Pocket Chainsaw vs Folding Saw – Which Would You Prefer?

Pocket Chainsaw vs Folding Saw

Many people tend to wonder what they should get between pocket chainsaws and folding saws. A pocket chainsaw is basically a chainsaw chain that has been attached to handles on either side. You pull the chainsaw back and forth by the handles to cut. They are very convenient as they can be carried in your pocket. Folding saws are quite convenient as well, hence the pocket chainsaw vs folding saw the debate.

A folding saw features a blade with sawing teeth and an ergonomic handle. The blade can fold back into the handle when the saw is not in use. The folding saw is easily portable as well.

Pocket Chainsaw vs Folding Saw

Both saws are ideal for pruning, landscaping, and bush-craft purposes. Can one be said to be better than the other? Let’s go through the features of each and find out.

Pocket Chainsaw

There are many types of pocket chainsaws on the market, but all work in a similar manner. Pocket chainsaws are special chainsaw chains that you can wrap up and place in your pocket. To cut, you’ll have to throw the chain round whatever it is that you need to cut, and start pulling the saw back and forth from either end.

Pocket chainsaws are normally made of carbon-reinforced steel. And they have very sharp teeth. This enables them to cut through various materials, without you have to put in too much energy. You can use them on soft and thin materials though. The pocket chainsaw is ideal for hiking and hunting. You can seamlessly cut branches and make firewood with it.

Folding Saw

The folding saw is basically a blade hand saw. It usually has a handle that enables you to push and pull the saw over what you are cutting. The blade of the saw can be tucked into the blade to ensure it is safe to carry. Some folding saws cut during both the push and pull, while some will cut during the push only. It depends on the type of teeth on the blade. Triple-cut teeth are always preferred. They cut during both the push and the pull.

Folding saws differ in sizes. The best one depends on what you need the saw for, although larger ones are often considered better. They also have a lock mechanism that ensures that the place is fastened in place either when open or closed.

Folding saws are ideal for all hiking, pruning, landscaping, hunting, etc. They are meant for cutting through not-so-thick branches, pieces of wood, bone, and plastic. The cut can through the same materials as the pocket chainsaw will cut through.

The Verdict

The pocket chainsaw vs folding saw argument is easy to settle. Anyone who has used both a pocket chainsaw and a folding saw will teeth you a pocket chainsaw takes a lot of breath from you as compared to the folding saw, when cutting the same material. Even the best of pocket chainsaws cannot compare to an effective folding saw. When you have the right folding saw it cuts effortlessly. Both types of saws could come in handy in different situations, but I would choose a folding saw if I had a choice between the two.

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