Best Chainsaw Mill Reviews -Buying Guide for 2023

When it comes to cutting wooden beams and lumber down to size, it is important that you have the right tools to hand. One of the best tools for doing this is a chainsaw mill, which is a small sawmill that can be operated by one or two people. There are various options to choose from, so you need to ensure you find the best chainsaw mill for your specific needs.

More Information About Chainsaw Mills

When it comes to choosing the right chainsaw mill, you need to remember that there are various different options available. You can get basic mills such as those that have a steel guide bracket that mounts to the chainsaw bar and follows a straight line. Then there are more advanced ones that have a track and frame system onto which you mount your chainsaw.

Some key points to bear in mind about chainsaw mills include:

Limited Production Levels

The production levels that you get with these chainsaw mills can be limited, as they are not designed to produce huge amounts of lumber. However, they are ideal for smaller capacity jobs and they provide you with the ability to turn what would otherwise be wasted logs into lumber that you can actually use.

Another thing to bear in mind is that chainsaw mills can produce a lot of sawdust due to the saw kerf, which is the thickness of the slot that is cut by the saw. This is why these chainsaws are not designed for the production of large stacks of lumber.

The Cutting Capacity

When it comes to the cutting capacity if these chainsaw mills, the only limit is set by the length of the longest chainsaw bar. Providing your bar is able to reach across the log, you can produce lumber. These machines are great for creating wide slabs from larger trees so they could be ideal for creating things such as a single large slab to form the top of a table you are making.

Another thing to consider is that a chainsaw mill can be used alongside a smaller portable sawmill with a smaller cutting capacity. You can use the chainsaw mill to cut down larger logs, and you can then use your portable sawmill to deal with the logs once they have been cut down to a more suitable size by the chainsaw mills.

Excellent Portability

Another key point to remember with these chainsaw mills is that they are highly portable, which makes them ideal for those that carry out DIY and woodcutting jobs for other people. You can transport them with ease, which means you can look forward to total convenience when it comes to portability.

This is also ideal in terms of where you cut your logs. Rather than having to lug them to where your chainsaw mill is located, you can simply take your chainsaw mill to where the logs are, which is a lot easier.

Chainsaw mills provide you with a very affordable solution when it comes to cutting beams and lumber. However, you must also remember that you will need a suitable chainsaw to power the mill if you do not already have one.

Choosing the Best Chainsaw Mill

With a range of different options available, you need to make sure you choose the right chainsaw mill for your needs. There are various factors that you will need to take into consideration in order to make an informed choice. This guide will go through some of the top chainsaw mill options available as well as providing you with a useful buyer’s guide to make your purchase even easier.

Top 10 Chainsaw Mill Comparison

We have reviewed a number of different chainsaw mills within this article, so you should find options to suit a wide range of needs and budgets. The comparison table below will enable you to see the products we have reviewed:

Granberg Chainsaw Mill G77724 X 13 X 41.76 oz20 inches or less5/5
Carmyra Portable Chainsaw Mill38.6 X 10.2 X 2.616.55 lb.14-36 inches3/5
Farmertec Holzfforma Portable Chainsaw Mill38.2 X 9.8 X 2.416.95 lb.14-36 inches4/5
Zchoutrade Portable Chainsaw Mill38.5 X 10.2 X 2.415 lb.14-36 inches4/5
TC-Home Chainsaw MillNA12 lb.14-24 inches4/5
Granberg G555B Edging Mill25.5 X 9 X 3.26.8 lb.16-36 inches5/5
Haddon Lumbermaker8 X 3 X 83.6 lb.ALL5/5
Tengchang Portable Chain Saw MillNA12 lb.14-24 inches5/5
LOVSHARE Portable Chain Saw Mill23.5 X 12.5 X 18.516.3 lb.14-24 inches3/5
Lukcase Portable Chainsaw Mill38.1 X 11.2 X 816.75 lb.14-36 inches3/5

Top 10 Best Chainsaw Mill Reviews

To find out more about each of the products on our top ten list, take a look at our reviews below:

1. ALASKAN Granberg Chain Saw Mill G777

This lightweight mill is able to cut beams and lumber between 0.5 to 13 inches in thickness and 17 inches in width. You can attach it to your saw without a drilling bar and it is designed to fit chain saws with bars of 20 inches or less. Manufactured by a family-run business, this is a chainsaw mill that offers excellent quality and performance, making it the ideal addition to your tool shed.

