What is Chainsaw Pitch? Need to Know About Chain Pitch

What is Chainsaw Pitch

In your woodworking career or hobby, there are various terms that you ought to grasp. They include what is chainsaw pitch, gauge, and drive link amount.

In this article, we will expound the nitty-gritty of the chainsaw pitch. Having said that, let’s highlight what is a chainsaw gauge and drive link amount since these three terms are well … related.

Chain gauge is the thickness of the Drive link at a point where it fits into the groove while the drive link amount is basically the length of the chain loop.

So, without much further ado let’s cut the chase and have an in-depth look at a chain pitch.

What is a chain pitch?

It is the distance between 3 consecutive rivets on the chain dived by two. Luckily, most chainsaw manufacturers display the measurement on the tool or in the manual.

How do you calculate the pitch?

You basically need to take the distance between three rivets and divide by half/two.

For example 3/4” divided by half = 3/8”. The chain pitch can be represented as a fraction or a decimal. It is used to tell the pros of the length of a chain.

A larger pitch indicates a bigger chain and vice versa.

Which are the most common chain pitch size?

Most pros in woodworking use either of the following pitch sizes:

  • 1/4”
  • .404
  • 3/8” low profile
  • 3/8”
  • .325

The 3/8” is widely used by professionals saw users due to its agility, cutting speed when used with powerful motors, low weight, and flexibility to make accurate and precise cuts.

Disclaimer! You cannot interchange a 3/8” with a 3/8” low profile chain.

The .404 is predominantly used in heavy-duty tasks. Why? Because of the large distance between the rivets facilitates aggressive cutting.

Why is chainsaw pitch important?

It is important because it helps users choose the right chain during replacement which would be otherwise a daunting task.

Additionally, the pitch of the chain, drive sprocket and nose sprocket ought to be the same.

Which are the best brands and their pitch sizes?

Different brands come with different chainsaw pitches. However, if you are looking for quality, Oregon, Husqvarna and Carlton produce state of the art chainsaws.

Let’s have a look at their respective chain pitch

Which are the best brands and their pitch sizes?

The above drive link markings can be used to identify the gauge and pitch of the chainsaw.

Over to you

The above definitive discussion of what is chainsaw pitch has definitely cleared the air. If you are into light tasks, go for chains with a smaller pitch and vice versa.

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  1. On a used chainsaw how do you tell what “size or pitch it is”? You need that info in order to sharpen it in the field or at home and also when you buy a new chain, so I am told. I am new to this game, therefore would like to be correct when sharpening a chain. Is there someplace on the chain or saw that would tell a person what size it is?


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