Best Chainsaw for Arborist – Reviews for 2023

Congratulations! You’ve finally graduated with a bachelor’s degree in arboriculture. But, hold up! Do you have the slightest clue of the best chainsaw for arborists?

Or perhaps you have an affinity for trees but don’t know which chainsaw to buy. Whichever the case, this article is for you.

We will look at some of the best chainsaws out there that will make your woodwork a piece of cake. So, if you want to take your tree removing or pruning job to another level, read on as you are about to discover your ultimate tool.

Best Chainsaw for Arborist compare

Chainsaw Weight Voltage Power source Are batteries included Chain Oil System Tool-Free System? Our Rating
Dewalt 20V MAX 8.8 lbs. 20V Battery Yes Automatic Yes 5
Makita Tool XCU02Z 18V X2 (36V) 8.8 lbs. 18V Battery No Automatic Yes 5
BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 40-volt 10.4 lbs. 40V Battery Yes Automatic Yes 5
Tanaka TCS40EA18 18-Inch 40cc 10.1 lbs. 40V Gas-powered No Automatic Yes 4
Greenworks 12-Inch 40V 6 lbs. 40V Battery Yes Automatic Yes 5
WORX WG304.1 Chain Saw 18-Inch 11.3 lbs. 120V Corded-electric No Automatic Yes 5
BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 7.2 lbs. 20 V Battery Yes Manual Yes 5

Top 7 Best Chainsaw for Arborist Reviews

1. Dewalt 20V MAX

This magnificent and lightweight chainsaw is just the thing for all your outdoor activities. It is built to withstand complex tasks such as demolitions.

The grab and go cordless chainsaw has a stellar brushless motor design that bolsters the runtime and motor life. As such, you can perform your pruning tasks without worrying about your battery life.

In fact, you can make more than 90 cuts per charge. Awesomeness!

Moreover, it has a high chain speed of up to 25.2 ft/s, therefore, you can make numerous cuts at a go. Another awesome feature is that it has an auto oiling system.

It lubricates the chain and guide bar constantly. Ensure you use the recommended oil by the manufacturer.

You can either use vegetable-based oil or motor oil. Avoid using mineral oil as it might tamper with your chain.

Although a “mickey mouse” machine to professionals, it is ideal for your simple outdoor activities such as pruning trees, cutting branches and felling small trees.


  • Lightweight and compact. You can carry it around
  • An efficient brushless motor design that maximizes runtime and motor life
  • Contains a bar tightening knob that enables you to clamp
  • Pocket-friendly price


  • Cannot handle heavy duty tasks
  • Average chain speed compared to other chainsaws

What is in the box?

  • A charger
  • Hardcover
  • One battery

It is arguably the most lightweight and efficient chainsaw out there for a novice to start with.

2. Makita Tool XCU02Z 18V X2 (36V)

Perhaps you are looking for a more powerful chainsaw. In this case, the Makita XCU02Z is the ultimate tool for you.

Although sold as a bare tool, it uses two 18V LXT batteries that provide more cutting power. More power, more noise? No! In fact, this saw produces 89dB (A) of noise which is perfect for your ears.

Worried that your motor will burn out when performing grueling tasks? No need to, the Star Protection Computer Controls, seamlessly prevents your motor from burning out.

The batteries produce 36V delivering 1, 800 SPM for faster and accurate cutting. To protect this nimble machine from dust and moisture, it utilizes its Extreme Protection Technology (XPT).

It comes with a rubberized soft grip that significantly reduces vibration during cutting so you can have a seamless experience. It also has a chain brake feature that activates when the front guard is pushed forward especially during kickback.

Given the fact that it is built to handle heavy-duty tasks, it comes with a heavy-duty gear case that significantly bolsters its durability. Moreover, it has a 12-inch guide bar ideal for cutting and clearing brush.

The L.E.D battery indicator indicates the level charge. As such you can know when to charge and gauge how many cuts you can make.


  • It is cordless which facilitates instant start-up and reduces maintenance
  • Electric brakes which enhance productivity
  • Low noise levels – 86.5 dB (A)
  • Lightweight as it weighs only 13.3 lbs.


  • Does not come with batteries

What is in the box?

  • LXT battery adaptor
  • Blade cover

Well, if you are looking for a saw for professional and heavy-duty operations, Makita Tool XCU02Z 18V is just the thing for you.

3. BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 40-volt

While the black and decker 40V chainsaw is not ideal for heavy-duty tasks, it is one of the best when it comes to light tasks such as pruning, trimming and cutting firewood. It is ideal for hobbyists and novices.

