Best Chainsaw for Woman in 2023 – Also lightweight

Are there chainsaws specifically designed for women? Well, many women are involved in this industry. That’s why most of the manufacturers take a step to make the best chainsaws for women. It is one of the most excellent tools that come with a perfect design that can be easily handled by women.

Best Chainsaw for Woman

Most of the best chainsaw for a woman features weight dimensions that are ideal for the female gender. However, to make sure that you get the right one, you need to have an understanding of chainsaws. Therefore, this guide will be helpful as it includes types, features, and what to consider.

8 Best Chainsaw for Woman Reviews

While there are many chainsaws that are on the market, not all of them are designed for women. We have provided you with a comprehensive guide and reviews to help you get a quality chainsaw for women.

1. BLACK+DECKER 40V Max Cordless Chainsaw

It has a lithium-ion battery which features dual blades that which cuts at a depth of ¾ inches deep in the material. Besides, it also features a perfect front hold over design at its handle, which enhances the comfortability of handling the machine. Additionally, it improves grasping and secures utilization. It is suitable for trimming and cutting.

With a cordless feature, the chainsaw offers convenience and easy manoeuvrability. It also provides the needed power and performance using the lithium-ion battery energy. Besides, it comes with a tool-free tensioning feature that requires no manual oiling. When working, the chainsaw power eliminates priming while keeping the bar and chain lubricated all the time. The dual 4o volts and 20 volts chainsaws can use the battery up to 18 months without failure.

Besides, the machine offers a cordless battery system. Its battery can take up to four hours to fully charge. Additionally, the runtime of the cell works varying on usage conditions but limited to factors such as maintenance, charging conditions and storage. Besides, the battery gives you excellent performance in cutting through trees and brushes. With its lightweight, it is definitely one of the lightest models you can consider in the market.

Top features

  • It features 40 volts MAX lithium-ion battery for longer runtime
  • It has a tool-free chain tensioning for quick cuts
  • It features an automatic oiling system


  • It has a certified energy lithium-ion battery
  • It is lightweight thus easily manoeuvres                    
  • The design of the dual-action vibrates efficiently


  • Its battery tends to make a strange clicking noise
  • It tends to have oil leak issues

2. Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw

The device consists of durable plastic material that does not come out quickly even if you working with metals. Besides, the plastic body keeps the weight of the machine down, thus being suitable for women. The housing is sturdy and does not break easily. The model runs on a 40 volts lithium battery which provides enough power for performance. Additionally, the machine is compatible with most of the battery from the Greenworks manufacturer.

When it comes to the runtime of the device, it depends on the type of material. It means if you are working on a more substantial material, the machine will quickly drain the battery as compared to lighter material. The handle consists of a thick layer of rubber which enhances grip and comfort when using the device. Additionally, the throttle trigger and power button are placed at the top of the device. It ensures safety and ease of use of the machine.

The brushless motor is efficient and highly robust. It runs with a crisp action which eliminates overheating when working with the machine. Additionally, the design of the engine minimizes vibration thus does not produce noise.

Top features

  • It has a brushless motor which enhances torque and performance
  • It is compatible with G Max 40 ion lithium battery
  • The device features a chain brake and a kickback chain to enhance safety


  • Its design is lightweight to offer convenience
  • The brake chain enhances safety when working
  • It comes at an affordable price
  • it has a high power level to improve performance


  • Its battery takes too long to charge

3. BLACK+DECKER Lopper Chain Saw

It is a lightweight saw that is best suitable for cutting and pruning of wood materials. It can entirely cut up to a 4-inch diameter into the wood, thus perfect for both heavy and light duty works. It comes with a 6-inch bar on both sides of the chainsaw to offer maximum performance. The bar comes in a small radius which works to minimize the size of the kickback feature, thus enhancing safety.

Additionally, it features a low kickback chain which deflects the kickback allowing the wood material to move swiftly into the cutter. The automatic chain saw tensioning system ensures that the chainsaw is working correctly. Its bar and chain provide an excellent cutting strength experience. Its design and construction are also great to enhance the performance of the machine.

It consists of sturdy and durable material that can perfectly withstand the harsh working conditions. The chainsaw also provides excellent power when working with light cuts. Additionally, you will need an extension cord to operate this device efficiently.

Top features

  • It features a 4.5 amp motor which increases grabbing and cutting
  • It offers a 4-inch cut capacity on materials                   
  • The device is made up of durable, tough materials


  • It comes with great safety features
  • The device is easy to handle and start-up
  • It is suitable for light cutting and pruning                   
  • The machine does not produce sound when working


  • The device will require frequent oiling to speed up its performance
  • Its debris and twigs need regular cleaning

4. Tanaka TCS33EDTP/12 32.2cc

The device comes with a top handle and a good pure engine that maximizes its functionality. With the simple fire engine, the device works effectively to give excellent results. The device consumes less fuel, thus making it great and cost-efficient. It also produces ultra-less emissions without the need for moving parts. Additionally, it is a great tool you should check it out.

