EFCO Chainsaw Review – Excellent Power & Weight Ratio

EFCO Chainsaw Review

Chainsaws do a great job of ensuring that the task of cutting trees is easier. I mean, what an ax can do, a chainsaw can do it even better. There are a lot of chainsaw models in the market. The models come with different features, quality, price, and also performance. This gives you a reason to be extra careful when selecting one from the dozen of models. For helping woodworkers, we write The EFCO Chainsaw Review.

You must focus on looking for the model with the best price, quality, features, and also performance. Therefore you have to examine the most reputable brands and the models they have to offer. Today we will focus on the Efco chainsaw models.

The Efco Chainsaw Review

The Efco brand has so much to offer. Besides having quality chain saws, the brand also brings its product at an affordable price. This makes most users like everything about Efco chainsaws. In case you want to get the best chainsaw, all you need to look for is ‘efco’.  Efco ensures that its chainsaws incorporate features that make tree cutting easier and fast.

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Hare, we are researching and publish 4 best EFCO’s chainsaw Reviews. After the end of the reviews, you will not doubt choosing Efco brand chainsaws. We have comprehensive reviews with each product’s features, advantages, and also disadvantages.

Efco MTH 5600 Medium Power Review

Top features

  • It comes with an Emak 54.5cc engine
  • The chainsaw utilizes an easyON starting system
  • It has a 3/8 inches chain and 50 cm bar guide
  • This chainsaw has an automatic adjustable oil pump
  • It comes with an anti-vibration system


  • You can carry this chainsaw from one place to another easily
  • This chainsaw can be used for more than one domestic purposes
  • It is ideal for any user due to its ease in starting
  • The chainsaw’s oil pump reduces the overall oil consumption
  • It ensures a vibration-free operation at the handle to minimize fatigue.


  • The chainsaws end power could be better

In case you are looking for the best Efco chainsaw for domestic purposes, we have the perfect model for you. Efco MTH 5600 Medium Power had medium power that is capable of delivering great results when used for domestic purposes. You can use this chainsaw to cut trees and do any pruning activities. The chainsaw sources its energy from a 2-stroke engine from Emak. The engine provides enough power for you to do pruning activities effortlessly. This chainsaw comes at an affordable price.

At the same time, it has a great performance due to its incredible features. This gives you an extra reason to buy this impressive chainsaw model. Starting this chainsaw is no trouble. This chain saw features an easyON starting system that makes starting it pretty straightforward. That means that you don’t need any skills to start the chainsaw. It is ideal for expert, intermediate, and beginner users. This chainsaw has a primer that ensures that you can start it easily even when the weather is harsh.

This chainsaw has a 3/8 inches chain and 50 com bar guide. These two features play a great role in enhancing the chainsaw’s versatility. The chainsaw is also lightweight. This makes it easier for you to hold it with your hand.

Efco 14″ MT3500S Chain Saw Review

Top features

  • It has a transparent fuel tank
  • It features 6 anti-vibration points
  • The chainsaw features an on and off switch
  • This chainsaw has an air purge for cold starting


  • You can easily see the fuel level through its transparent tank
  • Your chainsaw can’t overheat with the help of the cold start that is facilitated by an air purge
  • Starting and stopping this chainsaw is a straightforward task
  • The anti-vibration points allow you to have a comfortable operation
  • Its Sprocket Driven Oil Pump minimizes the overall fuel consumption


  • It is less ideal for tough pruning activities

Do you have a small or medium-size property? Are you looking for a chainsaw to help you in pruning tasks around your property? Efco 14″ MT3500S Chain Saw is the best choice for you. It’s a high performing chainsaw with great quality. However, this chainsaw doesn’t have enough power to deal with tough pruning tasks.

Therefore, if you are a large property owner, you better look elsewhere. The chainsaw comes with a Sprocket Driven Oil Pump. The oil pump is designed in such a way that the oil does not flow when the engine is not in operation. This means that chainsaw reduces normal oil consumption. To ensure that you have all the comfort during operation, this chainsaw consists of 6 anti-vibration points. This means that you will not experience vibration, especially at the handle.

