Value for Your Money: The Best Chainsaws Under $300

Are you on a budget but still need a high-quality chainsaw? Who said it is impossible? You can always find what you need if you seek help from real professionals. Besides, with so many models on the market today, your need can be satisfied if you make the right commitments. This guide provides reviews for the Best Chainsaw Under $300 and a guide to help you choose the right.

With all the money invested in these machines, there is no room for mistakes. You have to choose right the first time. This guide will help you achieve that. Go through it carefully to find the best possible deal.

Best Chainsaw Under $300

It is time to start choosing the best tools for your project and stop wasting money on poorly designed or constructed models. There is so much you can gain or save from buying a suitable machine at the right price and for the right reasons. You are about to find the best chainsaw models you can own for under $300.

Go through this section to determine which models dominate the market under the abovementioned category. Each product mentioned below has been thoroughly assessed and analyzed to determine its true worth and value. It will help you make the right choice.

1. DEWALT DCCS620B 20V Max Compact Cordless Chainsaw

Dewalt is a reputable power tool company known for its high-quality products, and this is one such. This is one of Dewalt’s best chain saws. It is as powerful as you would expect such a power tool would be. You can cut through various materials or wood types with this machine. And that is part of the reason why is passes as a dependable piece of innovation.

This machine is generally ergonomic and of top quality. You can use it for various outdoor cutting applications and construction. You will get this very helpful if you need a machine that will not disappoint in the middle of a serious project.

Using and maintaining this tool is also a breeze. It provides tool-free tensioning, and that is a big deal. So it gives you an easy time controlling and preparing it for the tasks. Its highly efficient brushless motor runs smoothly and can withstand larger projects.

You can use it continuously for long hours without risking the project completion deadline. It also maximizes the run time and boasts extended motor life. The chain also has an impressive cutting speed that makes every cut likable.


  • High chain speed for better cutting results
  • Makes quality cuts with impressive precision
  • Compact and lightweight hence more effective
  • Offer dependable performance
  • Tool-free chain tensioning


  • The chain can jump off at times

2. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Chainsaw

If you need your project completed within the shortest time possible, you should invest in a too quality chainsaw like this. Loved by many construction professionals, this machine is a heavy-duty one designed for success. Its cordless nature makes it very convenient for use in places that do not have power sockets nearby.

Or, you can carry it around and use it in the remotest of locations if you have to. That makes it a flexible chainsaw for uninterrupted project delivery or execution. Powered by a 20-volts lithium-ion battery with extended run time, this machine can do much with just one full charge.

It is a durable power tool that can serve you for a long time and still maintain the same efficiency and effectiveness level as when it was new. The wrap around the bale handle makes it very comfortable and can, therefore, be held in use for a long time. The best part is that your hands will not feel strained quickly. It also has a tool-free blade tension system. This machine also has safety features that make you work with a peaceful mind knowing that you are protected.


  • A battery that lasts longer with a full charge
  • Lightweight with just 7 pounds
  • The tool-free blade tension system
  • It keeps you safe during use
  • The handle is very comfortable


  • It overheats easily

3. Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw

This is a robust chainsaw created with various outdoor cutting applications in mind. Among the most impressive characteristics of this machine is the high-performance 40-volt lithium-ion battery that delivers fade-free power, and the charge does not run out efficiently.

You are more likely to complete the cutting project within the planned time if you use a highly efficient tool like this. Its robust steel chain can cut through hardwood like nothing without losing its edge. The bar is equally challenging and up for the most difficult task that there may be.

Also, this machine has automatic oil, so you do not have to do the oiling manually. That way, you get more time on your hands to concentrate on other, more critical tasks. It Applies oil on the chain and bar when convenient and helps keep the parts more long-lasting and in the right shape for optimum performance. The wrap-around handle is also a great contributor to the overall impressive performance of the machine. For instance, it allows you to cut in different positions.


  • Automatic oiler saves you the trouble
  • Tough steel chain and bar
  • You can cut in different positions
  • Battery lasts longer
  • More efficient for serious projects


  • May take longer to cut trees

4. Worx WG322 20V Cordless Chainsaw

A chainsaw that delivers fast, clean cuts like this model can benefit you. The fact that it does not use gas or have a cord makes it less stressful and a more accessible machine. The chainsaw has a chain tension system that is tool-free and automatic. This ensures you have the correct tension for the job every time you use the saw. Its lightweight design reduces stress on you too. You can do much with it in a single session before you feel strained.

The saw also has an oil indicator that helps you know when to add some to your machine. The batteries are powerful too. There is no limit to the amount of everyday cutting work you can achieve with this with a single full battery charge.