It also features a design that is easy to maintain with a powerful motor to enhance functionality. It also offers a considerable cutting capacity that makes it easy to work with sturdy materials. It also has an easy to click button that allows one to start the device quickly.

Besides, it is lightweight, and you can easily carry it around. Its sharp blade can easily cut through any material. Its sprocket nose button that has Oregon chain offers control for effective cutting. The anti-vibration feature makes sure that you comfortable when working with the machine.

Top features

  • It features a 12 inch top handle
  • The device has a 32.2 cc commercial-grade power engine for effective performance
  • It features an automatic gear-driven oiler
  • The device also has a sprocket nose bar which improves cutting


  • It is easy to carry and move around with it comfortably
  • The device has a sharp and thin for easy cutting
  • It consists of a powerful motor
  • The machine is user-friendly
  • It consists of reliable and robust durable materials


  • It’s on, and off switches tend to wear out quickly

5. WORX WG305.1 Electric Chain Saw

It is an occasional chainsaw that is great for medium and light cutting duties. Besides, since the saw has an excellent starting option, it requires the user to engage the safety lock option before the machine starts. Additionally, the device comes with a bar and a chain of about 14 inches high. Besides, the style of the bar is standard so you won’t have problems finding a replacement part.

The 14-inch chain bar also comes with low kickback features. It helps to enhance the functionality and safety when cutting materials. Just like other chainsaws, this saw also features a tool-free tensioning system that ensures that the chainsaw is accurately positioned when working.

Additionally, it helps to avoid getting out the tool-kit, thus prevents interruption when working. The design uses robust hard plastic materials that are durable and light in weight. It also features a classic rear handle which increases comfortability and convenience. It also features a manual oil system; thus, you need to remember to add oil when working.

Top features

  • It features a patented auto tensioning chain system
  • It has a powerful 8 amp which offers consistent functionality
  • The device comes with a great chain lubrication option
  • It has a compact and lightweight design


  • It is lightweight and easy to operate
  • The device offers simple and fast starting options
  • It is affordable


  • It tends to use a manual oiler which you will need to remember to move oil to the bar
  • It does not feature a solid construction

6. EGO Power+ CS1400 Cordless Chainsaw

Women who prefer a large cutting capacity type of machine that comes at an affordable price can consider this type of tool. It is light in weight, thus built for women. Besides, its lightweight feature enhances the longer use of the device without getting tiresome. Additionally, its ergonomic handle increases the ability to complete a couple of tasks. It is due to the great grip that the tool provides.

However, the runtime of the battery depends on the type of material you are working on. The thicker the material the battery runs off quickly since it uses a lot to cut the material. Besides, it comes with a brushless motor which makes the machine to weigh less and become more efficient.

It runs cooler as compared to other brushed chainsaws. Moreover, it has a chain kickback brake which minimizes the impact of the kickbacks allowing the saw to cut efficiently.

Top features

  • It features an excellent debris ejection option to keep the place clear
  • The machine offers a cutting capacity of about 14 inches deep in the material
  • It features a 14 inch Oregon low kickback bar and chain
  • The machine comes with large handle wraps around and on its downside


  • It offers an ergonomic handle for comfortable use
  • The device comes with inbuilt in safety features
  • It provides a longer runtime
  • Features a tremendous automatic oiling system
  • The device is light in weight


  • It comes at a high cost as compared to other chainsaws
  • The device tends to bring about some of the control issues

7. WORX WG320 JawSaw 20V PowerShare Cordless Electric Chainsaw

It is one of the lightest chainsaws that consist of a bunch of safety features to enhance its performance. It comes with stable steel teeth which hold the wood sturdily when you are cutting through the material. Besides, it also gives some stability to the user, which brings about confidence to the beginners. Additionally, your hand will not get tiresome which this great feature.

Besides, the guard works to protect the user from injuries when using the chainsaw. It also has the auto tensioning feature, which makes sure that the chain is functioning well. Additionally, another great feature is that the automatic oil system which ensures that the chain is lubricated adequately. You only need to fill the oil reservoir, and the chainsaw completes the rest.

It also features an eye-catching feature of a scissor at its top. The scissor action helps to ensure that the dangerous kickbacks when working do not come in encounter with the user.

Top features

  • It cuts up to 4 inches deep in the material
  • It features an automatic chain oiler which has a level indicator
  • The product offers a speed of about 1350 rmps
  • The jaw saw features a great protective guard                      


  • The chains perfectly oil themselves
  • The machine comes at an affordable price
  • Its sensor cut options prevent the risk of dangerous kickbacks
  • It has a guard cover which enhances user safety
  • It can make cuts on a rare chainsaw surface


  • Sometimes the chain might frequently fall off from the saw
  • It requires a cord extension to function properly

8. Oregon CS1500 Self-Sharpening Electric Chainsaw

It features a 15 amp engine that lay at the core of the chainsaw to provide enough power to run the machine. The 15 amp is enough to utilize and complete any home carpentry work that includes proficient cutting. Besides, the engine’s design ensures that it provides efficiency to enhance the functionality of the tool.

