Echo VS Husqvarna Chainsaw – Which Should I Buy and Why?

If you have some knowledge of the chainsaw world, you’ve surely heard of Echo and Husqvarna. These two companies are well-established and reputable brands in the market of power cutting tools.

Echo VS Husqvarna Chainsaw

Echo VS Husqvarna Chainsaw

You might be wondering which of them is a better choice for your needs, so let’s take a look at an Echo VS Husqvarna chainsaw comparison.

What You Need to Know About the Companies

Husqvarna is one of the longest-running companies in the industry of outdoor power tools. They make all sorts of products ranging from lawnmowers and leaf blowers. When it comes to chainsaws, they entered the market about six decades ago when they estimate there was a demand for this product in Sweden, which is the native country of this company.

The echo was established in 1972 in the United States. Although they started under the name Kioritz Corporation, they quickly rebranded and kept the current name until today. Chainsaws were among the first products manufactured by this company. Japanese Yamabiko Corporation is the current owner of the Echo.

If we only compare the brand itself, Husqvarna might be the most reputable company in the chainsaw market. However, that doesn’t mean the Echo tools cannot do the job.

That is why we will focus on comparing two top-quality chainsaws made by these manufacturers. Here are the units we will use for comparison:

  • Husqvarna 460 Rancher – arguably the most popular chainsaw series of the Swedish company.
  • Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf – it is another heavy-duty and versatile cutting tool.

Both of these chainsaws are extremely powerful and suitable to use at a professional level. That is what makes them excellent representatives of their respective brands.

We compared these two units in various categories that are relevant to consider when buying a chainsaw. Here are the results.


Regardless of the power cutting tool you purchase, you should always consider safety the primary concern. The users can decrease the risk of accidents if they properly maintain and lubricate the unit. However, the safety level also depends on what features come with the chainsaw.

Experts agree that a chain brake is a mandatory safety feature, and both Echo and Husqvarna ensure to include it in their tools.

The greatest benefit of a chain brake is that it reacts in cases of sudden impacts and movements and automatically stops the saw. That is particularly beneficial if you encounter a strong branch or if you accidentally drop the tool.

Minimizing vibration can also be an essential contribution to the overall safety of the tool. It only makes sense because the more a chainsaw is vibrating, the harder it is to control it.

In turn, that increases the risk of accidents happening, particularly when fatigue sets in after using the saw for minutes or hours. Reduced vibration also keeps your body safe from fatigue, muscle strains, and the famous vibration white-finger, which is a common disorder in power cutting professionals.

It may be interesting to note that minimized vibration contributes to decreasing the noise the tool makes. That is helpful to keep your focus and prevent you from becoming nervous when working with a noisy saw for long.

Husqvarna patented the so-called LowVib technology to decrease vibration in their power saws. They also publicly share the vibration specifics of their tools. Unlike them, the Echo doesn’t reveal vibration ratings, which makes it hard to determine the specifics. Although the company does have mostly positive feedback from the professionals, an extra point goes to Husqvarna because of their transparency.


The tools we use for comparison both feature strong gas-oil engines. Echo and Husqvarna both decided for a two-stroke engine as they keep the chainsaws light, but powerful.

The tank capacities are also similar, but it seems that Husqvarna secures higher energy efficiency than the Echo. The Swedish company emphasizes its dedication to being environmentally-friendly and decreasing exhaust emission levels. The fact that they efficiently use energy also contributes to convenience because you do not have to refill the unit that often.

Keep in mind that both companies also have other models that are not gas-powered. We took these two tools as an example because they are among the best from both manufacturers.


When you are a professional, you consider buying a chainsaw a long-term investment. You need a tool that will last for years to come so that you won’t have to worry about longevity.

Husqvarna and Echo tools usually come with an automatic oiler to ensure that you can lubricate the chainsaws effortlessly. Experts suggest it is of vital importance to lubricate the chain regularly. That not only ensures a smooth cut but keeps the blade safe from rust and corrosion.

An automatic oiling feature makes it easy to apply oil to the chain evenly and speeds up the process.

As for other durability features, you should look for tools that have air cleaning systems that prolong the life of your air filter. The goal is to keep large debris from entering the filter. That includes the potential damage risk and prolongs the filter’s longevity.

Both companies are aware of the importance of making durable tools. Their chainsaws are sturdy, and the materials they use in the manufacturing process are of superb quality. The durability depends on the unit you choose, but the chances are you will get an excellent value for money.

The Differences Between Echo and Husqvarna

It is vital to pinpoint the similarities first. Both companies are considered reputable manufacturers that design high-quality chainsaws. Here are some differences that we noticed in the two compared units and the overall comparison of companies:

  • Husqvarna seems to be more dedicated to being an eco-friendly company. Their products have impressive energy efficiency and utilize less fuel.
  • Echo does not publicly reveal their vibration ratings while Husqvarna keeps things transparent.
  • Husqvarna has been in the chainsaw market for longer.

If you get into details, it seems that the title of the winner in the Echo VS Husqvarna chainsaw duel goes to the Swedish company. However, both manufacturers make excellent power cutting tools. That is why you can focus on the features of a particular unit knowing that you can’t go wrong if you choose either of these companies.

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