Best Chainsaw BarWorking with chainsaws is a pleasant experience and risky in equal measure. As such working with the best chainsaw bars is paramount.

Chainsaw bars are an integral part of a saw and without them, woodcutting would be, well … impossible. A chainsaw bar is an elongated stainless steel bar that supports the chain.

Ideally, you are looking for an easy to maintain, efficient, strong and durable bar. Thankfully, we have reviewed 10 chainsaws that we believe will meet your needs without a fuss!

Let’s cut the chase!

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Top 10 Best Chainsaw Bar Reviews

Husqvarna 531300440 20-Inch FT280-72 Chain Saw Bar

Husqvarna 531300440 20-Inch FT280-72 Chain Saw Bar

If your tasks demand a long and strong chainsaw bar, then is the perfect pick for you. It is larger than the 16” chainsaw bars that can handle tough tasks.

It is designed to perform professional tasks. It has a 3/8” pitch, a 0.50” gauge and 72 drive links. Quite the perfect bar for you.

It is replaceable with any Husqvarna chainsaw out there that fit its requirements. The high-performance chainsaw bar has low vibration. As such, you can use it to for long without feeling fatigued.

Additionally, it has low kickback which makes it a very safe bar to use. Worried it might get corroded? Well, the chainsaw bar is coated to reduce corrosion and scratches. As such, it will still look new, months after use.


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Can handle tough tasks
  • Replaceable with numerous Husqvarna chainsaws


  • Is only replaceable with Husqvarna chainsaws

Well, if you are looking for a long-lasting, efficient, easy to manage bar, then this the most ideal in the market. Moreover, its price is pocket-friendly.

Oregon 105671 20-Inch Replacement Chainsaw Bar

Oregon 105671 20-Inch Replacement Chainsaw Bar

Here comes the most ideal replacement chainsaw bar. It has all the sought-after features by novice and professional woodworkers.

So, what sets it apart?

The Oregon 105671 can seamlessly fit numerous Stihl such as MS 290, MS 271, MS 270, 034, etc.

A chainsaw bar must remain lubricated all the time and as such, it comes with a lubritec system that keeps your chain and bar constantly lubricated for a seamless cutting experience.

The bar is compatible with saws of up to 62 cc. what about the gauge, pitch, and drive link amount? It has a 063” gauge, 325” pitch and 81 drive link count making it perfect for demanding tasks.

Additionally, this sought-after bar meets several safety standards such as ANSI standards for low kickback performance.

It is durable, high-performing, lightweight and easy to use.


  • It is lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Able to handle demanding tasks


  • It is a limited replacement option since it is specifically designed for Stihl saws.

It is the best 20” chainsaw bar. And if power, longevity, safety, and ease-of-use is anything to go by, then this bar fits the bill. Use it and you will never regret.

Oregon 105667 14-Inch Replacement Chainsaw Bar & Chain Combo

Oregon 105667 14-Inch Replacement Chainsaw Bar & Chain Combo

Are you looking for a simple chainsaw bar coming with a chain? Well, then this combo is for you. Ideally, homeowners need a reliable and durable chainsaw to carry out basic yet tough cutting tasks.

And what better way to carry out these tasks than with the Oregon 105667 replacement chainsaw bar?  It is efficient and performs just like other superior bars.

It has low kickback performance making it safe and ideal for discerning homeowners. Never again will your trees and hedges look bushy thanks to this stellar bar.

Its stellar maneuverability and lightweight design make it the perfect choice for all homeowners and farmers. Additionally, it comes with a LubriTec system keeping your chain and bar constantly lubricated.

Not to mention its multi-rivet nose that further bolsters its durability. Unfortunately, it is designed for Stihl chainsaws.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Multi-rivet nose design makes it more agile


  • Designed for Stihl chainsaws only

If you are a homeowner or a farmer owning a Stihl saw and looking for a bar replacement, go for the Oregon 105667. More to the bar, you will have a chain for future use. What else do you want?

Husqvarna 531301147 FT288-72 20-Inch Guide Bar

Yet another Husqvarna chainsaw bar that meets your needs. It is designed to fit numerous Husqvarna chainsaws such as 55 Rancher, 460 Rancher, and 455 Rancher and many more.

This company not only produces quality saws but also replacement chainsaw bars and such is the case for this bar. It is a must-have for all looking for professional-grade chainsaw bars.

It comes with a pitch size of 3/8”, a gauge size of 0.058” and has 72 drive links making it ideal for heavy duty tasks. It is lightweight and easy to use giving you a seamless cutting experience.