Made and assembled in the United States, this product comes at an affordable price and boasts hundreds of excellent reviews from customers online. This product is perfect for those that like to do DIY at home as well as for those involved in woodworking and carpentry.

2. Carmyra Portable Chainsaw Mill

If you are looking to cut oak, cedar, and walnut into quality lumber, this chainsaw mill could be the ideal choice. Made of excellent quality steel and aluminum, it can cut from 0.5 to 13 inches in thickness and 36 inches in width. You don’t need a drilling bar to attach it to the saw and it is ideal for chainsaw bars from 14-36 inches.

Boasting a high level of efficiency and versatility, this product comes at an affordable price and has many great reviews. It offers adjustability for ease of use and comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

3. Farmertec Holzfforma Portable Chainsaw Mill

With its robust build and versatile design, this is a product that is fast and easy to install. Made from aluminum, steel, and acrylic, the chainsaw mill is height and weight adjustable. It can be used with chainsaw bars from 14 to 36 inches. With this product, you will find it easy to mill lumber both at home or at the site of the wood.

This chainsaw mill is perfect for DIY enthusiasts as well as woodworkers and carpenters. It comes with a one-year replacement warranty, which means you can purchase with confidence and enjoy greater peace of mind.

4. Zchoutrade Portable Chainsaw Mill

Made from high-quality steel and aluminum, this product makes it easy to create high-quality lumber from walnut, oak, and cedar. You can cut beams that have a thickness of 0.5 to 13 inches and a width of 36 inches. You don’t need a drilling bar to attach it to your saw, and it is an ideal product for those interested in DIY as well as carpenters and woodworkers.

With this chainsaw mill, you can work with a chainsaw bar measuring between 14 and 36 inches. You can look forward to total efficiency and versatility with this product. Many people have given it great reviews thanks to its impressive performance.

5. TC-Home Chainsaw Mill

This silver chainsaw mill is modern, innovative and affordable. It is made from high-quality steel and aluminum and offers excellent performance. Fitting chainsaw bars ranging from 14 to 24 inches, the mill can create slabs that are from 0.5 to 12 inches in thickness and 24 inches in width. This product is easy to assemble and operate, making it perfect for DIY projects as well as carpentry jobs.

Attaching directly to the chainsaw bar, this chainsaw mill is versatile and efficient. The unit is also lightweight and compact, which makes it very easy to transport. You can simply take the unit to the site and work there to increase ease and convenience.

6. Granberg G555B Edging Mill

Fitting chainsaws with bars between 16 and 36 inches, this edging mill boasts quality, robust build, and great performances. It has received a lot of excellent reviews online from other customers and comes at an affordable price. This is ideal for cutting beams with precision and accuracy and can be used to produce flooring, siding, and trims.

This is a vertical million attachment that is compact, lightweight and is able to square logs with ease in order to create beams. It is very simple to operate and enables you to cut your beams to very specific and precise lengths.

7. Haddon Lumbermaker

When it comes to ease and convenience, this is a great tool to equip yourself with. When you have this product, you can cut lumber to any size right where the tree is felled. This unit enables you to make planks, beams, and boards among other things. In addition, it comes at a very affordable price and has dozens of excellent reviews from others.

Along with the unit itself, you also get a comprehensive user’s manual. This product fits all chainsaw sizes and can be attached to the bar with ease. It is made in the USA and even comes with a lifetime guarantee for added peace of mind and protection.

