw

This is the last Festool model on our list. But this is the only cordless model among the 10 track saws reviewed here.

The cordless models are handy and give the users more mobility. The only downside of the cordless track saws is that they are too pricey.

Some think that power tools should be corded as it can deliver more power and more reliable. The statement is somewhat true but not entirely.

Festool 201399 TSC 55 REB Plus can cut 100 meters of sheets without recharging in the middle.

As the saw comes with the 55″ track, you can easily make longer rip cuts with ease. As the cord will not disturb you while working it is a great plus point.

Splinterguards are one of the biggest reasons for choosing a Festool saw. Festool 201399 TSC 55 REB Plus also has all the premium features you can expect from the brand.

This one even has an FS guiding mechanism that can ensure even better accuracy and precision while cutting.

The cordless track saw has two variants available 18V and 2x18V = 36V. The 36V variation can deliver the same kind of revolutions per minute like other popular brands – 5,200. However, with the 18V variant, you can get a maximum of 3,800 RPM.

Apart from the technology common in all the Festools, this one has high-performance Li-ion battery, EC-TEC low energy consuming motor, AIRSTREAM technology, and FS guiding mechanism.


  • Cordless
  • EC-TEC low energy consuming 5.22-amps motor
  • AIRSTREAM technology for better battery charging
  • Tear-out free cuts
  • Extremely accurate precision
  • Stacked with all the advanced Festool technology


  • Too much expensive (highest in our list)

8. Triton TTS1400 6-1/2-Inch Plunge Track Saw

A good product can deliver the highest quality at a reasonable price. Triton TTS1400 is the perfect example of a good qu,ality product. This track saw will cost more than the SHOP FOX and the Grizzly variant and surely do a lot better job than those two.

The saw looks pretty minimalistic; you might call it a “bare-bone” saw.

The 12-amp powerful motor will very smooth while cutting the hardest of the woods. The plywood or sheets will feel like cream while cutting with a Triton TTS1400. We believe a 9-amp motor quite adequate for a track saw. This mean machine has 12-amps here.

The motor can also deliver variable speed. The perfect speed range is 2000 to 3500 RPM. Triton TTS1400 can deliver up to 5,200 RPM.

Overall, this is a perfect track saw who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on a track saw.


  • Best value tracks saw
  • Great features for ensuring safety
  • Adjustable speed motor
  • Powerful 12-amps motor


  • Some users reported issues while cutting hard stocks

9. Makita SP6000J1

Makita is a widely popular brand in the power tool industry. This Makita SP6000J1 could be the most popular track saw among DIYers, woodworkers, and even to the carpenters.

One of the best things about this track saw is the build quality. The Magnesium based construction gives it a very sturdy feel.

Makita means performance. We haven’t found a single issue about the performance of Makita SP6000J1.

Very few track saws or circular saws can have the scoring ability as low as 3mm. Moreover, it has the highest beveling capability among the saws we are mentioning here. It can bevel from -1⁰ to 48⁰.

The lightweight design makes it easier to maneuver and quite portable. The rubber molded grip makes the tool super handy. You will love working with it.

The Makita users always say that Makita gives the perfect cut finish. You will get tear-free end result always.

Makita SP6000J1 is a woodworking masterpiece without any doubt.


  • Extremely good build quality
  • Highest quality you can get for the price
  • Versatile tool – suitable for every kind of users
  • Compatible with tons of accessories available in the market
  • 12-amps motor with a maximum output of 5,200 RPM


  • Some say that the track isn’t as perfect as a Festool track

10. DEWALT DWS520K 6-1/2-Inch TrackSaw Kit

We are sure you were looking for the name “DeWalt” till now. DeWalt could be the most heard brand name for any kind of power tool.

The professional users have a soft corner for the brand name. The main reason could be the higher build quality and product lifetime. You can use a DeWalt tool for years to come without any issue.

DeWalt DWS520K is no exception in this case. It comes with a powerful motor of 12-amps that can offer maximum no-load speed of 4,000 RPM.

Accuracy or precision shouldn’t be an issue for this track saw. It can handle any material with ease. The low-profile blade guard allows you to reach the tight corners where other saws fail to reach.

The anti-slip mechanism in the track ensures slip-free cut every single time.

The best part is you will not have to spend a ton like you had to do for a Festool model. The 400ish pricing makes it affordable for every kind of users.


  • Powerful 12-amps motor
  • Higher accuracy and precision
  • Durable, can serve you for years.
  • Great Build quality
  • Amazing value


  • Blade changing process is a bit complex

Guide to Buy the Best Track Saw

So, we guess, you have a pretty good idea about the best track saws you can find in the market. But it creates a lot of confusion as well; now you have to choose between the best ten saws.

Each of the saw has different pros and cons. Moreover, each of them is best for different scenarios. So, how should you pick the best one suited just for you?

That’s why we are providing a buying guide so that it becomes much easier for you to choose the perfect one.

When you are picking the track saw, you need to focus on 8 criteria –

  1. Power Delivery
  2. Brand Value
  3. Tracks
  4. Cut Quality
  5. Attachments
  6. Safety Issues
  7. Pricing Policy
  8. Warranty and Guaranty

So, take a look at how these factors become the deciding factors at the end of the day.

1. Power Delivery

As they are classified as power tools, power delivery is the most important parameter you should consider. The ability to deliver more power can make the cutting operation easier for every kind of user.