Its portability, lightness – weighs about 8 pounds – and agility makes it ideal for such domestic work. At the same time, you enjoy extra power found in large gas saws.

The handle is made of plastic giving you a tight and ergonomic grip, just what you need for cutting tasks. The positioning of the handle makes operating a piece of cake even to beginners.

The electric motor reduces the amount of vibration felt while conducting the cuts. In front of the handle is a handguard that initiates chain brake when pushed forward.

You should make at most 60 cuts before you can recharge your battery. It takes approximately 120 minutes to recharge the 2.0 Ah 72 Wh battery.

The saw comes with standard chain brake present in most modern saws. It reduces the instances of kickbacks to a minimum thanks to the low-kickback Oregon bar and chain.

It also has an automatic oiling system that ensures your chain and guide are constantly lubricated. This saves time and the nuisance experienced in manual lubrication.


  • It is durable hence can be used for long
  • Being cordless, you can take it wherever you want
  • Additionally, it is lightweight significantly improving its portability
  • Quiet during operation thanks to its battery-powered engine
  • Pocket-friendly price


  • Bar guide cannot be interchanged
  • The recharge time is quite long
  • The batteries get depleted fast when cutting large logs

What is in the box?

  • Battery
  • Guide bar and chain
  • Charger
  • Scabbard

It’s the best you can get for your domestic duties!

4. Tanaka TCS40EA18 18-Inch 40cc

A saw can perform as well as the engine behind it. The Tanaka saw is powered by a 40 cc, 2.4 horsepower engine that produces enough power for your backyard tasks.

This can be pruning, trimming or cutting firewood. Whichever the case this is just the thing for you.

Although gas-powered, the engine comes with a PureFire low-emission 2-stroke feature that reduces emission, therefore, having a less environmental impact.

Unlike battery-powered saws that start with the start of a button, the Tanaka requires you to pull a code. Thankfully the S-start system and a purge primer bulb reduces the force needed to pull start your saw.

This significantly reduces stress on your body.

The handle is also coated with rubber that gives a comfortable grip. Moreover, the saw comes with an anti-vibration system that reduces vibration.

Like other modern saws, the saw comes with an 18-inch Oregon bar and chain that significantly reduces kickbacks. The bar and chain greatly bolster the cutting performance.

Additionally, there is a handguard that initiates the chain brake in case of a kickback.

The entry-level saw comes with a consumer warranty of 7 years. You should refer to the warranty statement to identify which damages are covered.


  • Lightweight hence can be carried around the work station
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Anti-vibration feature
  • The extended warranty that is ideal for novice
  • Reduced fuel emissions


  • It is not durable compared to other entry-level saws
  • Serviceability is limited due to the scarcity of replacement parts

What is in the box?

  • Oregon 18-inch chain and bar
  • Tanaka rear handle

The Tanaka TCS40EA18 gives more than you’d expect from an entry level saw. The powerful motor present in this saw gives an interrupted and seamless cutting experience.

Furthermore, the D shaped rear handle prevents tiredness when working for long hours. Not to forget the 7-year warranty which any novice and professional yearns for.

Overall, this saw is all you need to kick start your arborist career.

5. GreenWorks 12-Inch 40V

Although gasoline-powered saws are preferred by numerous arborists, electric saws also fit the bill and such is the case for GreenWorks.

The 40V engine produces power that makes backyard operations a piece of cake. Even felling small and medium trees is quite easy for this nimble saw.

You can perform at least 30 cuts on a fully charged battery which is, well … too low. Incorporate this saw in your heavy-duty tasks. How? By using it to get into tighter spots that wouldn’t be reached using large saws.

Starting it is easy, you just need to press and hold the start button and the trigger button. To stop the engine from running, release the trigger button.

Unfortunately, the saw lacks an automatic chain brake. Therefore, you need to make sure the chain has stopped completely to avoid injuries. The downside of this powerful machine is that it lacks the much-needed chain brake. Nonetheless, the has plastic guards in front of the handle

Unfortunately, the guards cannot stop a kickback. As such, it is advisable to wear protective garments when working with this machine.

Thankfully, there is a safety button on the handle that has to be pressed for the engine to start. This is crucial in case an unprofessional or a child comes into contact with it.

It comes with a warranty of 4 years for consumer use. If you purchase for commercial use, the warranty will cover you for at least 90 days.


