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Best Chainsaw Under 200

Chainsaws are used for slicing wood, clearing wood, cutting the branches and even harvesting wood. You need the right chainsaw for any of these purposes and at the right price. This entails that you are aware of your requirements and needs that drive you to purchase a particular saw. Each particular saw is used for cutting a particular type of wood.

Selecting the best saw for a particular purpose becomes challenging because they are various saws that are available in the market.  They also have various technical aspects and the purpose for which each saw performs. We recommend that you check on the review of the best chainsaw under 200 to select the best one for your needs.

Best Chainsaw under 200 Reviews

After doing an extensive research and analysis, we have a top list of recommended chainsaws that you can get under 200. Check their reviews and compare them to choose the right one.

1. Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw

This saw features a 40V lithium battery to provide the needed power to run the saw for any cutting activity. The 16-inch saw delivers a heavy-duty cutting performance. The automatic oiler provides the needed lubrication to the chain and bar for a smooth cutting experience. You also get to start and stop the saw instantly by utilizing the quick release trigger.

Top Features

  • It has an innovative brushless motor design in place
  • Chainsaw is compatible with GreenWorks 29472
  • Contains hand guard and chain brake
  • Has an automatic oiler system
  • The Greenworks is powered by a 40V lithium-ion battery
  • It has a heavy duty Oregon chain and bar with 0.375 chain pitch


  • Innovative brushless technology offers torque and durability
  • Chainsaw provides comfort to the user
  • Additional safety is provided by hand guard and chain brake
  • The automatic oiler ensures that you cut without making stops
  • Offers great versatility, performance and longer run time


  • The charger and the battery are being sold separately
  • The chainsaw is a bit slow when cutting wood

2. BLACK+DECKER 40V Max Cordless Chainsaw

This cordless chainsaw has a 12 inch premium Oregon bar making it suitable for mid-range yard and garden activity. The 40V lithium-ion battery is lightweight and the charge time is faster to offer the best cutting time. You will easily and quickly adjust the chain using the tool-free chain tensioning adjustment system. The automatic oiler enhances the saw performance by providing lubrication to the chain and bar.

Top Features

  • It is powered by the 40 Volts Max Lithium-ion battery
  • There is a full wrap around the handle
  • There is a tool free chain tensioning
  • The premium bar is of 12” and chain
  • It has an automatic oiling system


  • It is to easier use and maneuver
  • The lithium battery provides longer life and runtime
  • Constant bar and lubrication is ensured by the automatic oiling system
  • Easy and quick adjustment with the tool-free chain tensioning
  • The chain and 12” Oregon low-kickback bar offer fast and smooth cuts


  • The chainsaw has some minor design flaws
  • The oil tank becomes empty quickly since the chain is using a lot of oil
  • There is a leakage of the bar oil creating a lot of mess

3. DEWALT DCCS620B 20V Max Compact Cordless Chainsaw

Dewalt has a high-efficiency brushless motor which enhances the life of the motor and provides an improved run time. There is a tightening knob to offer clamping force when you are cutting. It is easier to control since the chainsaw has a compact and lightweight design. The saw offers greater power despite the 20v lithium battery in place.

Top Features

  • Dewalt Chainsaw has a low kickback 12″ Oregon bar and chain
  • The chain gauge is 0.043 and chain speed is 25.2 ft./s
  • It is an electric saw that uses the 20V lithium-ion battery
  • The chainsaw has a brushless motor in place
  • There is a bar tightening knob and tool free chain tensioning


  • The high efficiency brushless motor offers a maximum run time
  • The saw offers outdoor and construction cutting application
  • Maximum comfort and control offered when cutting
  • The right clamping force is provided by the tightening knob
  • The tool free chain tensioning provides a quick chain adjustment


  • Oil released by the pump is more than required creating a mess
  • The oil cap feels a bit out of place
  • This particular chainsaw is not suited for clearing timber

4. WORX WG303.1 Powered Chain Saw

This chainsaw is suitable for commercial and household cutting jobs. The powerful 14.5 amp motor offers top notch cutting performance. The auto-tensioning system prevents the chain from tightening. The chain brake system offers safety when cutting any wood. There is also a warranty for three years in place.