Moreover, it features an 18-inch bar which has a simple design that works well on the material. It can work on material up to 36 inches in measurements. Its weight makes the model so flexible to work with, and thus you can complete a couple of tasks without being tired.

It is also user friendly as its engine provides elite. It produces low commotions and does not produce harmful exhaust when running. Its wide margin ensures that the saw remains in excellent condition and offers consistency when cutting. It also comes with a guard that keeps safety and the guard is not removable.

Top features

  • It consists of a power sharp chain and an 18 guide bar which reduces downtime
  • The machine offers an excellent start capability
  • It features a Lubri-Tec oil system which reduces friction
  • It requires no assembly


  • The device does not emit toxic fumes
  • It comes at a very affordable price tag
  • The product comes with ergonomic handles that are easy to use
  • It has a chain that can be easily tensioned


  • The machine uses a lot of oil to complete its tasks
  • The handle at the front tends to be quite small

9. Makita XCU03Z 18V X2 Brushless Chain Saw

It is a powerful tool that consists of an enormous cutting capacity. Since it is light in weight, one can correctly work effortlessly using this machine. If you are looking for a great tool that will provide power and maneuver easily, then you need to consider this device.

It features bucking spikes that are made of metal and have an excellent bar length. The feature ensures that the Makita chainsaw has an excellent grip on the material and produces a smooth cutting action. The device also comes with a tool-free chain accessing system. The tool also comes with a couple of safety options to help prevents accidental injuries.

It also features a thin bar and chain which helps cut smoothly into the firewood. The runtime of its battery high depends on the species of material and the diameter you are cutting. Besides, it comes with an excellent physical design. It comes with D-handle at the back to improve its mode of operation.

Top features

  • The device features a brushless motor system which offers high-efficiency power for performance
  • It comes with a tool-less adjustment option for convenience and quick chain adjustments
  • The machine comes with an electric brake to maximize productivity
  • It features an extreme protection technology to prevent dust and water


  • Its built-in lever enhances safety when working with the machine
  • The soft-grip handle reduces pressure between the hands
  • It has a large filling port for reserving much oil
  • It has an automatic chain lubrication system


  • It is expensive   

Things to consider about Best Chainsaw for Woman

Well, when it comes to purchasing an item, one might tend to get confused. It is because there are a lot of similar products in the market and selecting the right one might be a challenge. Besides, all the above nine products are great, but which one would you purchase. Well, what we have included in this buyers guide will help shape your decision making on the best chainsaw to buy. Let’s have a look!

Ease of use

If you consider buying a chainsaw, then you should be specific on its ease of use. No one wants to buy a machine that will bring about difficulties in operation. Therefore you should be sure that it can quickly start and stop without problems. Additionally, an easy to use machine will help save on time. Moreover, one can manage to complete too much work since the machine is easy to operate.


As a woman, we tend to handle lightweight products. Most of the nine reviewed products come with less weight which women can handle well. Therefore you should put weight as a priority consideration anytime you need to purchase a chainsaw for women. Besides, lightweight ensures that you can work on more projects without one being tired. It also gives you ample time in situations where you will have to lift the chainsaw above your head.


You should put into consideration that a chainsaw cannot differentiate between your arm and the oak. Therefore when purchasing this product, you need to put in mind the safety features. For a woman chainsaw, go for a model that comes with a kickback.

It is a feature that works to prevent accidental injuries, thus keep your body safe from encountering the chainsaw blades. Therefore, to stay safe, you should consider the safety features of the product before purchase.


It is a significant factor that will help you determine what type of chainsaw you need to consider. When it comes to size, you need to choose a saw depending on the kind of project and how frequently you are going to sue the machine. Therefore you need to do significant research before you purchase the saw. Also, note that a maneuverable saw offers excellent cuts.


It refers to the way the chainsaw will feel in your hand and the effect it will make on the position of the wood. Therefore you need to consider the saw that comes with an excellent handle that will enhance grip and comfort when working with the wood. Additionally, buy one that has enough space to improve the handling of the saw. Besides, the spaces help you maintain a significant hold of the saw, thus minimizing kickbacks.


Well, purchasing a chainsaw can be a challenge for many people. The above reviews consist of insights that will help you in decision making when it comes to the best chainsaw for a woman. Besides at this juncture, you have gone through all the products. What’s your take? Do you like the high-quality feature or weight feature?

Well, it depends on your preferences and what suits your needs. A right chainsaw should not cause a lot of problems when working with it on materials. Besides, you should consider the amount of money you would want to invest in. It also has a high impact on what you decide in the end. Well, the ball is now in your hands. Make sure that you get it right!

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