Rockwell Bladerunner x2 Review – Portable Tabletop Saw

The Rockwell blade runner is an all in one machine that makes all kind of cuts on different materials. The features and operation system seems too good to be true. Just because it makes all kinds of cuts you may think that some are cleaner and sharper than the others. But the truth is that all cuts; rip cuts, cross cuts, scroll cuts, and miter cuts are equally sharp and clean as the other. Everything you are looking for in a blade runner is here; a machine that will serve all your purposes.

Rockwell Bladerunner x2 Review

Just thinking of this blade runner’s versatility and efficiency are words that pop up in mind. The operational standard is on a whole new level. The design is impeccable suitable for a beginner or expert. This is the right tool for you to grow your brand by delivering flawless work wherever you invest your time and energy. For you to stand out in your work you will need the best companion to grow your prospects.

Any person passionate about home improvement, architecture and interior design at a professional, amateur or beginner level can master the Rockwell blade runner operation. Best tools give the best results. This is a machine that is bound to grant you more than you could ever ask without a doubt.

Rockwell Bladerunner x2 Features


Unlike other ordinary blade cutters, the Rockwell blade runner allows you to interchange your blades in a matter of three seconds. This is nothing but convenient. Remember that you do not require additional tools to complete that blade set up. It can operate on commonly used home improvement and construction materials; wood, ceramic tiles, metal aluminum, and plastic.

Ease of transportation

Lightweight and compact design make it portable therefore easy to carry from one place to another. If you are doing construction away from your workshop you can easily carry it with you to the construction site.

Clean Cuts

Frees both hands for accurate clean cuts; the machine takes absolute control of the material in service. From now henceforth you will not need to hold the blade runner with one hand and control the material with the other hand.

Low Maintenance

It owns an inbuilt vacuum port that solves the problem of cleaning. There are no specific attendants that will have to do the cleaning since you can do it in the comfort of your home.

Additional Parts

  • Miter gauge- helps in perfect square cuts.
  • Rip fence- improves the quality of rip cuts.
  • Hold down guard- adds on better control for nice and precise cuts.
  • General-purpose blade- made for cutting wood.
  • Scroll cutting blade- makes scroll cuts on wood.
  • Tile blade- cuts ceramic tiles.
  • Aluminum blade- performs cuts on aluminum.

Rockwell Bladerunner x2 Description


The Rockwell blade runner has a portable tabletop that is easy to set up and begin the cutting process within no time. This also makes it easy to remove the top to clean or change the blades at a shorter distance.

Made from hard plastic that makes it sturdy enough to hold the eight of the overlying materials.


Previously one would need various tools to make all your cut but this time it’s different. The blade runner X2 has five assorted t-shank blades used for cutting ceramic tiles, plastic, wood, metal, and aluminum. It’s amazing how it will only take three seconds to change the blade plus no tools are needed. The blade runner also owns a blade holding compartment that ensures that your material adheres to the blade runner.


Rockwell blade runner is created with a small and compact design that majorly helps with transportation. The design makes it light therefore easy to carry from place to place. Its size does not limit the cutting convenience; the cuts are clean and big as you would expect. The size is ideal for premium spaces.

Great Applications for the Rockwell Blade Runner

Wood Molding

When installing wood moldings, it is crucial to make clean precise cuts for tight-fitting joints. The Rockwell Blade runner includes a miter gauge to assist in measuring accurate miter angles and cutting perfect crosscuts in wood moldings. You can use it to cut picture frames, door frames, window casings, and even shoe casings.

Copper Pipes

The PVC pipe cutting capacity is 1 ¼ inches in diameter. To ensure that you obtain clean and smooth cuts use the miter gauge applying gentle and steady pressure on the material. After that use an emery cloth to remove rough spots found at the end of the pipe.

Plastic pipe

The T-shank jigsaw blade has a ¾ inch reciprocating action that the blade runner uses to easily cut through abrasive pipe material. Just as the case in cutting copper pipes that miter gauge has its involvement in cutting perfect square crosscuts.

Ceramic Tile

The ability of the blade runnerX2 to cut through abrasive ceramic is exceptional. The blade used is diamond grit or carbide grit jigsaw ideal for producing smooth cuts in tiles. The trick for making smooth and clean cuts without breaking the tile apart is using a toothless blade and applying minimal pressure.

Scroll cuts

The blade runnerx2 can be fitted with a narrow scrolling blade to cut through hardboard and plywood. The cuts are sharp-angled and precise, however, if you are looking for more detail and intricacy it is better to use a dedicated scroll saw.


To sum up on everything highlighted in the previous sections it is best to say that the Rockwell blade runner is versatile, flexible and lightweight. I would say that it is well suited for beginners and low profile users because of its user-friendly features. I expect that you do not carry out heavy-duty tasks that much. It is better to focus on learning how to use it effectively to a point where you can teach someone.

The features are impressive and there is nothing more fulfilling than using them to the optimum. It’s not a tool that you will struggle with once you build an engaging connection with it. I do not want anyone getting frustrated over getting unexpected results fully aware that learning to use it had to be the first step. The bottom line remains that Rockwell blade runner is an excellent quality product well thought over and can still embrace improvements.

Customer ratings

Rockwell blade runner has received a customer rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 which is pretty good for a modified product. The reason behind the nice ratings is its amazing features that could go well with anyone. For one the size makes it easy to handle when using it for cuts, carrying it and even cleaning it. People love it more for its ability to work on different materials and perform alternating cuts. The key features are its compact design and versatile use.

Despite all the good parts, there is a reasonable purpose why the ratings did not proceed to 5. I understand that the blade runner is good for light-duty tasks. It would be nice if there was a larger version of it making it good for heavy-duty tasks. This is a limiting factor in being used in construction sites or demanding tasks. I agree that it is fast but the operation scope is small; an area that could be improved. Another deal-breaker is the instructions manual; users are complaining of how vague they are. We would appreciate a greater sense of clarity when outlining instructions regarding every part.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the blade runner be used for walnut and other hardwood?

Yes, it can, however, I do not promise that the results will be commendable each time you use it on hardwoods. If you regularly use it for hardwood purposes try investing in compatible high-quality blades. The cutting capacity differs depending on the material. For wood, its 1 ½ inch, ceramic and aluminum has 3/8 inch, PVC pipe 1 ¼ inch and steel 1/8 inch.

Yes, it can, however, I do not promise that the results will be commendable each time you use it on hardwoods. If you regularly use it for hardwood purposes try investing in compatible high-quality blades. The cutting capacity differs depending on the material. For wood, its 1 ½ inch, ceramic and aluminum has 3/8 inch, PVC pipe 1 ¼ inch and steel 1/8 inch.

How can I optimize the use of the Rockwell blade runner?

Well, the best factor to consider when using this blade runner is that it’s more welcoming to light-duty tasks. Smaller and less complicated tasks are the kind of conversations it engages in. Therefore to optimize on its cutting performance use the right blade for the right material. Then harder versions of wood, metal, ceramic or pipes would call for investment in high-quality blades to give a clean and smooth cut. Moreover, follow the guidelines given whenever you begin cutting; do not push the stock extremely hard or it will damage your cut.


By now I hope you have gotten a clear picture of what a Rockwell blade runner is and how it operates. It is the kind of machine that measures up to any task assigned to it and could even go beyond your expectations. The work ethic and quality associated with this blade runner is beast. A blade runner that will never disappoint but send you impressive blows after blow.

The competitive mark labeled on this machine is immeasurable and if there are drawbacks it could have I believe that they are well accounted for. The kind of blade runner that possesses versatility, flexibility and durability is all you need to accomplish any relatable task.

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