So when you want to avoid taking chances with the kind of machine you choose, this model would be an excellent choice. It can help you stay on schedule with your project. And since it is also made from quality materials, it can survive being pushed harder for longer than you can imagine.


  • Oil level indicator
  • Automatic oiler makes work easier
  • Lightweight and convenient
  • The handles are comfortable
  • Powerful performance and battery makes it suitable for serious projects


  • The company does not sell replacement parts

5. Remington RM1425 Electric Chainsaw

One of the most challenging parts of getting the correct power tool lies in selection or choosing. We present to you this chainsaw to help you understand it more. Being considered one of the best in the industry, this chainsaw is well-suited for various construction or cutting applications.

You can enjoy your work with this machine and achieve the most you can ever expect from such a powerful chainsaw. It has a design that makes it easy to wield. Its compact and generally innovative design is partly to thank for it. The machine is also suited for cutting small limbs and sampling.

So if you need to upgrade your equipment collection, you can get this. It uses an 8-amp motor that roars to life with a simple button squeeze. The engine never relents, even after doing so much cutting work.

The wraparound hand guard protects your hand from debris when working. The chain and bar are tough enough for residential climbing and arborist maintenance tasks. The fact that it is electric powered saves you from troubles and expenses. You will also love the fact that it is easy to start.


  • Better cutting quality
  • Easy to start
  • Protects your hands from debris
  • It has a push-button oiler
  • External adjustment system


  • The bar oil reservoir leaks sometimes

6. Oregon CS1500 Corded Electric Chainsaw

This machine will bewilder you even more if you think there is no low-noise chainsaw. Getting a chainsaw that can deliver the best results without blowing your eardrums out can be challenging.

Better still, it stays silent in between cuts. And for the safety of whoever uses the machine, it has a chain brake. The brake is very precise and helpful. The device is small and compact, making things easier for you. It is also partly the reason why this machine only tires people who are using it.

Two of the essential features are the PowerSharp chain and an 18-inch guide bar. The pair works well to optimize the chainsaw’s overall performance. You can use it at home on in the field for several cutting applications.

The design also allows you to sharpen your chain in the shortest time imaginable, and you do not have to remove the cabin. I love its aesthetics too. It is designed not only to be powerful in cutting but also to be a beautiful piece of innovation.


  • The chain stays oiled
  • The chain is easy to sharpen
  • Produce low noise
  • It is silent between cuts
  • It comes pre-assembled


  • It may come with the chain off

7. Makita Chain Saw

This is an excellent choice if you want a powerful, lightweight chainsaw. It has superior engineering, which makes it reliable. This chainsaw has rubberized ergonomic grip handles to ensure your comfort. Easy maintenance and convenience are made possible by a toolless blade, and an electric chain brake ensures you get the most out of the saw.

It also has an automatic chain oiler that allows you to cut continuously and a chain speed that provides efficient cutting. Its considerable trigger control has a soft start for smooth start-ups. These features make it an ideal chainsaw or can create the best chainsaw mill.

The chainsaw has many excellent features that make it worth every penny. An in-built current limiter prevents engine burnout when the saw is overloaded, thus prolonging the life of the saw. You may find extra features like an automatic chain oiler and an oil reservoir with a view window to check the oil level helpful and convenient. It is environment-friendly due to zero emissions, making it an easily lovable chainsaw for nature enthusiasts. You get your money’s worth from this chainsaw.


  • Large oil reservoir that has a view window
  • The motor is protected from burnout
  • Rubberized grip handle
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Easy to maintain


  • The oiler may leak and cause a mess

8. EGO Power+ CS1600 Cordless Chainsaw

You can have an engaging cutting experience with this highly flexible machine. It is the best among the chainsaws within its class or price range. It uses a high-efficiency brushless motor and delivers the best by it. This machine is portable and can pass for a very versatile piece too.

It is easy to control and very swift. That also means you can complete your tasks at a faster rate. Woodcutting has always been challenging and better with new machines available in the market. Its chain kickback brakes do well to maintain a high level of safety for the users.

This machine feels comfortable and accommodating in the hands. That way, you can easily wield it to make the necessary cuts. It also maintains high accuracy in all that it does. When the work has to be done, no matter the challenges, this machine will never let you down.

It is well-suited for projects of various difficulty levels. The chainsaw has a weather-resistant construction that contributes to its overall durability to a greater level. All this, rounded up with its toolless chain tensioning system, makes it an accurate contemporary cutting tool.


