Best 18V Jigsaw – Reviews And Buying Guide

Are you planning on doing some DIY home improvement? Starting a woodworking project?

You will most probably need a jigsaw. Not just a simple jigsaw, but get yourself one of the best to get you started. It may cost a little bit more, but it goes a long way with better performance and convenience. Experienced handlers know this as much as we do. And so, we offer you a fine selection of the best 18v jigsaws out on the market. These are cordless jigsaws that provide versatility, portability, and flexibility.

Since its release over 60 years ago, jigsaws have been a must-have power tool in the world of DIYs. It is considered one of the most effective tools to make quick and clean detailed cuts. One problem most people have experienced, however, is the lack of portability and flexibility. That is why a cordless jigsaw is highly recommended for both DIY beginners and veterans.

Comparison Table: Best 18V Jigsaw

NameMakita XVJ03ZBosch JSH180BHitachi CJ18DGLP4Ryobi One+ P5231Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2645-20
Weight6.4 lbs4.1 lbs4.5 lbs5.5 lbs6.25 lbs
Width4 inches3 inches4 inches6.5 inches3 inches
Led LightYesYesYesYesNo
Stroke Rate0 – 2600 SPM0 – 2700 SPM2,400 SPM1,100 – 3000 SPM0 – 2,700 SPM
Max Bevel Angle45 Degrees45 Degrees45 Degrees45 Degrees45 Degrees
Shank TypeT-shapeT-shapeT-shape, U-shapeT-shapeT-shape
Stroke Length1.0 inch1.0 inch1.0 inch1.0 inch1 inch
Orbital Action modes/stages34335
Variable SpeedTriggerControlledTriggerControlledTrigger
Our Rating4/55/55/54/54/5

Top 5 Best 18V Jigsaw Reviews

1. Makita XVJ03Z 18V LXT Cordless Jig Saw

The Makita XVJ032 may cost more than the others on this list, but it comes with high durability and better performance. It can cut through thick wood with ease and does it accurately. It even boasts its fast blade installation and removal that should increase your productivity. Not to mention, it is highly appreciated by the majority of its customers.

This tool has a cutting capacity of 90° on wood at 5-5/16”, on steel at 3/8”, and aluminum at 25/32”. You should know, however, that this jigsaw is a little heavy on the hand. If you’re accustomed to handling power tools, it shouldn’t be much problem.

Extra Features

  • 2-finger variable speed trigger: A feature that helps keep the speed on the track, especially when dealing with different types of materials.
  • Star Protection Computer Controls: This feature prevents unwanted discharge, over-heating, and overloading.
  • Rubber Grip: Comfort is very much welcome when dealing with power tools. The rubber grip avoids any slippery experiences and adds to the softness of your grip.

2. Bosch 18-Volt Cordless Jig Saw JSH180B

The Bosh JSH180B is designed with convenience in mind. It has a compact design with only around 4 pounds to its weight. With its T-shank blade type, you can easily swap blades hassle-free. Similar to the Makita, it also has LED lighting to help you with your vision for precision purposes.

The max capacity on wood is at 3-1/2” and 3/8” on steel. It also has an on-board bevel wrench storage that you can take advantage of.

Extra Features

  • EMP: The tool is equipped with an Electronic Motor Protection that helps avoid overheating or overloading, prolonging the life expectancy of the product.
  • Compact Grip: Designed for different types of hand sizes that can easily grip the handle. It also helps reduce fatigue, especially when working for long hours.

3. Hitachi CJ18DGLP4 18V Cordless Jig Saw

As you may well know, Hitachi is a prestigious company known for manufacturing power tools. That being said, expect top-notch performance from this jigsaw, even with its cheap price. It also is rocking a tool-free blade removal and insertion for reduced downtime on your project. Thankfully, the manufacturer finds it ideal to include LED lighting with this tool for better visibility.

This tool is no doubt a versatile cordless jigsaw that you can use in your DIY projects. The only issue you can probably encounter with it is its long cut limitations with their batteries. Might as well look for a better or more charged batteries.

Extra Features

  • Blade Storage: This jigsaw can store up to 6 blades on its on-tool storage. It helps avoid losing any of your blades and of course, adds convenience.
  • Soft Grip: The handle is designed with a soft handle that should help lessen fatigue.
  • Blade Compatibility: The Hitachi can work with both T-shank and U-shank blade types. It can be handy when you already have a set of blades but with different shanks.

