Cold Saw Vs Band Saw – All You Need To Know

Cold Saw Vs Band Saw

It can sometimes be a daunting task choosing from a wide array of saws. Do I need a cold saw or a band saw? If you are in this predicament, this cold saw vs. band saw article is for you.

Choose the wrong saw and your woodcutting business is destined for a vicious cycle of losses. As such, choosing the most ideal saw is as paramount as completing the task at hand.

Cold Saw Vs Band Saw – Guide

Without further ado, let’s talk turkey and see which saw meets your needs.

Ready? Let’s go!

The Cold Saw

What is a cold saw?

Cold saws are designed to slice through metal using a toothed blade that transfers heat generated during cutting to the chips that form during the cutting process. In essence, it allows the blade and the workpiece to remain cool.

Cold saws offer accurate and clean cuts compared to band saws. Although it can handle a smaller capacity, their speed makes up for this inadequacy.

These are the best saws to use since they are reusable. In fact, you can sharpen them for more than 30 times before the blade becomes too small to cut the required diameter – 5-6”

Where can I use a cold saw?

Well, it is applicable in any small scale metal cutting task, especially if you are looking for more precise and accurate cuts at a neck-breaking speed. They are used in most metal cutting and milling factories.


  • Accurate and precise cuts
  • Is reusable – can be sharpened more than 30 times
  • High-speed cutting


  • Can’t handle large workpieces
  • Expensive compared to the band saw

Do you desire a professional-grade saw? Go for these saws since the result will be but stellar.

The Band Saw

What is a band saw?

Simply put, it is a tool with a rotating band propelled by a motor running on numerous wheels. They are more versatile compared to cold saws.

However, the downside of it is that their cuts are not accurate and clean. They leave a burr on the cut edges.

Again, they are disposable and cannot be sharpened. Therefore, you have to replace the blade several.

They are large cutting machines that can handle numerous materials at various volumes. They are the best choice if you have a lot to work on.

Moreover, with band saws, you don’t need much expertise to operate them. Simply choose the blade and do the cutting.

Where can you use band saws?

These saws are applicable in any metal cutting task. They are ideal if you are looking for flexibility as they can perform both layer and bundle cutting.


  • Cheaper than cold saws
  • Require minimum expertise to operate
  • Versatile
  • Can handle heavy-duty cutting tasks


  • Cannot be sharpened
  • Leave a burr on the edges of the cuts

These saws are recommended for the novice since they require minimum expertise to run them

Over to you. A cold saw or a band saw?

More to what we have highlighted in the cold saw vs. band saw discussion, there are numerous things you need to consider before settling for either.

They include the size of the material, hardness, finish and ultimately the practicality of the saw. Go for a saw that meets your needs but at the same time let it be economical.

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