10 Best Gas Chainsaw Under 200 – Reviews for 2023

Would you like to know how to pick the best gas chainsaw under $200? If you have a limited budget and you still want to enjoy all the advantages that a gasoline-powered saw can offer, we got you covered.

Take a look at our guide and discover the top-rated models currently available on the market. We made a deep analysis and singled out the products that are top of their class.

Before you start reading, make sure to focus on finding a chainsaw that will fit your preference. You should consider different factors, including power, versatility, durability, size, and maneuverability, as well as safety and other extra features.

Ultimately, you need to like the saw and feel like it is the right choice. We suggest reading the reviews, and we are certain you will fall in love with at least one of the units!

Top 10 Best Gas Chainsaw Under 200

1. IOOkME-H 20″ 52CC Gas Chainsaw

If you are looking for a well-balanced power cutting tool, you should consider this unit. With the 1.9KW cutting power and the 3,500 RPM idle speed of the two-stroke engine, this unit is versatile and capable of handling different tasks.

Whether you want to thin out scrub, saw firewood, or even cut down small trees, this tool will be up to the challenge.

Steel was the material of choice when constructing the chain, and the 20-inch long bar is quite powerful and stable. Adjusting the tension on the chain doesn’t require any tension.

The reduced vibration is one of the neat features that can help prevent fatigue when working for long. The soft and cushioned handle also contributes to that goal.

The only downside of this tool we noticed is that it may be tricky to get it started sometimes. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen often, and the pull system does a solid job of securing simple starting on most occasions.


  • A well-balanced unit in terms of power and versatility
  • It is simple to adjust the chain tension
  • Reduced fatigue thanks to the cushioned handle and reduced vibration


  • You may have problems getting it to start sometimes

2. Hurbo 2 Stroke 52cc 20inch Saw Blade Petrol Chainsaw

The single cylinder engine runs on gasoline (25:1 mixture), and this two-stroke unit can deliver up to 7,500 rotations per minute. The formidable strength comes thanks to the 2800W of output power.

Despite those impressive numbers, the saw is fairly quiet and relatively easy to control. It has an anti-kickback feature and ensures optimal fuel consumption so that it remains eco-friendly.

The operators will appreciate that the unit is quite easy to start. Apart from the anti-kickback, the chainsaw also has dampeners to ensure low vibration.

We liked the air cleaning system that makes the maintenance somewhat easier. You won’t need to clean the filters often thanks to that feature.

The saw is quite versatile and suitable for logging, sawing, and other outdoor uses. You may have to show a bit of patience for more demanding tasks, but the crucial thing is that you can rely on this tool.


  • Versatile and suitable for a wide range of outdoor uses
  • An eco-friendly model with optimal fuel consumption
  • Packed with safety features, such as the anti-kickback and the air cleaning system


  • It might be a bit slow for more demanding tasks

3. LZ 52cc Petrol Gas Powered Chainsaw

The first thing you notice about the LZ’s 20-inch saw is the intriguing black and orange color mixture. It is a modernly designed tool, and it is fairly capable in terms of performance, too.

As with most models these days, the unit features a two-stroke engine with a 2.2KW of output power. The idle speed is 3,200RPM, which makes this chainsaw quite versatile.

You can use it for cutting firewood, clearing land, pruning trees, or cleaning up after storms. It is fairly lightweight and easy to operate.

The assembly can be a bit tricky as there may be pieces you do not know where to fit. Once you assemble and start the saw, you will notice that it doesn’t produce a lot of noise.

As for additional features, adding oil to the chain oiler is simple, and the safety additions include start/stop control and an air filter system.


  • Start/stop control ensures a high level of user safety
  • A versatile tool that is fairly lightweight
  • Modern and intriguing design


  • The assembly can be a bit tricky

4. Yuzhoukee power equipment 62cc 22″ Gasoline Gas Chainsaw

Would you like a saw with a cool color mixture? In that case, take a look at this model made by Yuzhoukee where the navy-blue color dominates.

We are aware that performance should be our primary concern, and so are the manufacturers. They included an engine that features 4.5HP and maximum of 12,000RPM (2,800 when idle).

You should use a 25:1 fuel-oil ratio for powering this chainsaw. The tank capacity is adequate, and you do not have to refill fuel often.

All the standard safety features are also there, including the built-in chain brake and an anti-kickback system. Adjusting the chain is fairly easy, but we can’t help but think that the saw is a bit noisier than it should be.

The handle seems soft and comfortable, and maneuvering is not difficult. That indicates the tool is ready for extended cutting sessions.


  • A powerful engine that can achieve up to 12,000RPM
  • Intriguing design with the navy-blue color being the primary choice
  • Easy to maneuver and suitable for prolonged cutting


  • It is a little noisy

5. Ryobi ZRRY3714 14 in. 37cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw

We need to pinpoint that this is a refurbished model, but it is certified by the company and “looks and works like new.” Keep in mind that the refurbished model may be delivered in a box that is not original and without a manual.

The key reason to consider these units is that they provide extra power and versatility at a more affordable price. That proves true for the Ryobi’s 14-inch model as this compact saw is a real masterpiece for those who do not need long chains and bars.

The tool is versatile and suitable for all sorts of cutting work. The manufacturer considered safety, too, which is why the product also has the automatic chain brake and reduced vibration. You can easily add oil to the chain oiler, and change air filters.