8. Tengchang Portable Chain Saw Mill

When it comes to versatility and performance, you won’t go far wrong with this portable chainsaw mill. It can be easily transported so you can work on logs onsite rather than having to transfer them to where your machine is. You can mill slabs from 0.5 to 12 inches in thickness and 24 inches in width. If you are an outdoor DIY enthusiast, a woodworker or a carpenter, this could be the ideal tool for you.

With a very reasonable price, this unit will not break the bank. It can attach directly to the chainsaw bar and it can fit bars from 14 to 24 inches in length. The mill is made from steel and aluminum, boasting great quality and robust build.

9. LOVSHARE Portable Chain Saw Mill

Compact and portable, this chainsaw mill is a great choice for those that want a unit that can be transported with ease. You can look forward to a great performance from this product, which fits chainsaw bars from 14 to 24 inches.

It also offers an adjustable thickness from 0.5 to 12 inches. The unit is made from high-quality stainless steel and aluminum, that is lightweight yet provides heavy-duty performance.

10. Lukcase Portable Chainsaw Mill

Fitting saw bar sizes between 14 and 36 inches, this portable chainsaw mill is ideal for transporting and offers great performance at a reasonable price. This is a tool that is lightweight but also very robust and tough. You can produce slabs that are 0.5 to 13 inches in thickness and 36 inches wide. This is a great tool for a diverse range of projects for DIY enthusiasts, carpenters, and woodworkers.

The unit is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and steel, which makes it robust, tough, and versatile. There is also a protective plate to help reduce the risk of injuries while operating the chainsaw mill.

Buying Guide for Chainsaw Mill – Key Considerations

As you can see, there are many chainsaw mills you can choose from. However, before you make your choice, it is important to consider some important factors. Our buying guide will give you a better idea of what to look for when purchasing this sort of product:

The Cost

For most people, the cost is a very important factor as many people are on a strict budget. So, when you are looking at the different options, make sure you consider the cost of the unit. However, do not base your choice on cost alone, as you also want quality.

Bar Fittings

Another thing you need to look at is the saw bar fittings that the chainsaw mill offers. This is something that can vary from one unit to another, so it is something you need to check to ensure the one you are considering is compatible with your chainsaw.

Customer Reviews

It is always worth checking customer reviews online before you make your final decision. This makes it possible to find out more from those who have already purchased and used the product, which can help you to avoid costly mistakes. You can then make an informed choice with regards to the product you choose.

Dimensions and Portability

Another important factor to consider is the dimensions of the unit, particularly if you want something that is easy to store and very portable. In addition, check the weight of the unit, as this will enable you to determine how easy it will be to transport around.


You should also check to see whether there is any warranty offered with the chainsaw mill, as this will enable you to purchase with greater confidence. If you have a decent warranty, you can benefit from peace of mind and protection in case there is a problem with the product.

Overall Suitability

Finally, make sure you look at overall suitability based on the type of work you want to do with the chainsaw mill. Look at all of the features and specifications to get a better idea of how suitable it will be for your specific needs.

All of these factors can help you to make the right choice when it comes to buying a chainsaw mill. You can then get the best results, a quality product, and affordable pricing. You will also find it much easier to determine which product is ideally suited to your requirements.


There is no doubt that a good chainsaw mill can make a valuable addition to your tool repertoire, but it is important to ensure you purchase the right one. With the help of our buyer’s guide coupled with our review of ten of the top products, we hope we have made this decision far easier for you. You can use our table to see the details of these products at a glance and, once you find one that is suitable for you, simply take a look at the longer review.

With the excellent range of chainsaw mills available these days, you should have no problem finding one that fits in with your specific requirements as well as your budget. All you need to do is ensure you compare different options and research each one to determine how well suited it is to your needs. You can then look forward to greater ease and convenience when it comes to outdoor DIY, woodworking, and carpentry job.

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