What Do The Numbers On A Chainsaw Bar Mean?

What Do The Numbers On A Chainsaw Bar Mean?

It is a really important question for anybody who has just started out to look for a reasonable chainsaw chain for his/her machine that what do the numbers on the chainsaw means in actual? The bar id holds an important load of information which is vital in order to buy the suitable chainsaw for your machine. We would like to explain this information in detail so that you can get the required data by just looking at the bar instead of having to dig into the user manual or having to search online.

Drive Links

  • You can find the number of drive links on the bar although it is also possible to count the number of drive links on your previous chain.
  • Keep in mind that the drive links don’t mean the cutting teeth of the chain but in actual these are the parts on the inside of the chain.
  • So you have to be really careful in counting the number of drive links or reading the number on the bar so that your chain fits properly on your chainsaw otherwise your money would be wasted.


  • The next information you would find on the bar in the form of numbers would be the pitch of the chain.
  • The chains come with different pitch sizes but one of the most commonly used chains has 3/8 pitch.
  • This number will be clearly mentioned on the bar before the gauge size and you can easily find it.
  • Even if you are unable to find it you can easily get to know about the pitch size of the chain through the user manual.


  • The next important number on the bar would determine the gauge size of the chain.
  • The chains come with various gauge sizes but one of the most commonly used as a gauge size of 0.50.
  • Sometimes the type of the chain is also mentioned on the bar and the gauge size is written next to the pitch size.
  • You can also see the make and model of the chain sometimes alongside the gauge size as well as the country in which the chain was made.
  • This information helps you a lot in deciding whether you have to purchase a particular chain or not.

Final Words

Hopefully, you would be satisfied with our answer to your question of what do the numbers on the chainsaw bar means as we have tried to explain all the information in the simplest way possible.

Now you can easily replace your chainsaw chain by just looking at the chain as you would have all the information needed for the replacement. It would be best to take along your existing chain or your machine so that you can test the new chain instantly.

On the other hand, as same standards are used all around the globe so you can easily replace a chain if you’ve got the information about its pitch, gauge, and the number of drive links.

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  1. Hello,
    thanks for your info.
    I have the following numbers on my Husqvarna 140 chainsaw but can’t relate them to anything in particular.My chain is marked E3,has 14 drive links and pitch of 3/8″ as far as I can ascertain. Here are the markings:578 18 66 56 7y
    Your comments on my markings would be much appreciated.


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