Moreover, with higher power delivery, you can easily work with hardwood, and the saw becomes more versatile.

So, what is the ideal power factor for a track saw?

You should aim for getting a track saw with 8-Amp to 10-Amp power driving capability. Obviously, the battery-powered saws cannot deliver much power.

For example, the Festool 201399 from our list can deliver 5.22-Amp. But the advantage is you can go cordless. This is a kind of trade-off you need make while choosing the perfect track saw for yourself.

There is another factor tied to the power delivery – RPM. The more revolution you get per minute, the easier it would be you to get your job done.

A great track saw should deliver above 2,000 RPM. Some great track saws can deliver above 5,000 RPM. But your track saw should have an RPM rating over 2,000 to get most of the job done smoothly.

2. Brand Value

We are not saying that the brand name is everything. But it has a lot to do will reliance. A better brand has a need to serve quality as a bad product might ruin their brand name and eventually ruin their sale.

So, we would suggest you to go for a trusted brand name that has been in the market for some time. You can expect better build quality from them compared to a “nobody.”

Other than the build quality, you should consider another fact. The products from a trusted brand could serve you for a longer time than a non-brand product.

You don’t want your saw to break down only after a few months of work, do you?

Yes, you could save quite some dollars if you go for a non-brand product. But as the better-branded product will serve you better for a longer period, it is worth it.

3. Tracks

As the name suggests, the track or the rail should be an important parameter when you are purchasing a track saw.

It goes without saying that you should pick the saw with better track quality. There are three things you should consider while testing the tracks –

  • Non-skidding mechanism
  • The building material of the track
  • The size of the track

You should obviously choose the tracks saw that has a better non-skidding functionality in it. If the track moves while you are cutting a piece of plank, the track saw will deviate from the sole purpose.

Second of all, you should carefully choose the saw that has a track with better build quality. But it shouldn’t weigh too much as it would become too heavy to move around and work with it with ease.

Third and the most important thing you should worry about is the size of the track. A longer track could help you with long rip cuts. But if a track is too long, then you could have a problem making cross cuts. Certainly, there should be some accessories to sort out this problem.

Moreover, you could have a problem moving the track around in the job-site if the track is too long.

So, choose the track size that suits your needs and gets the jobs done!

4. Cut Quality

Better cut quality should always be a top priority. Not every track saw can deliver clean, fine cuts.

One of the major problems we see in the track saws is creating splintered edges. Even some of the good saws could have this issue.

A splinter guard could solve the problem in many cases.

As you have seen, we have added four Festool track saws in our list. One of the main reasons for such a decision is all of their track saws come with splinter guards.

Let us give you a special tip, to get finer quality cut; you should choose the saw that has a more powerful motor and better saw-tip.

For example, DeWalt track saws generally don’t have splinter guard, but they have powerful motor and better saw material that deliver fine quality cuts.

Keep in mind that such quality comes at a higher price. So, you have to be willing to spend extra bucks for the cut quality.

5. Attachments

You want your saw to be versatile, right? Who would want to spend cash on different tools for a different job?

Attachments or the accessories make the tools even more versatile.

Speaking of accessories, if you think about it, a track saw is a circular saw with an extra rail or track.

Apart from the track, the saw could come with extra blades, clamps, guards, or gloves. They certainly are good attachments you could consider.

6. Safety Issues

Power tools are not play toys. They can cause serious injuries to the users or the people surrounding the job area. Even professional users could fall victim to nasty injuries while using a track saw.

That’s why safety components like a blade guard are crucial. Even dust ports are important too. For example, if a track saw doesn’t have a dust port, wood flakes could easily hurt your eyes.

Remember to be safe and always choose the product that has safety measurements.

7. Pricing Policy

Price is a dominant factor for any kind of product purchase. Well, if you think about it. It could be the most dominant factor for a purchase.

Yes, a better product doesn’t come at a cheap price. Remember, if a product has a higher price tag, there has to be a reason behind such a pricing policy.

But at the same time, the highest priced product doesn’t necessarily have to be the best product.

The thing you should be seeking is – QUALITY!

Whatever your budget is, try to go for the best quality possible in that price range. Don’t waste your money on cheap products.

If you buy a cheap saw and it breaks down after a couple of months, it doesn’t have the value.

Try to go for the product that delivers the highest value. If a saw serves you for years to come yet it has a higher price, go for it!

8. Warranty and Guaranty

Speaking of value, you should choose a product with a longer warranty period. Remember, funky features could cut down the product life.

Choose a track saw that comes from a good brand and has a longer warranty. In that way, you could invest in a product that will serve in a true sense.


So, that was our verdict on the best track saw you can get in the market. We think if you have a higher budget and are planning to use for a longer time, go for a Festool variant.

For those of you who are a bit tight on budget, the SHOP FOX, Grizzly, or Triton should be your choice. They will deliver premium support at a low price.

For the brand freaks out there Makita and DeWalt should be your option. They come at the medium price range and serve nothing but great quality.

If you plan to go for a track saw out of our list, we would suggest you choose one with a minimum 9-amps motor that can deliver at least 3500 RPM. Moreover, you should also check if there is a dust collection port or not. And finally, don’t forget to check the cut quality as at the end of the day, quality is the most important factor.

What do you think about our take on the best track saw?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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