With no vibration implies that you will not feel any fatigue. You also get a transparent oil tank. The feature allows you to see the fuel level easily. With that, you will easily determine when it’s time to refill the fuel tank. The chainsaw also comes with an On/Off switch. This means that you can start and stop the engine easily. It also features an air purge that makes the product not to overheat since it gives a cold start.

The Efco 132S 30 cm (12-Inch)

Top features

  • It’s has a 3/8 inches chain and a 12 inches guide bar
  • The chainsaw has a cutting speed of 10,600 RPM
  • It comes with an automatic oil pump
  • Features a primer for cold starting
  • It comes with a hanging hook to allow easy operation


  • This chainsaw’s oil pump ensures that the chain remains lubricated
  • The chainsaw has zero oil flow when the motor is not in use
  • It is great for any type of user
  • The chainsaw is extremely lightweight enhancing portability
  • This chainsaw allows the user to reach the most difficult points


  • This chainsaw could have a better construction

Do you know what? There is no need of hiring an expert pruner or tree surgeon. Well, are you wondering why that should not happen? Why hire when this chainsaw is available in the market. The chainsaw allows you to do what a tree surgeon can do. This minimizes the cost since you don’t buy the chainsaw every time like hiring. The best thing about this chainsaw is that it is very easy to utilize.

That implies that you can easily use it, whether an expert or a newbie. The chainsaw comes with a 12 inches handle. The handle allows you to have a comfortable operation. Efco 132S 30 cm (12-Inch) chainsaw is extremely lightweight. You can, therefore, move around with it simply. It has a cutting speed of 10,600 RPM. That’s an incredible speed level to help you deal with the most stubborn pruning tasks.

It’s has a 3/8 inches chain and a 12 inches guide bar. This allows you to have the most incredible performance. Just like most efco chainsaws, this model features an automatic oil pump. The oil pump ensures that the chain is well lubricated. It also ensures zero oil flow when the engine is not under operation. This chainsaw has very low harmful chemical emission thus making it safe for the environment.

The Efco MT-3500 35 cm Review

Top features

  • The size of this chainsaws chain is 3/8 inches and 0.50 inches pitch and gauge respectively
  • It uses petrol as its main source of power
  • The chainsaw operates with a 38.9cc 2-stroke motor
  • It features a 0.36 liters transparent oil tank
  • The chainsaw consists of a strong 14 inches gauge bar


  • You can easily see the fuel level through the transparent fuel tank
  • It has a starter cord that you can easily reach
  • The chainsaw ensures low unburned hydrocarbons emission
  • The chainsaw operates with a minimized noise level
  • It is ideal for small trees surgery tasks


  • You might experience some oil leakages after sometime

Are you looking for a user-friendly chainsaw? Look no further. We brought the best model right at your doorsteps. Efco MT-3500 35 cm allows you to have great features, quality, and performance, all at an affordable price. I have to assure you that you will never go wrong with this chainsaw model. It allows you to do any tree surgery tasks with a lot of ease. This chainsaw uses petrol as its main source of power.

The chainsaw utilizes a 38.9cc 2-stroke motor. The engine is capable of providing the users with sufficient power to complete his/her tasks. The design of the engine allows the chainsaw to have a minimized noise level during operation. The chainsaw feature a transparent fuel tank. With this, you can easily see the fuel level and determine when refilling time arrives.  You can fill up to 0.36 liters of petrol in the fuel tank.

To start the chainsaw, you use a starter cold that’s pretty easy to reach. The chainsaw also comes with a primer bulb to assist in cold starting. The size of this chainsaws chain is 3/8 inches for the pitch and 0.50 inches for the gauge. It is ergonomically designed to ensure that the user is comfortable when using it. You can also hold it easily due to its lightweight.


It is very easy to do woodwork with the best wood tools. You can always do this yourself without any hassle. Thanks to EFCO Chainsaw Company for modeling this great chain at an affordable price. EFCO chainsaws are great for small and medium woodwork. We hope the reviews have helped you choose the model that will give you the best performance.

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