  • A compact and lightweight unit
  • Automatic chain brake for optimal safety
  • Affordable price tag


  • You might receive the package without the original box and manual
  • Might not be as durable as the original unit

6. IOOkME-H 20″ 45CC Gas Chainsaw Single Cylinder Automatic Gas Powered Chain Saw

We already presented one of the chainsaws from the same series of products made by this manufacturer. This unit is similar, and the differences between the two are minor.

When it comes to aesthetics, the base of this unit is completely red. The 45CC displacement may not be like on some other tools on our list, but the two-stroke engine is quite powerful.

The output power of 1.9KW ensures 11,500RPM engine speed (3,500 when idle). The manufacturer picked plastic and aluminum alloy as the materials of choice, and the saw is fairly durable.

You get all the necessary tools to assemble and maintain the unit, but you may have some issues finding a suitable replacement chain.

Starting the unit is fairly easy, and the chainsaw is quite versatile thanks to its 20-inch long chain and bar.


  • A fairly versatile tool with a 20-inch long chain and bar
  • A sleek combination of red and black ensures a modern design
  • The solid output power of the motor and up to 11,500RPM speed


  • You may have some issues finding a suitable replacement chain
  • The 45CC displacement might lack a bit when compared to other similar units

7. ncient ChainSaw 20″ 58CC Gas Powered Chain Saw

ncient ChainSaw 20" 58CC Gas Powered Chain Saw

The manufacturer went with securing a generous power for the unit, and the 58CC 3.5HP engine is the proof of that. Apart from being strong, this unit is also eco-friendly and reduces harmful emissions as much as possible.

With great power comes great versatility. The 20-inch saw is suitable for pruning trees, cutting firewood, and even limbing.

You can start the unit effortlessly, and the quick stop feature adds to your safety. The chainsaw comes with a chain adjuster and an automatic pump.

It is interesting to mention that you can also fit 18 and 22-inch bars on this unit, which adds to its versatility.

The drawback of this saw is that it may come with some durability issues. For example, the manufacturer picked plastic as the material of choice to make the starter piece. If that component breaks, the entire functionality of the saw comes into question.


  • It can do a good job of handling different tasks
  • Suitable for 18 and 22-inch bars, too
  • A chain adjuster and automatic pump


  • The starter piece is made of plastic
  • Might have some durability issues

8. Ovovo Gasoline Chainsaw 1.7KW

Ovovo Gasoline Chainsaw 1.7KW

Even the manufacturer agrees that this saw is suitable for individuals and those who plan to use the tool occasionally. It is not as strong as some other units on the list, but it can still do a decent cutting job.

The unit is fairly lightweight and features the classic orange-black color combination we see in many chainsaws. The engine has an output power of 1.7KW and can achieve a speed of up to 7,500RPM.

The length of the bar is set at 20 inches, and you can adjust the tension easily. The oiler also has an automatic pump for easier maintenance.

The unit is lightweight, and the grip is comfortable, which means that even newbies and recreational users shouldn’t feel any fatigue in hands and arms.


  • A lightweight unit with a comfortable grip
  • Automatic oiler for easier maintenance
  • Suitable for beginners and home users


  • Not as powerful as some other units

9. Ryobi ZRRY3716 37CC 2-Cycle 16″ Gas Chain Saw

We decided to focus on refurbished Ryobi units as they can be a great value for money. Even though you are aware of somewhat limited durability, you still get an excellent product at a budget-friendly price.

When it comes to this tool, it is a compact saw with a 16-inch bar. We also noticed the T-tip, which was implemented to keep you safe from any kickback.

The stroke 37CC engine is fairly powerful for the class of lightweight and small units. You can add the oiler and adjust the chain tension easily.

Once you start the saw, you notice that it is not noisy and the vibration is fairly low. The handle is fairly soft, and you shouldn’t have a problem maneuvering it.


  • A compact 16-inch chainsaw that is easy to maneuver
  • T-Tip prevents kickbacks from happening
  • Great value for money
  • Add oil and adjust chain tension easily


  • A refurbished unit, which limits its durability
  • You might need to adjust the chain often

10. Yiilove 20-Inch 58CC 2 Strokes Gas Powered Chainsaw

The final in the line of the products we are presenting is among the most powerful chainsaws on the list. The 58CC two-stroke engine can achieve up to 7,500RPM with its 2KW power.

The length of the bar is standard 20 inch, and you can use the tool for various cutting jobs around your garden and backyard. It is often used by ranchers, farmers, and those who need some firewood cutting or logging.

Although it requires some assembling, it shouldn’t be difficult to set everything up even if you are a newbie. Starting the saw is also easy, and the slip-free handle is comfortable and asymmetrical to ensure reduced fatigue.

It is worth noting that the unit features an air filter cleaning system to eliminate any debris and dust to prolong the lifespan of the air filter.


  • A versatile unit capable of doing different tasks
  • The air filter cleaning system
  • Easy to maneuver thanks to the slip-free handle


  • It requires some assembly


We hope that you already know what the best gas chainsaw under $200 is. A power cutting tool may be excellent overall, but the crucial thing is that it has the features that meet and exceed your expectations.

The detailed reviews in this article presented ten amazing chainsaws, and you cannot make a mistake regardless of which one you pick. Make sure to analyze the list carefully once again before placing an order. It is the best way of ensuring you will make a smart purchase and choose a unit that will deliver great results and last for a long time.

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