Top Features

  • It has a built-in chain brake and automatic oiler
  • It is powered by the 3.5 HP, 14.5 Amp motor output
  • There is a patented tool-free chain replacement
  • The chainsaw has a low kickback bar
  • It has an ergonomic full-wrap front handle


  • The ergonomic full-wrap front handle offers comfort
  • Lumberjack experience is provided by the auto-tensioning system
  • The automatic oiler system offers constant lubrication
  • Chain brake stops the chain instantly to prevent any kickback
  • Oversized knob keeps the bar and chain secured


  • Oil used is a little more than the expected
  • Oversized chain adjuster knob rolls over the wood  
  • The chainsaw is considered disposable after 3 years

5. Remington RM4216 Chainsaw

This gas powered chainsaw has a 42cc 2 cycle engine which provides more power in any cutting process. Remington Quickstart technology provides a quick and fast start when cutting. The cleaning system removes any potential dust and debris that may stop the cutting process. The automatic oiler system enhances the durability of the saw.

Top Features

  • There is a cushion wrap handle a
  • It has a sprocket-tipped 16-inch bar and chain
  • It has a powerful 42cc two cycle engine
  • The chainsaw has a die-cast chassis
  • It has an automatic oiler


  • Quickstart technology offers effortless start
  • 42cc 2-cycle engine powers the saw in cutting large wood
  • Adjustable automatic oiler system offers lubrication
  • A good balance and comfort is offered by the cushion-wrap handle
  • The die-cast chassis ensure the chainsaw remains durable


  • The vapor will lock with every use
  • Chain needs frequent sharpening
  • Primer bulb is just fitted in the clip

6. XtremepowerUS 22″ Gas 2-Stroke Chainsaw

Extremepower has a 45cc Ecoboost engine that offers the necessary power to cut firewood and preparation of land. The engine air-intake-system ensures that lower emissions are made and fuel consumption is reduced. The anti-vibration design and anti-kickback feature make it very comfortable when using this particular chain. The assisted starting system allows you to immediately work on the tree or branch you are cutting.

Top Features

  • The chainsaw is equipped with an assisted starting system
  • There is an anti-vibration design and anti-kickback chain
  • There is a 45cc EcoBoost engine
  • It has an engine clean air-intake-system
  • The chainsaw has an automatic chain oilier


  • An increased safety using quick stop control
  • Engine clean air-intake-system offers lower emissions
  • 45cc horsepower which makes it perfect tree pruning
  • Chainsaw is easily adjustable
  • The handling of the chainsaw is simple


  • Jet screw is not protected against the vibration of the saw
  • Plastic handle melts
  • Tools are needed to make the necessary adjustments

7. EGO Power+ CS1400 Chainsaw

The high-efficiency brushless motor and the 14-inch bar and chain are constructed to ensure that smooth cuts are made. There is a chain kickback brake system to enhance your safety and control. You get constant power provided by the 2.0 lithium-ion battery. This saw is suitable to work in any weather since it is made to be weather-resistant. The 14 inch Oregon bar is suitable in cutting medium-sized branches.

Top Features

  • The EGO power has a 14 in Oregon bar and chain
  • There is a high-efficiency brushless motor with the 6300 rpm
  • It has a chain kickback brake with a reversible bar
  • There is a chain tensioning knob in place
  • The construction of the chainsaw is weather-resistant


  • The high-efficiency brushless motor creates smooth cuts
  • Enhanced safety and control with the chain kickback brake system
  • The 2.5 Ah and 2.O Ah lithium-ion battery offers constant power
  • Construction of the chainsaw makes it weather resistant
  • Brushless motor improves the run time


  • The chain oiler does not work as expected

8. Husqvarna 120 Mark II

This particular chainsaw is perfect for trimming activities and professional cutting. Your chainsaw is free from dust since it has a lower consumption feature and air injection technology. There is a built-in safety brake and the various low kickback features enhance the safety of working with the chainsaw. There is a good supply of oil provided by the automatic oiler system. The simple tensioning system provides quick adjustment of the chain. It is easier to use due to its ergonomic design.

