Dewalt Miter Saw 779 vs 780 – How Do They Compare?

Dewalt Miter Saw 779 vs 780

Well, it is safe to say that Dewalt is a world-leading miter saw producer. Producing top-tier products that most customers fall in love with. In this article, we will provide a descriptive Dewalt miter saw 779 vs. 780 comparisons.

Dewalt Miter Saw 779 vs 780 – Step by Step

In the end, you will effortlessly choose between the two on the basis of your needs. Without much further ado, let’s look at how these two top-notch machines compare.

The Dewalt Miter Saw 779 vs 780 Comparison

Dewalt Miter Saw 779Dewalt Miter Saw 780
Speed3,800 rpm3,800 rpm
Weight67 pounds56 pounds
current15 Amp15 Amp
No of teeth on blade60T
Cutting capacity2 X 16” @ 902 X 16” @90

The Dewalt Miter Saw 779

The Dewalt Miter Saw 779 is a powerhouse when it comes to cutting wood. It is easy to use and arguably the best saw for any hobbyist out there.

Although it lacks some crucial features, professionals can still use it. Its powerful motor allows you to cut through wood seamlessly.

So, which are some of its vital features?


When it comes to power 779 does not disappoint. In fact, when compared to other miter saws in the market, it outshines them.

The 15 Amp motor produces sufficient power to cut through thick wood and alternative materials when the right blade is used.


Its powerful motor spins the blade at a maximum speed of 3,800 rpm. Enough speed to cut through plastics, wood – soft and hard – and metal.

Moreover, you can always adjust the speed to match your cutting needs.

Accurate cuts

This is a chief reason why many people like the 779. With its built-in feature that allows you to cut at any angle, you can rest assured of precise cuts.


  • High speed
  • Adjustable cutting angle
  • It can be used on numerous materials – plastics, metal, plastics, etc.


  • Lack of an LED light guide
  • It is heavy

The Dewalt Miter Saw 780

Just like its counterpart, the DWS780 is a machine to reckon. It is basically an upgrade of the DWS779 coming with stellar additional features that any woodwork professional looks for.

Moreover, it can cut through hard materials, unlike its brother. Do you deal with heavy-duty tasks? Well, DWS780 is the perfect fit. It is built to withstand heavy-duty tasks.

So, which are some of the DWS780 stellar capabilities? Read on!


DWS780 is identical to the 779. It has a powerful 15 Amp motor that produces power sufficient enough to cut through any kind of material, be it wood or metal.


The 3,800 rpm speed in this machine is just sufficient for professional woodworking activities. Cutting through wood and other materials will be a piece of cake, thanks to this high speed.


Well, if your activities involve much movement, then DWS780 is the miter saw for you. it is light, weighing just 56 pounds.

You can easily shift between working stations with this saw.

Professional cuts

Why do professionals settle for DWS780? Because of accurate and precise cuts. It comes with stellar features such as the XPS positioning system that ensures hassle-free cutting.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Impressive rugged design
  • High speed
  • Professional cuts


  • No cutting guide
  • A wanting dust collector system


Well, the above Dewalt miter saw 779 vs. 780 comparisons should guide you into purchasing the most ideal miter saw.

DWS779 is the go-to saw for any hobbyist and novice out there while the 780 is just the thing for any professional. If quality is anything to go by, DWS780 fits the bill.

However, it’s quite expensive compared to DWS779.

So, which is your choice?

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