4. Ryobi One+ P5231 18V 3,000 SPM Jigsaw

Ryobi One+ is another cheap jigsaw, yet competitive enough to be on top of the list. It is a little wide, but it can still perform like any jigsaws out there with little inconvenience. It has a no-tool blade removal for a quick blade replacement and reduced downtime. The 4 orbital settings that you can adjust in accordance with how you plan on cutting the material. It also has LED lighting, giving you a better vision of what you’re doing for more accuracy.

It’s not really heavy compared to other jigsaw products out there, but at 5.5 lbs, it is slightly burdensome for the unaccustomed. It still doesn’t change the fact that this tool is one of the best performance-wise.

Extra Features

  • Lock: You can choose to lock your trigger for convenience and avoid fatigue. It may just be a finger holding that trigger, but it is tiresome and can hurt when overdone.
  • BladeSaver: This feature can’t be found from most products out there. It extends your blade’s life by allowing you to adjust its show height.

5. Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2645-20 M18 Jig Saw

The Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2645-20 is one of the better products from China. In contrast to the popular belief, this China-made power tool actually is good and outperforms most of what’s out there. It is easy to use, cuts easily and is durable. Moreover, it offers 5-position orbital cutting options for added versatility.

Performance-wise, it is more than good to cut through your average materials. The only thing lacking with this tool is illumination. It does not have LED lighting installed. A minor issue for a top-notch cordless jigsaw.

Extra Features

  • Anti-Splinter: An added safety feature. It can sometimes be an inconvenience.
  • Over-Molded Grip: Provides an ergonomic feel when handling the tool to lessen fatigue.
  • Non-Marring Shoe: Helps avoid any damages to the work surface.

Guide to Buying a Cordless Jigsaw

It is always a good idea to learn more about a product before purchasing it. When dealing with cordless jigsaws, there are certain factors you need to know. It could significantly affect your convenience, safety, and efficiency of your work.

  • Shank Type: This pertains to the blades used on your tool. Generally, there are two shapes namely the T-shank and U-shank. The U-shank is an earlier design that takes a little time to swap blades. The T-shank is now popularly sought after as it tends to be more convenient.
  • Stroke Rate: Stroke rate is one of the determining factors on how fast and how efficient your jigsaw cuts through wood, plastic or steel. At high speeds, say at 3,000 SPM, the jigsaw will have its blade move up and down 3,000 times in a minute.
  • Power: This is another determining factor in how efficient the cuts will be. Cordless jigsaws usually have the power that goes from 12V up to 34V. Low-powered jigsaws are often used on light woodworking projects as they tend to run out of power rather fast. If you’re planning on using your jigsaw for loads of work, you probably want a high-powered one. Maybe even go corded, depending on how much work you’ll be putting into your jigsaw.
  • Handle: Often neglected, the handle grip is an important feature of a jigsaw. Ergonomically designed handles will prevent sore hands and palms, especially when working overtime. It could also mean the safety of your health by avoiding slippery grip handles.
  • Visibility: When working on some intricate cuts, visibility is important. Just a simple LED lighting helps for better visibility.
  • Bevel Angles: Some jigsaws have limited angles and can only do so much when working on some top-notch woodwork. Make sure the jigsaw at least has a maximum of 45 degrees for capability.
  • Manufacturer: We’re not saying that you should go for the most popular brand, but go for a manufacturer that really knows their tools.
  • Weight: Working for hours on a heavy jigsaw can really take a toll on the arm.


Choosing between products can sometimes be frustrating, especially when features and capabilities are mostly identical. Of course, personal preference comes into play, but don’t forget about reviews and customer feedback. Learn from other people’s experiences and their take on a certain product. Just don’t single out a single customer and rely on their words.

With our top 5 jigsaws listed above, you will most likely find what you’re looking for. If you’re on a budget, we suggest you look into Hitachi CJ18DGLP4 and Ryobi One+ P5231. These are two of the best 18v jigsaws that can cleanly cut with precision. If you want more reliability, you can get yourself a Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2645-20, a Bosch JSH180B or Makita XVJ03Z instead. Overall, these are all good cordless jigsaws that have garnered positive reviews from both customers and experts. Your pick.

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