Top Features

  • The chainsaw has an exclusive X-Torq engine
  • There is the presence of the automatic oiler in the chainsaw
  • It has ergonomic features, compact and lightweight
  • There is a simple tensioning system in place
  • The safety feature in the saw is the low kickback and safety break


  • There is a reduction in gasoline emissions
  • Easier to start up the chainsaw
  • Quick adjustments with the simple tensioning system
  • It is suitable for conventional tasks
  • The automatic oiler provides a steady supply of lubrication
  • There are built-in safety brake and low kickback safety features 


  • It becomes hard to start the chainsaw
  • The chainsaw does not reach the full throttle
  • The breaking bar doesn’t engage properly

9. Oregon CS1500 18 in. 15 Amp Self-Sharpening Corded Electric Chainsaw

The 18 inch saw has a self-sharpening feature to allow you to continue cutting after sharpening for five seconds. The chainsaw has the 15 amp motor to provide the needed power for any cutting activity. The saw can be started easily by pulling the trigger release. You can easily adjust the chain using the tool-free chain tensioning. The handle enables you to conveniently perform all the cutting processes. The Lubri-Tec automatic oiling system provides lubrication to the bar and chain.

Top Features

  • Chainsaw has a powersharp self-sharpening system
  • A built-in Lubri-Tec automatic oiling
  • It has a powersharp chain and 18” guide bar
  • There is a tool-less chain tensioning system in place
  • The chain comes pre-assembled and offers silent cuts


  • Downtime is reduced by the self-sharpening mechanism
  • Instant-start capability allows you to start right away
  • The saw’s run time is improved
  • Tool-less chain tensioning system provides convenience
  • Less vibration and minimal maintenance


  • You need to check the tension after about twenty cuts
  • Failure of the saw can be caused by less lubrication
  • The chain moves up and down vertically

10. WORX WG320 JawSaw 20V PowerShare Cordless Electric Chainsaw

The Work Jawsaw has been designed to undertake various pruning and trimming activities. It features a powerful motor that promotes the durability of the saw. The automatic chain oiler system provides lubrication to the chain and bar of the saw to enhance the cutting experience. There is an oil indicator that shows you the level of oil used so that you can refill. The chain tension is eased by the patented auto tensioning feature. There is an innovative singleaction cutting mechanism that offers to cut off material to the 4 inches mark in diameter.

Top Features

  • The Jawsaw is equipped with a full protective guard
  • It has a single action cutting mechanism in place
  • There is a patented autotension feature
  • It has an automatic chain oiler system
  • It is powered by a powerful 20v max lithium battery


  • The cordless chainsaw is portable and lightweight
  • Durability and smoother cuts are achieved effortlessly
  • Saw can cut up the material up to 4 inches in diameter
  • Patented autotension feature provides the required optimum tension
  • Chainsaw is very fast since it has a no load speed of 1350rpms


  • Charger has to be removed once the charge is complete
  • Chainsaw requires great strength when using the extension pole

Things to Consider When Looking for Best Chainsaw Under 200

Before you make your final purchase, there are a few things that you need to consider. These tips will help you get a quality chainsaw and an affordable price.

Quality vs Price

When you want to purchase any chainsaw that is under 200. You need to take into account the two major factors. This is the price and quality of the saw. You need a saw that is pocket friendly, easy to use and also reliable. Some such models are available in the market and the choice made is determined by a manufacturing brand that is trusted.

