Table Saw vs Band saw – Special Guide for You

A table and a band saw are two commonly used tools in workshops. They are very effective for various cutting uses and operations. Their importance in workshops cannot be ignored at any point. The two saws have a similar goal of making cuts on various materials only that they do it differently.

Nevertheless, they have very many differences when it comes to operation and even their pricing. There are circumstances where the table saw will work best while there are others where the band saw will be efficient. This is attributed to their difference in structuring and design.

Table Saw vs Band saw – Step by Step

I know you have any questions regarding their difference. How doe each work? Which one is better or cheaper? And many more. We are going to answer all these questions by looking at Table Saw vs Band saw.

At the end of this article, you will have already known which one will suit you best.

The Table Saw

It is also known as a bench saw or a saw bench.  Just as the name suggests a table saw is comprises of a circular blade that is mounted on an arbor (a bar used for supporting cutting tools). The saw is driven/powered by an electric motor.

You will find the blade protruded at the top of the table.  The cutting is now done by passing the wood on top of the table towards the saw. The table saw cuts with efficacy and ease compared to common circular and meter saws.

With the table saw you can choose a different depth you want to make. Furthermore, you can make adjustments to the angle of cutting. This is so that it fits well with your design. These angles are usually controlled by adjusting the angular dimensions of the blade.

The amazing thing about table saws is that there are many options to consider. You can choose your preference from the variety of them in the market. This is dependant mainly on your budget and the spacing available in your workshop.

Key Features

Protruded blade at the top

The table saw has the blade protruding at the top part. With this, you can pass the wood over the table. As the blade rotates it cuts.

Adjustable size/depth of the blade

The most important characteristic of the table saw is that you can cut different depths. This is facilitated by the key feature of adjustable blade depth. You can either move the blade down or up.

Features angle adjustments

With this saw, you can adjust the angle of cutting. This is by moving the blade until it achieves the angle that you want.

Dust Chutes

The saw features a dust chute that helps in the movement of the sawdust. This is also enhanced by the presence of blowers.

Mobile stands

The mobile stands present help to offer balance to the table when working. Furthermore, the stands are conducive for portability purposes of the table.

Shaft locks

The saw comprises shaft locks. This lock makes it much faster and easier to replace the blades.


  • With the table saw you can be able to choose the depth of the curve.
  • You can adjust/Control on the angle of cutting.
  • It has a higher Motor Amps rating thus powerful cutting.
  • It is easy to replace the blades.
  • The saw has great stability and portability.

The Band Saw

A band saw consists of long and very sharp blades that consists of a continuous band. This band is of toothed metal to cut materials. The blade with the help of two pulleys has a looped continuous movement. 

These blades are well designed to cut from thin to thick materials. The saw is not only used for woods. It is also used for metals and plastic. It makes use of two or more rotating wheels. With at least one which I powered and the rest used for load distribution.

The blade comes in a variety of sizes and types. This is what makes it have the capability of cutting different materials. Most of them are powered by an electric motor that increases cutting speed.

Key Features

Powered by an Electric motor

The bandsaw is powered by a very powerful motor. The motor makes it have high cutting power. The motor is made with convenient ratings.

Different blade size

With this saw, you can be able to use different features. The saw also features the capability to accommodate different blade sizes. The blades also come with various tooth pitches and sizes.

Rotating Wheels

A band saw is characterized by several wheels. These wheels rotate on the same plane. The wheels can distribute the load equally. They are usually well balanced to help in minimizing vibration.

Distributed Tooth load

The saw also features a properly distributed tooth load. These features help it to be able to cut uniformly. This also makes it have the ability to cut irregular or curved shapes.

Bandsaw Fences

There is a bar with an installed magnifying lens. This is used to make accurate and blade measurements. This fence is usually efficient in making straight, accurate and uniform cutting.

Blade Guides

The saw has blade guides that are significant in avoiding the blade from twisting. This is implemented with the help of top and bottom ball bearing.


  • It works on a variety of different materials.
  • It is good for tasks that require forced edges.
  • The saw does not create a lot of dust.
  • The saw is not noisy thus conducive to the environment.
  • Efficient in making straight, accurate and uniform cutting.

Differences between Band saw vs Table saw

  1. The table saw produces a lot of sawdust as compared to the moderate band saw.
  2. Another difference is that the band saw is used on a variety of materials unlike the table saw which is only used on woodworks.
  3. The table saw requires the user/ worker to push the wood to the blade systematically. Whereas the blade saw can automatically pull the wood towards the table.
  4. With the band saw you can manipulate the materials as you wish whereas the tables saw accepts straight cuttings.
  5. The table saw is easier to use as compared to the band saw which requires some little experience.


Table and band saws are very key and important components in every workshop. This is especially to make cutting. It is difficult to determine the best of the two. The decision on which is the best comes to you on what you want to use the saw for. Therefore, determine what you want to do then compare their uses the one to suit you will be the best.

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