Additionally, it is durable and the multi-rivet design enables the bar to stay in optimal condition for long. And you don’t have to worry about the vibrations as the bar reduces the chain vibrations significantly.

Oh, not to forget the low kickback reducing the risk of potential injuries.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Can handle heavy duty tasks
  • Quality


  • Only compatible with Husqvarna chainsaws

This stellar guide bar is the perfect replacement bar for you. Just check the model of your Husqvarna chainsaw to ascertain it meets the requirements.

OREGON CUTTING SYSTEMS 510124 Chain Saw Replacement Bar

OREGON CUTTING SYSTEMS 510124 Chain Saw Replacement Bar

If you are looking for a perfect replacement chainsaw bar, then this is all you need. The Oregon cutting system is compatible with any chainsaw out there.

It fits your saw seamlessly, giving you a perfect and safe cutting experience. No longer do you need to search for a replacement bar similar to your saw brand, go for the Oregon cutting system.

The chain bar is made of quality material that ultimately bolsters its durability, longevity, and effectiveness. You can rest assured you won’t experience breakdowns during cutting.

Additionally, it has low kickback cementing its safety further.

Is it portable? Yes, it is portable and extremely lightweight. Therefore, you won’t suffer fatigue as you work rather, the experience will be memorable.


  • Fits various models
  • Ease to use
  • Durable
  • Portable and lightweight


  • It’s a daunting task to replace perfectly

So, get this replacement chainsaw bar regardless of your chainsaw brand. Its portability and its lightness will improve the efficiency of your work.

Oregon 105668 Replacement Bar And Chain Combo

Oregon 105668 Replacement Bar And Chain Combo

Looking for a stellar replacement bar with a chain? Oregon 105668 is the answer. The Oregon bar made in the USA is a quality bar made to give you service for a long time.

It comes with low kickback and double guard bars to bolster your safety while at work. Additionally, its low-vibration capability gives you a stellar cutting experience hence you can work for extended periods.

It is easy to use and maintain and offers excellent performs at its best. Furthermore, the multi-rivet nose increases its durability and efficiency.

Although small, the 16” bar has the features to tackle heavy duty tasks. It comes with a .050” gauge, 3/8” pitch and 55 drive link amount.

Unfortunately, the replacement chain bar is designed to fit Stihl chainsaws.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to use and maintain


  • Compatible with Stihl saws only

Once you purchase this replacement bar, you also get a chain for future use. You can rest assured that the bar is of high quality since it is made in the USA.

Oregon 200RNDK095 .050″ Gauge 3/8″ Pitch 20

If you are a professional woodworker, then Oregon 200RNDK095 is the perfect fit for your job. It is designed to perform heavy duty tasks such as cutting large trees and rescue missions.

It is ideal for both commercial and domestic use. It comes with a replaceable sprocket nose as such you can use it for extended times.

With power match bar, you can always rest assured of professional results. You can never go wrong with this bar.

The bar coating ensures your bar is not susceptible to tear and wear as you go about your business. As such, you can use it in any kind of environment and still, keep that shiny, new look.

This power match bar can fit different chain sizes outshining mundane replacement bars. Furthermore, it is easy to install in whichever saw you have.

It comes with a .050” gauge, 3/8” pitch and 11 tooth count. This makes it ideal for heavy-duty tasks, especially for long cuts.


  • Resistant to wear and corrosion
  • Compatible with various chainsaw models
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Steel construction design


  • Quite expensive

We recommend this power match bar for all your professional and heavy-duty tasks. With Oregon 200RNDK095, you can never go wrong.

Oregon 100457 16-Inch Bar & 91VG Chainsaw Blade Combination


Oregon 100457 16-Inch Bar & 91VG Chainsaw Blade Combination


This 16-inch replacement bar is the perfect bar to renew your saw’s agility. Why? It comes with a chain. The Oregon bar can fit in numerous chainsaws.

However, it is advisable to call their customer support team to ensure your model is compatible.

It is lightweight and reversible which increases its durability and agility. Moreover, it is highly portable therefore you can use it without getting too tired.

When it comes to safety, the bar comes low kickback design and features double guard bars which significantly reduce kickback.

It is designed to tackle heavy duty and bigger cutting tasks. Be it felling large trees, cutting firewood for long or performing a rescue mission. It will give you a stellar experience.

The multi-rivet nose also bolsters its durability giving you much-needed service for an extended period of time.