There are various chainsaws from electric and gas chainsaw. Each saw comes with a variety of features and performs differently based on what the manufacturer has placed in them when it comes to cutting wood. You shouldn’t go for powerful models that are cheap. You need a saw that is on the right budget and offers the best performance.

That means the various essential parts like the handles, sprockets, engine and chain bar has to be of high quality. When these parts are made of high quality materials the saw can withstand the vibrations and provide cutting edge power when taking any operation.

Types of Chainsaws

Two main types of chainsaw are available in various stores and online platforms. There are electric saws that use lithium batteries of different voltages and are rechargeable. There are also the conventional gas chainsaws that use gasoline. The electric chainsaws are further sub-divided into corded and cordless chainsaws. Gas chainsaws are suitable for cutting harder wood and even intense cutting. They provide easier manoeuvrability and last longer than electric chainsaws.

The corded electric chainsaws are lightweight and easier to use. They are also more powerful compared to the battery-powered chainsaws. The cordless chainsaws are lightweight and provide more mobility compared to the corded electric chainsaws. They are also relatively expensive compared to the corded chainsaws. Selecting between the electric and gas chainsaw mainly depends on the convenience provided and intensity of work that the chainsaw will undertake.

Safety Features

Chainsaws need to have the essential safety features in place. This is because the power tool can be dangerous if not used properly. There is a chance of chainsaw kicking back and end up cutting you on your face and that entails a life and death matter. The main safety features are the chain breaks which stop the chain instantly so that when not in use. You need a chainsaw that has this particular feature in place.

It should be inbuilt and easy to apply to the chain guard. There should also be a low kickback feature in place when the saw hits a different ground other than wood. This also entails cutting the hardwoods that are not easy to crack. The automatic oiler should reduce the friction present when the chainsaw is at work. The oil should be steady so that there is no mess experienced when working with the chainsaw.

With all the essential safety features in place, you are assured of having a chainsaw that works to your advantage. The start and stop feature also enhance the precautionary measures to ensure that accidents don’t happen. When there is an instant start the performance is also enhanced with every use of the chainsaw.

Length of the Chain

When you need to prune trees, cut firewood and cut the trees from the stamp. You need to have a chainsaw that has a suitable length. The length of the chain is dependent on the type of work and operation you are performing with the saw that you have. When you want to cut trees that are of small sizes and also remove the tree limbs you need a chain saw that has a 16” to 18 “inch bar.

Jobs that entail the pruning, trimming and light-duty works the chainsaw should have bars that range between 16” to 18” inch bars are most suited for this kind of work. Such bars are the perfect choice when it comes to mid-level cutting purposes. The large trees and firewood require chain bars that are longer. The bars should measure from 20″ to 24″ inches. These wider-length bars can be used on all types of cutting activities and only limited in a few cases.

Engine Performance and Motor

The performance of the engine is crucial when it comes to cutting trees, firewood and trimming the trees. This is especially the case when it comes to gasoline-powered chainsaw. It should have the cubic capacity that is powerful enough to provide the best cutting performance.

When looking for gasoline-powered chainsaw you should select the one that has 42cc and two cycle capacity. The overall cutting experience will be enhanced when such an engine is in place. For the electric chainsaw, the motor should range between 12amps to 15 amps to provide the needed power so that you can cut for a long time. You get a hassle-free cutting power when you use a powerful motor that is in the electric chainsaw.

Final Verdict

When you want to purchase any particular chainsaw. You need to consider your needs and the performance of the chainsaw in general. The chainsaw that you will purchase should be reliable, within the budget, offer convenience and in general, the best suited saw for the purpose you want the saw to perform. There are crucial aspects you also need to put into consideration when you want the best saw that is under 200.

This is in terms of the essential features that the saw has in place. The two main types of saws available in the market offer different advantages to the user. It is all about the right saw that enables you to perform your work smoothly. You should ensure that you check on what features are available in a particular saw. The main aspects are the automatic oiler, the length of the chain bar, safety features in place and the availability of the charger and battery when purchasing electric saws.

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