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Simple and safe to start thanks to the safety button
  • Excellent for light cutting
  • Tool-less tension system
  • Pocket-friendly price


  • Lacks much-need chain brake feature
  • Less powerful compared to gasoline counterparts

What is in the box?

  • Manual
  • Battery
  • Charger

The GreenWorks is arguably a go-to saw for all your light cutting tasks. It is lightweight, easy to use and has a safe starting feature ideal for your safety.

6. WORX WG304.1 Chain Saw 18-Inch

Well, if you are looking for a lightweight saw that can perform heavy-duty tasks with easy then WORX WG304.1 Chain Saw is the answer.

The saw makes farm and back yard operations a piece of cake. The 15 Amp motor provides the much-needed power to fell small trees, prune trees and cut firewood.

Additionally, the 18-inch bar and chain enable you to cut those thick and long logs with ease. In fact, numerous arborist uses it to cut 12”-16” logs.

You’d expect to handle this saw to be extremely challenging. Well, this is not the case. The saw is lightweight and built in a balanced design providing you a stellar cutting experience.

Moreover, it has reduced vibrations which results in cleaner cuts and reduced fatigue when handling it. Furthermore, an electric engine means reduced vibration.

The all-metal spikes also ensure you have a stable cutting experience.

The 18-inch bar significantly reduces kickback and should it happen, the chain brake feature instantly stops the chain. This reduces the chances of accidents.

Meanwhile, an electric engine means that you don’t need to mix oil and fuel which emits harmful gases. Moreover, fewer emissions mean less environmental pollution.

The WORX WG304.1 Chain Saw has an automatic oiling system that keeps your bar and chain constantly lubricated. The reservoir has a transparent window which aids in checking oil levels.

Worried you might lose your saw should something go wrong? You don’t need to, the item comes with a 3-year warranty. And you don’t need to assemble it as it comes fully assembled.


  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Easy to start and stop
  • Has a chain brake feature
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Less noise emission


  • Prone to oil wastage
  • Cannot handle heavy-duty tasks

What is in the box?

  • Manual
  • Chainsaw

The saw is quite a boon for a novice as it requires less maintenance, is easy to use and portable and has a three-year warranty. If you are looking for a gas equivalent, go for the WORX WG304.1 Chain Saw.


If you are looking for a lightweight and small saw to go about your backyard trimming, the BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 fits the bill.

According to the manufacturer, it can also handle cutting logs of 10” diameter. Is this true? Well, yes it does but it struggles a lot and the battery is quickly depleted.

As such, we think it is ideal for 5” to 6” logs. Its Lithium-Ion 20V 2 amp battery takes at least 2 hours to be depleted while it takes 3-5 hours for it to be fully charged.

The battery lasts for 30-45 minutes for light cutting while during heavy-duty tasks, it only lasts for 20-25 minutes. Well, we believe you should use it for light tasks.

Starting it is quite easy, you just need to depress the lock off switch found at the handle then press the trigger button. The rubberized handle also gives you a comfortable grip. However, you should grip it firmly as it tends to bounce off the cutting surface.

The saw makes noise levels less than 80 making it the quietest chainsaw to work with. Additionally, it has plastic guards and a chain brake that significantly reduces kickbacks and if it happens, it reduces injuries significantly.

Also, the safety start button ensures the chain runs only when needed. This reduces accidents should a child try to start it.

Well, unlike other saws, the BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 comes with a manual oiling system. To initiate it, press the primer bulb on the oil cap three times before performing a cut.

The oil window is however transparent aiding in checking oil levels.

The chainsaw comes with a 2-year limited warranty.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Tool-free system for easy adjustment


  • Manual oil changing system
  • Cannot perform heavy-duty tasks
  • The battery gets depleted rapidly

What is in the box?

  • Manual
  • Charger
  • Battery

The definitive guide for Best Chainsaw for Arborist

Before buying a chainsaw you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How often will be using the saw?
  2. What kind of trees will you be felling?
  3. What diameter of wood will you be cutting?
  4. What’s your experience level?

After you answer the above questions, it’s time to look at the chainsaw. Things to look out for are:

  1. Power type: is it gas or battery-powered?
  2. Guide bar length: if you’ll be performing light tasks, the short bar is most ideal and vice versa.
  3. Safety measures: Go for the saw that has stellar safety features such as chain brake, anti-vibration, and safety start button

Following the above will guarantee you get hold of the tool that fits the bill.

Final Verdict

Well, there you have it, folks! The best chainsaw for arborists. So, what are you waiting for, head over to your nearest hardware and get hold of your desired chainsaw?

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