It comes with a 3/8” pitch, .050” gauge and 54 drive links.


  • Compatible with various models
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Can withstand heavy duty tasks


  • May not fit some of the mentioned models

This is a stellar replacement bar that any professional woodcutter ought to have. It is durable, easy to use and can fit numerous chainsaws. So, head over to your nearest hardware and get hold of the Oregon 100457.

Forester 18″ bar and chain combo for Husqvarna K095


Well, if you own a Husqvarna chainsaw, then this is a perfect replacement bar. It is compatible with numerous Husqvarna saws and not limited to 460 Rancher, 55 Rancher, and 455e Rancher.

The 18” chain bar has a .325” pitch, .050 gauge and 72 drive links making it ideal for heavy cutting tasks out there.

And since it comes with a chain, it revives the efficiency of your chainsaw.

Forester products are known to observe strict safety measures. As such, it comes with a low kickback reducing the risk of potential injuries.

It also reduces vibration giving you a comfortable cutting experience devoid of fatigue.

Unfortunately, the bar is compatible with Husqvarna chainsaws only. Nonetheless, they offer stellar services for the aforementioned chainsaws.

It is free from tear and corrosion making it applicable in numerous outdoor work station settings.


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Can handle heavy duty tasks
  • Durable


  • Compatible with Husqvarna chainsaws only

Owners of Husqvarna chainsaws have a reason to smile since this replacement bar offers stellar cutting experiences. It is durable, fits numerous Husqvarna saws, easy to install and above all can handle tedious tasks.

Oregon 540524 10″ Chain Saw Replacement Bar

Oregon 540524 10" Chain Saw Replacement Bar

This Oregon replacement bar fits numerous wizard pole saws out there. You will have a seamless cutting experience from afar.

It is not prone to vibration and can handle small-medium tasks such as cutting firewood, trimming hedges and pruning tree branches.

It also comes with a low kickback capability making it safe to use around your yard. In fact, it is ideal for various garden lawn mowers.

It is lightweight and portable therefore you can carry it around without much fuss. Additionally, it is durable making it usable for an extended period of time.


  • Fits numerous wizard pole saws
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Only compatible with wizard pole saws

Well if you own a wizard pole saw, then this is a perfect replacement bar. It is long-lasting, efficient and easy to install.

Which is the most ideal chainsaw bar for me?

Before settling for a particular chainsaw bar, there are numerous aspects you need to consider. Remember chainsaw bars are meant to fit in specific chainsaws.

So, what should you consider for a perfect pick? Let’s find out

1. Type of chainsaw

As we saw earlier, chainsaws are designed to fit specific chainsaws. In essence, this will determine whether to look for an aftermarket replacement bar or an exact OEM replacement.

OEM replacements are made by the same company that manufactured the chainsaw.

For example, Stihl bars are compatible with Stihl saws only while Oregon bars are compatible with both Oregon and Stihl saws.

2. Price

If you have the Bucks, then go for expensive yet quality replacement bars. But if you are on a budget, we recommend pocket-friendly bars.

However, make sure it is durable because you don’t want to spend your dime on a product that breaks easily.

3. Material

By all means, go for solid high-grade steel. Why? Because bars work in tedious, rough and demanding settings.

As such, you need a material that withstands these demands and the steel bar does it.

Normally, most bars are made of laminated steel. While this is not the worst case scenario, pricing must be proportional to the material.

4. Ease of use

Well, imagine buying a product you are not sure how to use or install. Can be frustrating. Right? The same case applies to chainsaw replacement bars.

The bar must be easy to install and use. Therefore, we recommend going through the manual provided by the manufacturer.

Doing so will result in maximum utilization of the bar’s capabilities.

5. Length

Bars come in different lengths. The longer the bar the thicker the logs it can cut. On the other hand, short bars are ideal for domestic use such as firewood cutting and trimming hedges.

Choose the length based on the complexity of the task at hand.

6. Safety

Safety is paramount in any work setting. As such, ensure the bar meets various safety standards.

At the very least, it should have low kickback to reduce risks of unforeseen accidents. Additionally, it should have a safety guard significantly reducing injuries.

Over to you

These are the best chainsaw bars you can get out there. They are durable, maneuverable, lightweight and easy to use.

When choosing a replacement bar to ensure you consider your chainsaw, the length, safety, durability and material of the bar. That way, you can be sure of a seamless woodcutting experience.

So, what are you waiting for, head over to your nearest store and get hold of these incredible chainsaw bars!

Happy shopping!

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