Best Table Saw Under 400 Dollars – Affordable with Quality

Contrary to popular belief, simple DIY’s or construction jobs do not require many tools. You’ll probably only need a hammer, a hand saw, and some nails to work with. But if you do plan on working on a couple of construction projects that require a little bit of hard work, then you just might need a good table saw. Better yet, why not grab yourself one of the best table saws under 400 dollars out there.

Depending on how good the table saw is, working with one can either end up as a good or a bad experience. There are a lot of cheap table saws out there, that’s true, but you have to understand that most of them could result in misshapen woodwork, wasted lumber, or wasted time.

To help you choose from the many table saws out on the market, we’ve created a list that might help you decide. Not just any list, but a list of the top 5 table saws under $400. This is through the help of customer feedback, website reviews, and technical performance.

Comparison for Best Table Saw Under 400

Table SawCraftsman Evolv 28461SKIL 3410-02SKILSAW SPT70WT-01WEN 3720Bosch GTS1031
Power15 Amp15 Amp15 Amp15 Amp15 Amp
Blade10 inches10 inches10 inches10 inches10 inches
No Load RPM5,000 RPM5,000 RPM5,300 RPM4,400 RPM5,000 RPM
Blade Type24-tooth Carbide-tipped28-tooth Carbide-tipped24-tooth Carbide-tipped40-tooth Carbide-tipped24-tooth Carbide-tipped
Max Cut Depth at 45°2.5 inches2.5 inches2-33 inches2.5 inches2.25 inches
Max Cut Depth at 90°3 inches3.5 inches3.5 inches3.56 inches3.125 inches
Dimensions26.9 x 19.8 inches28.9 x 20.87 inches24.7 x 26.4 inches40 x 35.8 inches20 x 22.5 inches
Weight50.4 pounds67 pounds49 pounds79 pounds52 pounds
Our Rating54534

5 Best Table Saw Under 400 Reviews

1. SKIL 3410-02 Table Saw

This is one of the go-to tools for a lot of DIY enthusiasts. It comes with a sturdy steel stand that is designed for a quick-mount set up. Similar to the Craftsman Evolv, it operates with 15 Amp of power and runs at 5,000 RPM. This is way above the recommended RPM’s for a 10-inch table saw.

Other features include an EZ view measurement system, a heavy-duty stand, and a self-aligning rip fence. Its max dado width is at 13/15 inches.


  • It is fairly cheap for its performance and capability
  • Sturdy design with minimal wobbling of parts
  • A great table saw for beginners


  • Does not have a dust collection system

2. Craftsman Evolv 28461 Table Saw

As other people have put it, the Evolv 28461 is one of the most versatile table saws among its competitors. Not to mention, it’s surprisingly cheap at just under $200. It is one of the lighter table saws and reliable ones out there.

Its 24-tooth carbide-tipped blade is adequate to cut through brass gauge or aluminum. The depth cuts at 45 and 90 angles are also adequate and don’t really hold down the flexibility of most woodwork jobs.


  • Conveniently portable with its lightweight
  • Quiet operation than most table saws
  • Easy to use for starting DIY’ers


  • Not the most accurate cutting table saw on the list

3. SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 Table Saw

SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 is one of the pricier table saws on the list, but with a good reason. It has a compact and lightweight design at only 49 pounds and 24.7 x 26.4 inches in dimensions. It is a highly recommended tool for those who are on the move.

Some notable features are its self-aligning rip fence, a brass-geared Worm Drive, and on-tool storage. The blade runs at an impressive 5,300 RPM, powered by a 15 Amp motor.


  • Minimal vibration with sturdy set-up
  • Powerful motor that can cut through wood like butter
  • It is very easy to use


  • The stand is sold separately at around $70

4. WEN 3720 Table Saw

The WEN 3720 is designed for those working with larger materials, thanks to its table extensions. Although it runs at 4,400 which is lower than those on this list, it still is powerful enough to cut through hardwoods.

One of the best features of this table saw is its compatibility with other blades. You can easily swap the blades in and out with its Dado Head Compatibility.


  • Is designed with a 2.5” dust port, together with a sturdy fence and sliding miter gauge
  • Sturdy stand and spacious workspace
  • Makes accurate cuts


  • The stand is not an easy task to assemble

5. Bosch GTS1031 Table Saw

This is one of the most durable and portable table saws that could efficiently run its blade at 5,000 RPM. It has an 18-inch max rip capacity, able to take on the larger stock. With its 20 x 22.5-inch workspace, it’s enough to hold most large-sized materials.

The tool comes with a 24-tooth carbide-tipped blade, a miter gauge, wrenches, and push stick. It also features a dust chute for better cleaning maintenance.


  • Conveniently portable at 52 pounds and a compact design
  • Powerful and reliable
  • Easy to use and offers safety features


  • A little hard on the ears


Depending on how meticulous and how heavy the workload you are about to work on, you’ll need a definitive type of table saw. One thing is for certain, you’ll want something that you can move around with ease. There’s nothing more frustrating than moving a ridiculously heavy table saw from one place to another. Thankfully, most are designed to be just that, including of course our list of top 5 table saws.

If you want a smoother cut, you’d want to either have the Skil 3410-02 or the WEN 3720 table saw. If you want a faster cut, you’d better be off with Craftsman Evolv 28461SKILSAW SPT70WT-01, or Bosch GTS1031.

In regards to their capability and performance, they are almost equally competent. Not to mention, they are all top-rated from numerous sites and have the thumbs up from the majority of their customers. These are the best table saws under 400 dollars that you can get out there on the market.

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