  • High-quality motor
  • Innovative design and construction
  • A variety of new features
  • Maximum safety
  • Offer effective and safe braking as well as easy control


  • Does not come with a battery and charger

9. Husqvarna 967256101

The Husqvarna chainsaw has plenty of features that make it a high-quality saw worth investing in. This chainsaw is a corded electric-powered chainsaw. It is noiseless, efficient, and powerful. Its 16-inch guide bar is excellent for private indoor or gardening work and professional use like carpentry.

A powerful motor makes it useful in heavy-duty work too. A slim and robust body and design increase its ease of use. It also features a high chain speed and toolless chain tensioning. Instant starting makes it convenient to use.

The chainsaw has extra features such as an air injection cleaning system that cleans out dust, increasing the durability and performance of the saw and the time between cleaning. An ergonomic 90-degree front handle ensures your comfort.

Another feature that makes the Husqvarna chainsaw worth your money is its anti-vibration dampeners, and they reduce the vibration effect on your hands which can be quite harmful in the long run. With its ease of use and excellent cutting, this chainsaw makes it great and reliable for homeowners and craftwork.


  • Maximum user comfort
  • Anti-vibration dampeners
  • Easy to operate
  • Air injection cleaning system
  • Durable and operates quietly


  • Corded means it cannot be used where there is no electricity

10. Toro PowerPlex 51880

This is a good chainsaw and especially great for simple outdoor activities since it is cordless. This cordless chainsaw only needs a button to make it simple and easy to use. It is equipped with an automatic oiler, bar adjustment, and tool-free chain-tensioning to make your work hassle-free.

Its brushless motor gives more power and runtime. It also has a tool-free chain-tensioning which enables you to adjust by only turning the knobs and an oil level view window to keep track of the oil level in the reservoir.

Other features include a chain break and metal bucking teeth for extra safety. The battery charges fast and lasts reasonably long. It has safety features like a low kickback bar and chain to ensure your safety. Its brushless motor is more efficient and lasts longer than a brushed motor. It is easy to start. It is also convenient to use since it is cordless. You can use it anywhere. This is an excellent tool if you need an efficient, easy-to-use chainsaw.


  • High-efficiency brushless motor
  • Offer more runtime
  • More cuts per battery
  • A simple push of the button to start it
  • Automatic chain oiling


  • Oil leaks sometimes

Things to Consider

You probably needed to use a chainsaw at one time or another. Chainsaws come in handy when you want to cut down some trees, chop up firewood, do some pruning, or cut timber. Knowing what to look for when purchasing one makes the process much easier.

Here are some tips to help you find the right chainsaw, keep in mind, sometimes investing in a costly chainsaw from a reputable brand is often cheaper in the long run than buying a cheaper one that breaks down quickly and has to be replaced.


It would help to consider what you plan to use the saw for. This will determine what the length of the guide bar of your chainsaw will be. A guide bar can cut a log twice its length; therefore, you may not need to select a chainsaw with a very long guide bar. A guide bar about a foot long is enough for pruning; longer guide bars are more suited for professional tree cutting.

A light saw is recommended if you will be using the saw for a long time. Holding something for long gets tiring quickly and can increase the chances of an accident happening. Safety is paramount when using a power tool.


Some chainsaws are more suitable for some locations than others. For example, chainsaws with heated carburetors are great for cold regions. A noisy gas saw is ideal for secluded areas away from people and from electricity. At the same time, an electric chainsaw is best for populated areas since it is hardly noisy. It would be best to consider where you would use the chainsaw before you purchase it and end up unable to use it.

Safety Features

Having a mishap while using a chainsaw can be fatal or life-changing. While you need to be extra careful while using one, you must ensure the chainsaw you choose has safety features. This will go a long way in protecting you and reducing the possible impact in case of an accident. Safety features include chain breaks, hand guards, chain catchers, dog spikes, and anti-vibration features. A saw with a tapering end is also effective in reducing kickback accidents.

Ease of Use

The chainsaw should be light and easy to handle and operate the controls. It should be comfortable to use to reduce the chances of getting into an accident. As with all appliance purchases, you need to look at the warranty, so you do not end up with a broken machine and no warranty down the line. Ensure that you buy a chainsaw with a warranty that is helpful.

FAQ for The Best Chainsaw Under 300

What is the most dependable brand of chainsaw?

Now, many brands produce quality products. The most dependable brands of chainsaws are Stihl, Husqvarna, Black & Decker, DeWalt, etc

Final Verdict

Judging by the rate at which new tools are introduced in the market, you need to be knowledgeable about the transitions or changes that the industry experiences. With a wide ever-increasing range of brands to choose from, look at other features the chainsaw has.

You can find cool features like a heated handle, auto-tensioning, or even an automatic oiler. This guide helped me know what chainsaw to choose. After you have found the best out of the best, learn to take good care of it.

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